My name is Mk Akan. I am a Nigerian online entrepreneur and have been online from 2007 .

My first 2 years were bloody frustrating because I failed at all I did and lost a lot of money and time. When I started, I thought I got it all figured out because according to some of the marketers on SDE –I could make money online doing almost no work.

Guess what ?

These were all lies.

Over the years I have discovered many more lies and truths as I failed and succeeded in my online endeavours.

I have now packaged this discoveries and knowledge and is sharing it FREE on this blog. You can download it here. I also have paid products that goes into great details about different topics.

This blog will help you make your own online journey .

NairaCow is, a subsidiary of Mk Wealth Company .you can read more about Mk Akan. 

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