Resource Mondays 009- Leads, Funnels , Traffic And List Building

Hi, it’s been awhile since I
sent you the lastest valuable
resources to check out.

Well, today here are a few
valuable resources covering topics
like list building , to funnels and
other resources that will help
you generate income online.

1. Get 100 Leads Daily 

If you are selling any
product or service (even
as an affiliate), you need

AKA subscribers.

This marketer reveals a method
that generates LEADS and generates
income at the same time.

It’s all here.

2.  24 Hour Traffic Machine

No income can be generated online

You need traffic to generate subscribers
and SALES.

And any time you find a reliable and
scalable traffic source, you are
in for a BIG win.

This marketer reveals just that.

Go here.

3.  47 Kindle Profit Boosters

If you are into Kindle publishing
then you need to get this.

Here are a few things this resource will do for YOU.

You will discover how to get a great

 book cover that drives sales

Discover how to Get your book on the 1st page for ANY
keyword (even “romance” or “mystery”)

1 simple sentence that will SKYROCKET
your book sales when placed in the description

How to Properly select your book’s
category (this is very important)

Powerful keyword tips that you can
implement TODAY to boost sales

The best price to sell your books
at (why it’s so powerful)

How to take advantage of the “look inside”
feature on Amazon to boost your sales

It’s all here. Done For YOU Funnel

The best thing you can BUY online
is a PROVEN FUNNEL that is
proven to generate sales.


Because the work is already done for YOU.

They owners of the proven funnel have
done all the testing and made all
the right selections for you.

They have written all the copy too etc.

All you do is just Plug and Play
system and income is generated .

All you do is plugin traffic to this
funnel and cash comes out.

Want one?

see it here.

5. This Powerful Software Will EXPLODE Your List Growth

Go here to discover How This Guy
went from 0 – 4000 subscribers,
by doing the opposite of what the
“gurus” are telling you…

…without free reports, landing pages,
paid traffic, or even a domain name!

This software does all the work for YOU.

See details here.


Mk Akan

PS- Here’s a bonus.

Have you ever tried writing a cold

Here’s a formula you can follow
for writing EFFECTIVE cold emails.

Resource Monday 006- articles, tools and goodies

Another Monday, another list of quality information, tools and resources that will help you generate income online.

This week’s edition is filled with goodies 😉

Lets go.

  1. Famous comedian reveal the 1 simple secret to becoming a better copywriter (or a better anything in the world).

If you are wondering what to do daily, to help improve any skill need to generate income online, then you need to read this NOW.

Go here

  1. How The SECRETS Of An American Prisoner Helped Me Build A Successful Information Business

A few years ago, I stumbled on a website owned by a famous American “ex-prisoner”. His secret and information marketing experiences help grow my info marketing business.

I later reveals these secrets, and many secrets that helped my information business.

Its all found here.

3. Making Cash With BLOGS

Last 2 months I made a discovery about blogs that will blow you mind and get you super excited about blogs.

Do you know that 90% of the top websites owned by naija people are blogs? Not just blogs – news blogs?

Do you also know that a lot of people fail at blogging because they don’t know the secrets to generating income with blogs?

Blogs work, but you need to know what to do and the secrets to making it work.

In my upcoming emails, I’ll be discussing blogs . but for now here’s a resource that will help you build a profitable blog

4. The Secret To Getting Anything Difficult Task Done In Your Business

Have you wondered how the Gurus do it? How they come out with products after products and never seem to get tired?

Do they have 3 heads or what?

Here’s something you’ll likely never hear.

Most gurus don’t know JACK.

What they do know is how to get people to do most of their work.


They outsource most of the time.

Most gurus don’t know graphic work, they outsource it.

Some don’t know copywriting, they outsource it.

Most don’t know a thing about coding so they outsource all their software apps.

Most gurus concentrate on a few things, and outsource the rest.

They have teams.

They have a traffic guy, a graphic guy and so on.

If you want to success in this biz, you need to learn how to outsource stuff.

And that’s why you need this Outsource Bible.

Here’s you’ll find a list of tested and trusted freelancers you can hire at dirt cheap rates.

Go here.