The Most Important Step You Must Take Before Generating Or Buying Traffic

So way back in 2013, I got an email from someone I trusted. It was from a traffic guru.

 He was recommending and raving about a new traffic program.
I clicked over, read the sales page and ordered.
 From that day and 5-6 months later, I was exposed to the best information on traffic generation and paid traffic.
The training was created by one of the pioneers of internet marketing.
 In fact, it was rumoured that he coined the term “squeeze page”.
What I am about to share with you NOW is something I heard before and have applied in many ways.
 But it was only after I had access to this comprehensive traffic generation program, that it really made sense to me.
Here’s The Important Step Before Buying Or Generating Traffic.
identify and learn now everything about your target market (traffic).
Simple eh?
Yet it’s very important.
You see, many people say “I want to generate traffic”. And if you ask them who their target market is, they will scratch their head and say” men”.
Some will just say “women”.
Some may go a step further and say  “male, age 30- 50, who want to do _____)”
 But the issue is…until you really know who you target market is – and everything about them. Then generating traffic WILL BE unprofitable and expensive.
You know why?
Because if you generate 1 million clicks of the wrong traffic, you won’t sales.
And it’s only when you KNOW exactly who your target market is…that you can GENERATE or BUY the right traffic.
And in this traffic program, this very IMPORTANT first step is revealed. With it you’ll know your exact target market or traffic.
It is updated with the best and proven strategies for generating high quality traffic.
But that’s not all.
You’ll also discover over multiple and proven ways to generate and BUY high quality, high converting traffic.
I highly recommend you check it out.
Mk Akan
PS- I’ll discuss some of the traffic strategies I discovered from the program in a few days.


Solo Ads – A Quick Way To Build Your List

newsletter-528456_1920You have heard this a million times… ”the money is in the list”.
You know it’s true.
The problem is how do you do it?
Well, there are many things that stops people.
  1. What to give out to subscribers on squeeze pages
  2. What to write to them (emails)
  3. How to drive traffic to build your list
For most people it’s the traffic part that’s the biggie. I want to fix that for you.
There are many ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page to build a list…but the fastest, reliable and proven way is solo ads.

What’s a solo ad?

 It’s an advert placed in emails.
Say a guy owns a list of 20 000 subscribers in the dog training niche. And you have an offer in the dog training niche, you go him and pay $1000 him to send an email about your offer (usually a free offer) to his list.
You send him a prewritten email  or he writes one for you, then presses send .
The email goes out to his list and people land on your squeeze page.
So in 1 day, you can get 500- 1000 subscribers. Just like that.
There’re are many solo ads sellers in different categories.And yo can buy from
Most people are scared of solo ads. Some say it does not work anymore etc.
But it does still work. Especially if you use a proven strategy.
If you love to learn more about solo ads and traffic , CLICK HERE.

 Millionaire Solo Ad Buyer

One person who is big on solo ads is Matt Bacak. The millionaire buys solos ads daily and does all kinds of tests.
He has compiled a list of sellers in the IM/MMO niche he buys from and outlined his proven solo ad buying strategy.
You can see all the details here.
Mk Akan
PS- This product is solid gold.over 3000 people bought it.And 44 gave it 5 star reviews.
solo ad

Five VALUABLE SKILLS People PAY MONEY For Online…And Will Make You Money

Over the years I have developed some skills that I use in my online business ….and i can use as a freelancer.

People pay cash for these skills because they are valuable.

1. Writing

The web is filled with all kinds of information and most of it is text.

If you develop your writing skills, you have something valuable.

You can use it on your own websites or get paid by people as a freelancer.

Get good at writing and content creation.

2. Copywriting/Sales

For me my most valuable skill is copywriting.

It’s the ability to craft a message that gets people to buy what I sell.

It’s not about hype or being a good writer.

It’s about understanding people and what they want .

This skill helps you create products and services people want.

It also helps you know exactly what to say to make people buy.

Top copywriters earn up to $10 000 to $50 000 per job.

The skill is super profitable.

3. Graphic Skills

Lots of people don’t have graphic skills.

So people pay for this. Stuff like ebook covers, and any kind of graphic work.

I pay for this too.

If you can get good with graphics you can get paid for it.

4. Technical Skills

This has to do with setting up sites and the different parts of an online business.

Stuff like coding and building softwares etc.

This skill is very valuable too.

5. Traffic Generation

This is a very valuable skill to have.

That’s why sites with lots of traffic make a lot of money.

Think Facebook and high traffic blogs.
These skills can be learnt.

Finally …

Start with the one you can and get good.
You don’t need to know all.

In fact, get very good with one.

My strength now is writing and copywriting.

Mk Akan

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You can use other payment methods to make your order.