How to Generate Passive And Recurring Income Online Month after Month

passive incomeWhat you’re about to discover
here is likely one of the coolest way
to generate passive income online.

Have you ever promoted a
Recurring Marketing Product?

When you promote recurring products
you enjoy the following:

Pay commissions MORE than once – Every time the
customer is rebilled, I get my commissions

Require No Extra Work From Me – The sale is
made ONCE… and I get paid again and again

But there are more ways to generate
passive affiliate income.

This 1 page power Passive Affiliate Marketing
Cheatsheet gently takes you by the hand
and shows you where to find:

  • How to Cloak Your Recurring Affiliate Links
  • How to Find Current Recurring Products You Can Promote
  • The Best Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • The Best 10 Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • The Top Seven Picks for Recurring Affiliate Programs
  • 20+ Recurring Affiliate Programs

Let me give you a simple tip.

If you write a review for a product
and post up that review on your blog
with your afiliate link, you can earn
affiliate income from that reviews
as long as that product is on sale and
people keep seeing the review.

That money just keeps coming
without any imput from you.

There are many more ways.

Mk Akan


How A Rat Trap can help You Make Money online

The other day I caught a rat at
my residence.

There’s was no blood or anything
messy about this.

You know , like the saying goes…

“there are many ways to catch a RAT”.

Some methods are complicated . Some
will produce a mess.

But the method we used is the
KISS method.

You know what KISS is?

Keep It Super Simple.- KISS.

Ya.The method was super simple.

I didn’t use the popular metalic rat trap
or any other kind of contraption.

It was just simply gum on paper.


I think it’s called rat Gum or so.

A very simple and kinda stupid

It leaves no mess or blood.It is not
a risk to humans or children.

It just makes the rat unable to move.

All you do is pull the rat off the gummy paper board
then place the simple trap back at a corner.

You know , man naturally likes
to complicate things.

We think great solutions must be complicated.

But often times, the best solutions
are usually so stupidly simple.

So what does this have to do with
making an imcome online.

Well, many.

Here’s one.

To make money online you need
to keep things simple TOO.

Don’t complicate your business.

And in any online business everything can
be boiled down to 1 simple strategy
in 1 sentence.

“Build a list and promote offers
to them”

That’s it.

Of course there’re many tiny
details and all…but that’s basically
the skeleton of the matter.

So are you already doing this?

Is this strategy too simple for YOU?
Or you want something simpler?

Well, search no more.I got some

answers for you.

Want to build your list FAST?

Go here.

Want to discover how to write profitable emails?

Go here:

And finally, here’s how to combine list
building and affiliate marketing profitably.


Mk Akan

These Softwares Makes your Online Business EASY

Softwares make online business to run with ease.

They save time and can transform a day’s work
into a hour’s work.

So when you see any software that
works and does a task easily , grab it.

Now here are 3 softwares you should
check out.

1. WP Stealth Ads

Use this tool to duplicate an ad “Trick”…
used by many top websites. This can generate
affiliate sales and more.

2. Legal Suite Pro-

Creates legal pages on
wordpress sites with a few clicks.

No need to stress yourself or pay huge
sums to do it manually.

3. Rapid SEO Indexer

This software helps get your wordpress
pages get indexed in less than 30 seconds.

Click link above to watch video for proof.

Mk Akan

PS- By the way ,I also found this resource.
It’s not a software but something you should
check out.

Instant Tube Raider- Instant traffic
from Youtube

Merry Christmas (Bring Your Boxing Gloves) LOL

This is coming 24 hours late, but it’s
still okay to say it.

A Merry christmas to you and your family.
Happy New year in advance.

Today is boxing day.

Now here’s a funny bit.

When I was much younger I felt boxing day
was a day people fought with their fist.

Imagine how shocked I was when I discovered
it was a day people opened their gifts.

So happy boxing day to you too. 😉

Send my drinks and delicious food over
via this email. LOL

Have a GREAT week ahead.


Mk Akan

PS- If you want to learn how to
build instant profitable funnels,
then check this out.

3 Skills you MUST DEVELOP to succeed in 2017

2016 will be over in less than 3 weeks.

The last month of this year is the best
time to prepare for 2017.

To succeed in 2017 , you’ll need to
start doing new things.

You need to develop new skills too.

Generally , to succeed online you need to

develop skills.
In this email , you’ll discover 3 important

skills you should develop to succeed in 2017.

1. List Building Skill

You see , a few years ago, I was scared of building
my list .Because of this I delayed for a few years.

But It was after I started building
my list that I began to see success.

List building helped me generate sales.

It became my own personal traffic source.

There are many ways to build a list and

From my experience I created a list building

shortcut that made the process EASY.
If you want to learn this skill and succeed

in 2017, get this

2. Copywriting

Everything in business depends on SALES.

Sales happen when someone sends you cash,
(or an alternative) in exchange for a product
or service.

Someone signing up on your list,or responding
to your request , or joining your program etc…

…ALL depends on how you can PERSUADE.

And PERSUASION is done with copywriting.

Yep 😉

Whatever you write to persuade or sell a thing


And you can’t just wing it.

 It’s a skill to develop.
So you need this for email writing,
sales letters , squeeze pages and any kind of
writing for the purpose of making sales in
your business.
That’s why people pay HUGE sums to hire great
I have personally invested so much time
and money to develop this skill.

It has PAID up HUGELY. 😉

If you want success in 2017, spend time learning
how to write persuasively.

You can get started here.

3. Product creation

No cash is made online unless something
is sold.

You can sell a product or a service.

And there are many kinds of products
you can sell online.

A quick one is an info product.

Sometimes you don’t even need to
know jack about the topic before
you can create a product for sale.

yes. It’s possible.

In fact , using a cool trick I was able to
create a product in a niche I knew
nothing about.

You can find all the details here.

Finally, 2017 will be successful

if you make plans to learn all or
any of these skills.



Mk Akan

1 Way To Accelerate Your Online Business Success

Would you like to accelerate
your success online?

Instead of struggling for years,
you can get results in a few months.

1 way is the use of ready-made products.


Instead of struggling to
get work done, just stand on the effort
of another.

Here’s an example.

Instead of struggling to create your
own product , you can buy and use
a quality PLRs. (like this ones)

Click Here
Instead of struggling with writing emails
you can use ready-made emails.

And many more things.


Mk Akan

How To Start Online (A Simple Step By Step Answer)

I am supposed to continue my
“how to fail online” series today.

But I like to first share 1 more
important email before I do.

You see, yesterday I got an
email asking a question I have
heard over and over again.

That question is…

“How do I start online?”

In today’s email, you’ll
discover a step by step answer to
this question.

Here we go.

1 step 1 – Learn the basics of online business.

You see no matter what you want to do
online , there are fundamental things you
MUST first know.

Part of these secrets are shared in
my “how to FAIL online” series.

But to Learn more online business basics
and secrets , go  here

2. Step 2 – Pick an online business model (focus on it)

3. Step 3- Learn all you can about the business model

(buy products , study or get a coach)

4. Step 4 – TAKE Action ( nothing else works)

5. Step 5- Keep improving 

I may have to create another mini series
explaining these 5 steps to you.

So prepare for that later.

Now , my next email goes back to
my “how to FAIL online” mini series.

Hope this helps.


Mk Akan

PS- If need someone to setup your blog
or your info product, contact me .

PPS- If you need coaching , contact me too.

PPPS- If you want to know the secrets to
succeed online Don’t hesitate to
download this.

Got more questions?
Ask me here.

How to FAIL online (emails 5 of 10)

Here’s the 5th email in the
series titled” how to FAIL online”.

The purpose of the series is help
you discover mistakes to avoid,
so you eventually succeed online.

First , check this out.
Discover the 5 Minute: Copy ‘n’ Paste Trick
That Makes it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make
Money Online by this time tomorrow.


If you have not read the last 4
articles (emails) of this series,
please go check them here.

First , second, third , fourth article.

It will help you.

Now number 5.

Reason 5 – Forget Perfection

This is also a very HUGE
mistake made by many people.

All they want or plan to do online
MUST be perfect.

They want perfect products.

Perfect emails.

Perfect everything.
And because of this, THEY delay.

They get scared of trying things out.
They get scared of making mistakes.

And this leads to INACTION and failure.

So are you trying to be perfect?

Are you delaying because you want
everything to be perfect?


When you start out, many things will not be perfect.

In fact, nothing is ever PERFECT. That’s why we have updates and upgrades.

It does not have to be perfect.
Start or create whatever you plan to do and push it
out there.

Then improve as you go.

Don’t wait for PERFECTION.

Get started.  Take Action.


Mk Akan

PS- If you would like me to create an info
product and sales page for you, please
contact me.

PPS- Want a blog created for YOU?
Or you want to buy my ready- made blog (

Contact me too.

PPPS- Want to learn more about other
online business secrets and mistakes to

Go here

The MOST important WORD in online business Success

The other day I saw a post on Facebook.

A guy asked people to post the most important word associated with business
Most people said Idea. Some said other words.
But do you know what I think that word is ?
Same as persistence.
Let me explain why.
You see, no matter the idea you have
or whatever you do, it’s unlikely to succeed from day 1.
So if you don’t have diligence , you’ll abandon what would have eventually succeed.
Most of the successful guys out there had periods they struggled.
Many failed so many times.
Inventors failed. Business folks too etc.
But they kept being “diligent”.
They kept persisting.
Persistence always pays at the end.
Here’s a good example.
The other day, I looked at the sales history of a super affiliate.
Guess what…before the person had launched and sales of 500, 1000 or 2000 I noticed he has months of 25, 50 or 100 sales .
But this was long ago.
And the person kept at it.
Now he makes 1000 sales with super ease.

So what does all this have to do with you?

Well, it’s simply this.
I don’t know where you are right now in your
business. I don’t know if you are still struggling.
But whatever you do and wherever you are, just keep pushing.
keep learning .
Keep persisting .
I’ll be worth it at the end.
Thank you.
Mk Akan
Ps- The free traffic cheat sheet is still up.
You’ll discover proven ways to generate traffic
without spending a dime.
See details here.

This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

Today I like to share something super simple, yet super POWERFUL.

I like to be REAL with you.

I know some people may hate me after reading this. Some may thank me.

Some people will quit trying to make it online. Some will be gingered and propelled to succeed.

But in any case after you know this secret and start working at it, you will be miles ahead of so many people online.

This secret and many more are revealed in details here.

So what am I talking about?

First, let me tell you a little story.

There’s a guy who wanted to generate income online. He had read lot of articles about people making pepper online, so he went online.

From what he read, he felt there was a website or way or trick that helped people make money online.

So he kept searching for that trick. He kept trying idea after idea. And new method after new method.

After 5 years of trying, nothing worked.

He spent that much time and financial resources and had nothing to show.

He started calling some of the gurus liars. And felt nothing would ever work.

He almost gave up…until he started studying other people making income online.

That’s when he noticed a few things.

  1. They gurus sent him emails almost daily
  2. Each email was about something to buy

That’s when he realized this SIMPLE SECRET.

People who generate income online sell something.

This may sound very simple. But I tell you, when I discovered this, it was a POWERFUL revelation.

It means no matter the course or product you buy or no matter what you know, if you are not selling something you won’t make JACK.

And that’s how that young man began to study internet marketing. He studied lessons on how to create products and services, niches where people buy products and services and how to effectively sell products and services.

That is how that young man finally started generating income online.

I Like To Talk More About Selling Products And Services.

Some people hate the word selling. They don’t want to do anything related to selling. They hate the word marketing.

But they err.

See the thing.

The internet is only a TOOL.

It’s not the internet that generates cash.

It’s people who pay for products and services that generate cash…to the seller.

Money does not come from thin AIR. Or from a website.

People have to give money to you in exchange for something of value. (That you offer for sale)

That something of value is either a product or a service.  Or someone’s product or service you sell as an affiliate.

There’s no website that just gives out money to web surfers.

You won’t find that offline too. (Except it’s philanthropy)

In fact online, money is only made when something is sold.

Offline, employees of others are selling their time or knowledge for a monthly salary.

They are getting paid in exchange for something. Perhaps for the service they render to the employer.

The same thing happens online.

NO website will give you free money. Purge the idea from your brain.

You only make money by selling stuff.

That’s why the gurus sell products and services.

That’s why I do same.

I now have over 20 products for sale. (Here, here , here and here)

You know what?

I am that guy I talked about in this email.

I jumped from pillar to post. From idea to idea, until I discovered what I just shared with you today.

So you can either continue to search for that 1 trick or website to dash you cash (you’ll never find it) or you start learning how to create products or services for sale.


Or you can start learning how to sell other people’s products (and services) for a commission as affiliates.

The keyword is “SELL something”. Even if it’s other people’s products and services.

That’s how money is MADE.

Again…SELL something.

Learn how to SELL.

So The Question Is What Can You Sell?

The quickest way to have something to sell is to buy PLR products.

PLR means private label rights. And are ready made products created by other people that you can just slap your name on and sell as your own.

Want to see a quality PLR you can sell?

(You can see 3 places to buy quality PLR here)

What if I showed you PLR you can learn from …and later sell and get your money back?

Would you like that?

Just imagine spending X dollars to buy a set of 100 videos that teach you all you have to know about creating products, selling them and making money online.

Then after learning all these secrets, you now sell these videos and get Z dollars.

You now subtract your first X dollars (your original money invested) and still have profits let over.

So in essence, you invested X dollars, then got back your X dollars and NOW got valuable knowledge that will generate you more cash.

Would you like that?

If yes, then check this out.

These are high quality PLR video products you can buy and sell for any price. Making money and learning in the process.

Check them out here.


Mk Akan

PS-   If you want to succeed online, stop playing around. And start studying the following.

  1. Product creation
  2. List building
  3. Selling and copywriting
  4. Marketing (traffic)

Anyone who does not listen to this will likely never make money online.

Thank you.

PPS- for more secrets you need to know to make it online and all other secrets I discovered, go here.