The Online Business KICK in the BUTT

This email will have a different
tone from my other emails.
I want to SHAKE you up a bit.
Imagine me stepping up to you while
you are standing there.And I hold you by the
shirt and shake you vigorously.
Imagine things falling out of your
pockets and you getting VERY red in the
first with anger.
…BUT also imagine you being
Well, the last part is what I really what I want
to achieve here. I want to wake you up from
your online business SLEEP.
Now quick question.
How much have you made online this YEAR?
$1 , $10 or $100 (or more)?
How much have you made since you started
trying to make money online?
$1 , $10 or $1000 (or more).
Guess what?
If your answer is None or $1 or $10 then hear
The reason you have not made any cash or made
little money is …
…100% your FAULT.
YEP. 100%.
It’s not the gurus.
It’s not lack of time.
It’s not lack of knowledge.
(or any excuse your make)
It’s YOU.
Sorry . Am not gonna BUTTER up
anything for you. It’s the HARD truth.
It’s all your FAULT.
And until you wake up and take
action, nothing will change.
Until you overcome your fear of failure
, kill those procrastinations holding you down…
and follow it up with ACTION…
..nothing will change.
If you need doing nothing , nothing WILL WORK.
You already know what to do to earn
income online.
How do I know?
…You have bought products after products.
You already know about list building.
You already know about product creation.
You already know about offering services.
You have read articles and watch all
kinds of presentations online.
If you sit your ass down and refuse to
take action on what you already know ,
you won’t make jack.
It’s as simple as that.
Buying products after products
won’t change jack.
Taking action on the right things is
what makes the difference.
My counsel to you is this.
Get up and do STUFF.
Get up and create that product.
Get up and build that list.
Get up and take ACTION.
Get angry with yourself.
Get angry for not making progress in your
online business.
Then channel that anger into ACTION.
Start taking ACTION.
You may ask “What of mistakes?”
Yes…you will make mistakes.
Everyone does. I made and still make mine.
You will too.
So don’t let that stop you.
Stop delaying. Start working.
There’s no other way.
Do it NOW.
Mk Akan
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