This is 1 Lucky Client (Wanna Be Like HIM?)

So the other day I sent you an email
offering a special service.

I said ” I’ll create a product and sales page
for you for a fee”.

Many people contacted me, but only 1
smart business owner took action.

I am now working on his sales page and product.

Part of what I did was to interview him
and fine tune his idea for the product.

Well, guess what?

I discovered he owns a blog. And has quite
a number of daily visitors.

So I took a look at the blog and shared some
ideas with him.

So he’s not only getting a product created,
he’ also enjoying some kind of free consultation
for his blog and business in general.

I am excited about his product and
can see it making him lots of cash in the

The investment he made was not cheap. but affordable.

A wise one too.


Because after selling just 10 units of his product
he’s get his money back and start enjoying
PURE profits.(for months and years to come)

So if he sells 500 units in a year
(that’s like 40 units a month) at N3k.

He makes 1 500 000 a year for years to come.

I am just being conservative here.

But even if he makes 30k , 50k or 100k a month from
the sales of this product…that’s something

that will put food on his table and meet his needs.

So why am I telling you all these?

Well, if you are sitting on the fence or

contemplating about working with me.
then you are doing yourself a disservice.If you also want to start a blog
(or buy mine at
and you are delaying, you are also
doing yourself a disfavour.

Because money loves action takers.

You delay , you lose.

So Quit procrastinating.Take action NOW.

If you need a product and salespage,
contact me with 080 9444 1001 so we can
discuss it.

If you want a blog created for you
(or want to buy a ready made one)
contact me too.

Don’t delay.

Do it.


Mk Akan

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