The Shocking Discovery About Blogs

A few weeks ago I made a shocking discovery about naija blogs.
And if you take some action on what I share here,
you may have you own ONLINE ASSET.

Here’s what happened.

While researching naija blogs I headed to Alexa dot com.
(This website reveals the top websites in different countries).

And there I made this discovery.

Out of the top 100 blogs and websites owned by
naija people, over 90% are blogs.

Not just blogs.

They are all NEWS or gossip blogs/websites.
And the number 1 gossip blog is Linda Ikeji.

And that’s a HUGE tip.
News/ gossip blogs are popular here in naija.

They generate traffic and you can generate an income with it.

That’s why I started my news blog a few months ago.

(more about this )
Many naija bloggers are building online assets that generate cash with Google Adsense and even with direct adverts.

But not all topics have great appeal. Not all blog topics are profitable.
And like I revealed to you , the most popular blogs in naija are news/ gossip blogs.

There are many other kinds of blogs and many ways to make blogs profitable.

And that’s why I started my own news blog.

But since I have been busy, I want to hand this to someone else at a fair price.

You can see the blog here.

I have gotten lots of calls and replies from interested persons.

So if you have contacted me (or want to do so) please be fast because other people are also interested in buying it. 😉

If you want me to build a new blog for me, contact me too.

Call 080 9 444 1001 or reply this email.


Mk Akan

PS- If you are the lucky buyer of the blog you’ll get the following bonuses.

1. An hour coaching on how to generate content ideas for  your new blog

2. Traffic Generation products and ideas you can use

3. help and aid via email for 3 months after owning the blog

If you have any questions , ask me here.

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