25 Ready-made Information Products For You

The quickest way to create an information
product is to use a ready made product.

I have hammered on this for the past
few days .

This is the best SHORT-CUT info product

creation shortcut.

And in the next few days I’ll be revealing
the very best PLR products and ready-made
info products you can find online.

Especially in the IM /MMO niche.

These info products are created by tested
and trusted vendors who don’t compromise on

Today I start with this.

25 Coaching Lessons You Can Copy and Paste.


This is a series of 25 trainings created
by Sean Mize.(A respected vendor and marketer)

These are the actual lessons he personally
used in his most-effective coaching
program ever . . .

And now it’s all yours for a crazy cheap

In these 25 coaching lessons you’ll will step
by step trainings that teach the following:

1) How to Outline and Blueprint Their Business

2) How to Develop Their Sales Funnel

3) How to Create Products

4) How to Find Traffic

5) How to Write Sales Letters

6) How to Write Emails

7) How to Create Youtube Videos and
Create a Youtube Presence

8) How to Create Their Entire Info-Business

And many more.

Go here for more details.


So what can you do with these 25 coaching

1. Create your own products

2. Learn from the coaching lessons

3. Create your own coaching program

4. Break it down for writing emails

Get it here.



MK Akan

PS- I don’t know when this offer
will be taken off the market.

So it’s better to download it NOW
while you can.

Ready made content for YOU (emails, info products)

Ready made content for YOU (emails, info products)

There’s 1 thing all online
business owners need in order to generate
income online. And that is CONTENT.

Whether content for emails or
info products or blog posts.

Bottom line is…
You need quality content.

If you like to save time and money ,
you can find great content
for the IM niche all done for you here.

So instead of struggling for hours to write
emails or blog posts or create an info product
you just pick 1 here and use.

Which means …

. No more delays for you
. No more frustrations for you
. You’ll start making cash from your IM business
. you’ll now have instant products to sell


Imagine having prewritten content for emails
and ready made infoproducts etc all done for
you in the IM Niche.

No more head aches. No more spending
a fortune to hire outsourcers.

Check this out.



Mk Akan

PS- The good thing about these prewritten content
is that it can be used for anything.

Whether emails, info products , social media updates
blog posts etc.

You even have PLR rights to them.

See all the details here.


8 Ready Made Products For You [ plus Special Bonus]

The quickest shortcut for creating your product
is buying ready made products(PLR).

Now, what can you do with 8 ready made products
of your own? 8 PLR products of your own.

You can sell it and generate cash.

Build a sales funnel with them.


And here, everything is already done for YOU.

Research done.products all done for YOU.

Download them here.


This package comes with sales pages
all written for you.

Plus download pages and graphics.

But it get’s better 😉

Here’s my bonus to YOU

The PLR package is tight.No doubt.

You can learn from these trainings
before even selling to other people.

I noticed it has a list building
training and email training.

All good.

But you will need to write emails to sell
these trainings via email marketing .

Some people find that HARD.

So to make that easy for you and to
make this offer even better…

…I  am adding 8 prewritten emails
as a bonus.

It’s all yours when you order
using thiss link.

Each email is written to sell each one of
the PLR offer.

Get everything here.


That’s my last bonus offer
for the year.

Get these products (and special bonus)
and prepare for 2017 .

Do it now.

I don’t know when this offer goes off,
so get it now.


Mk Akan

Resource Mondays 013- Free Traffic Download,PLR , Product creation etc

Another Monday is here. It’s another time
for resource Mondays.

Resource Monday is a special day where I mail out
the latest or best products, services and
deals that will help one generate more
income online.

I have some real goodies today.

1. 10 Free traffic sources

Traffic is needed to generate sales
in your omline business.

Here a video that reveal 10 ways
to generate traffic.

2. Where To Buy Solo ads

The other day I decided to start buying 100 clicks
weekly to to build my list every week.

One proven place to buy solo ads is

3. Product Creation SHORTCUT

1 of the quickest ways to generate
an information product is to BUY ready made products.

The link below gives you access to 7
ready made products [complete with
sales pages].
It’s like buying an Info Product Business In a Box

All you do is download , upload the salespage
and generate sales.

Go here to download these proven products.


4. 1 Million PLR articles

What can you do with 1 million articles
on different topics?

Generate unlimited emails with ease.
Generate unlimited ebooks and reports with ease.

See it here.


5. Real Life Case Study:

How To Make $176 Per Day With Just 20
Minutes And 100% FREE Traffic

You’ll discover the exact steps to take
to make $100+ per day with just 20 minutes
of simple “work” each day…
(work is the wrong word here…

If you can click your mouse and follow
along, that’s it!)

This method will work for ANYONE that
follows the step-by-step video training.

MK Akan

Unlimited Content For Emails For A Year (PLR to 1 Million Articles)

Have you ever struggled with writing content for your blog, or emails to send your list?

Whats the QUICKEST way to generate content ?

What do you do?

You can either hire a writer and pay the person per article.

Or you buy this PLR with over 1 million articles.
Yes 1 million articles.

It’s QUICK and cheap.

And you can easily use these articles to update your.

1. Blogs
2. Info products
3. Facebook updates
4. Ebooks

And amything that needs content
Even your emails too.

See all the details here.


Mk Akan

PS- If you like ready-made email content written for the IM/MMO niche then you should also
check this other one out


PPS- the other day I saw the launch of a sneaky software that helps people build email list quickly.

I’ll be revealing this in my upcoming emails. See ya

PPPS- would you like me to create an info product  for you? Complete with a sales page?

Contact me via email if interested.