From Hot Dog Stand Worker To YouTube Millionaire

When the hot dog stand worker , Felix , first recorded
himself playing video games and began posting
in on his Youtube channel…

… little did he know that he would amass over 35 million
subscribers and make millions yearly.
From a little idea and diligent work , this college
drop-out is now a multi-millionaire.

All from a small STUPID idea.
And of course Youtube.

(You can find the full article about Felix
at the bottom of this email)

The funny thing is, anyone can start
a youtube channel. Anyone can put in some
work and also become a celeb or mini- celeb.

You may not end up making millions or
may not be so successful but if you
take the right steps you can earn money

only that most people are scared of
creating videos.

But you should not.

Because this problem is NOW solved with the different
hand-held mobile devices found everywhere.

Secondly, you can now easy create videos using
softwares that generates videos in minutes.

Like these 2 videos tools below.

1. Video Pal
2. Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

And here’s the best part.

There are NOW so many ways to generate
income with videos and with videos on Youtube.

For 1 , you can sell adverts on your
YouTube channel like Felix.

But there are over 120 ways to build your
Youtube audience and make income.

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As you can see, there are many ways
to generate videos.

And there are many ways to generate income
with your new videos on YouTube. (and other

It’s all found here.

Mk Akan

PS- see the full article about Felix and how
he built his video empire.

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Mk Akan

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