Case Study : 500 Plus Sales From a Simple Info Product (They Did Not Create)

In this article you’ll learn 2 things.

Firstly, you’ll discover how 2 people

made 500 plus sales from an info

product they did not create.

Secondly, you’ll also get an answer to
a nagging question most people
have about product creation.

Lemme start with the case study.

So a few weeks back 2 marketers
launch a product and in a few days
made over 500 sales.

They decided to document all the
steps they took and all they did.

For example you’ll discover…

– the secret, nitty-gritty details
of how they sold 510+ copies…
from simple, quality PLR!

-How to drastically shorten the
time it takes for you to get your OWN
buy buttons up (Front end, upsell, downsell…
you’re only limited by your own imagination!)

– The REAL secrets to making
sales funnels that convert!

-How to get power affiliates on
board when you’re ready to go live!

– How to get started without having
to make an entire new product and
sales page and everything!

See these and more here.

So if you like to know and COPY exactly what
they did so you can also earn
money like they did , then check this Out.

Now , here’s the answer to a nagging
product creation question.

The question is…

Where do I start?

Most people ask this product
creation question a lot.

And there are many answers
depending on what you already know
or have done.

For example if you are 100% new to
product creation, then…
…Start by selecting a profitable niche.

No need creating a product where
people don’t spend money.

Look for a niche where people
actively buy products and services.

That’s one starting point.

So make sure you’re in the right

If you have got this “niche selection part”
already figured out
then where should you start?

Start by finding out the problems
people have in that niche and what
they are willing to pay for.

A good way to know this is
to UNCOVER what people are
already spending their money on.

A visit to a market place like Amazon
reveals a variety of products and
topics people are BUYING.

So go in there and search

out what people BUY.

So that’s the summary.

But you can get more answers to many other
product creation questions here.


Mk Akan

PS- You’ll get more product creation
tips  soon.

All gearing up to the launch of
the LOT method.

So stay tuned.

Done For You Affiliate Marketing System (Generate Affiliate Income Without Doing A thing)

BY now you already know
that affiliate marketing works.

You know it is a sure way to
generate passive income online.

You know it is easy to implement
and you can each cash without your
own products.

But I also know that it can still
be difficult for many to get started.

Some people can’t…

1.  create a no-cost
product to build your list

2. Select the right niche.

3. Build an email list

4. Promote their affiliate offers

And many more.

But there’s a solution.

Why if there was a way these steps
were all done for you while you
just relax and enjoy your affiliate

What if there’s a system that…

1. Selects the best niche for you

2. Build an affiliate website for you

3. Create offers for you

4. promote they offers with your
affiliate links…for you.

Well, there is . And

it’s all found here.

This a ready-made system where all of these things are
done for you.

You get a Supply of Books Various Popular Niche
Markets, All Ready And Waiting For You To Give Away.

Viral Income No Matter How Many People Share Your Books! –
You Make Money Every Time A Reader Buys Something From One
Of Your Books, Even If You Didn’t Give Them The Book Directly!

Repeat Commissions That Could Last A Lifetime! –
When People Sign Up To Membership Programs, You
Get Paid Over And Over Again… For As Long As
They Remain A Member (Which Could Be For Life!)

Every Book Is Ready To Make You Money NOW! –
Every Book Is Ready To Make You Money Immediately.
This Unique System Brands Your Books Completely
Automatically Before You Even Download Them!

Go here.

Nothing To Install – Works On ANY System –
Because I Brand The Books For You, There’s
Nothing To Install! This System Works On Any
Computer, Even Tablets And Smart Phones!

Professional Stunning Ebook Covers Done For You! –
You get a Team that Designs Professional Graphics
For Your Book Covers So They Look Fantastic

Designed To Go Viral! – Your Books Are Designed
To Go Viral, Reaching Tens Of Thousands Of People!
Carrying Your Profit Pulling Affiliate Links With Them!

Never Pay For An Ebook Again! –

If A Book Takes Your Fancy, Download It For Free!
We Have Books On All Kinds Of Subjects…
Such As ‘How To Hypnotise People’,
‘How To Date Any Girl’ Or Even ‘How To
Develop A Millionaire Mindset’

A few years back I used to think
it was impossible to generate income
while you sleep.

See details here


Mk Akan

2 Ways to QUICKLY DOUBLE Your Income with Affiliate Marketing

Been a while.

I have been off the grid for
a few months now . Been busy
trying to save the WORLD like James Bond 😉 lol.

Anyways I am back again.

And I have lots of goodies for you.

You see a few days ago I saw a great
product that revealed how to generate
passive income with affiliate marketing.


You know, work one time on something and then
make cash from it over and over again (without any
other extra work.)

So I did some diggin on my own.

I like to share 2 ways with you.

1. Promote offers used again and again monthly or yearly

There are products people use over and over again
for months and years. These offers may have recurring fees.

So if someone buys a product or
service with a recurring fee, you will keep earning
commissions as long as the person keeps paying.

A good example is web hosting , email marketing services
and so many other kinds of services in many other niches.

2. Promote high value products and services

Most people are comfortable with promoting products that
generate only $1 -$50 commissions.

But there are offers in various niches that
generate up to $100- $1000 commissions.

You know , $500 commissions is much higher that $50 in
my books.;)

So why are people afraid of promoting these high
value offers?

I think most people are not aware
these offers exist and Fear.

But fortunately, it takes almost the same effort
to promote a $7 offer and a $700 offer.

So search your niche for high value offers and
promote them.

And that’s where this tiny product is
super helpful.


It reveals in details more proven ways to generate
passive income with affiliate marketing.

It also reveals where to find high value offers
you can promote.

Check it out.



Mk Akan

PS- I’ll talk more about this super
valuable offer in my next email.

So stay tuned.

But you can see it here,
It’s valuable and super CHEAP.

How to build your list and generate profitable emails with EASE

If you want to generate income online
you need to build an audience (a list).


And to generate income from your
email list , you need to know how to
write and send profitable emails.

For many , writing profitable emails is
like poking out their eyes with a hot

They rather pull their teeth with a plier
than struggle  to write profitable emails.

I feel ya pain 😉

I tell you the truth.

1 thing that scared me from
building my list was the fear of not
knowing what to send in my emails.

I was so scared it delayed
me from building my list for
a few years.

And that’s why I found and developed
a way to build a list and generate
income by (LEGALLY) using other people’s

Imagine using other people’s articles ,
and content to build your list and generate income
from that list.

And this is done LEGALLY.

See details here.

But that’s not all.

Along the way I also discovered various ways to
finally craft profitable emails on my own.

It’s easy if one shows you what to
do and if you practice it a bit.

For example there’s an email type I call the
Reporter Email.

Where you just report to your list
what you see or observe.

You act as a newspaper reporter to your

It’s explained fully here.

This email type and 6 other POWERFUL ways to craft
profitable emails is found here.

Mk Akan

PS-As you can see , not only will these
2 trainings help you overcome the fear of
building a list.

It will also help you write emails that generates
profit from your email list.

Go check them out.

1. List Building Messiah

2. Quick Email Formula

Traffikar Review -You Need to Get THIS Traffic OFFER Now

A few hours ago I pointed you
to a training that reveals a new way to generate
quality traffic in 24 hours or less.

It’s called Traffikar.
I personally bought the training.

(See proof of my receipt below).


Here’s My Review

1. The first thing I noticed about the offer is this .

Over 1000 people have bought it (as I
type this )…and there’s no REFUND.

That struck me as ODD. Because people even refund
high quality offers..but this offer had no REFUNDS.

2. It works

The concept revealed in the training
works. It is basically paying people
tiny sums of money to send you traffic.

It flat-out works.

My explanation does not do justice. You need to get it to see exactly

how this simple method works.

3. How easy is it?

It’s pretty easy. You can get
started in an hour.

It’s just to contact people and pay them
tiny sums to send you traffic.

(Don’t worry it’s not scary). You get the exact
script to use and the exact process to take.

You don’t need special skills to do it.

4. Is the training complete?

Yes. All you need to know and do is
revealed in simple short videos.

I have watched the videos. The training videos
are easy to understand and APPLY.

5. Case Studies

Case studies are ALWAYS great for learning.

This video training comes with 2 real case

You see exactly how it is done.

6. More Benefits

This training is about TRAFFIC. But that’s
not ALL.

You can generate cash, build a list
build your social media list with it etc.

This is just awesome.

7. Any Negatives?

Frankly there’s none.

But there’s some work involved. And you need to
invest some money ( as low as $3-$10) to generate
sales and traffic.

If you hate to do simple work
and hate to invest that low to generate
income …perhaps online business
will never work for YOU.

7. My Verdict


It works. It’s simple. It’s cheap.

Do it NOW.


Mk Akan

PS- And if you buy it and
don’t like it, just ask for
you money back.

It’s that simple.

But I guarantee you’ll
like it.