This free “subject line template” gets high open rates

A few months back in 2016 I logged
into my email marketing account
and searched for sent emails with high
open rates.

I noticed a few and immediately created
a simple template from one of it.

I’ll reveal this template to  you at the end of this
email. But before that I like to introduce
you to a proven set of…

1,427 Split-Tested, Open-Rate Increasing,
Subject Lines

So why are subject lines even

You see ,if you are building your list or
plan to build a list, you
will have to send emails.

List building is not
profitable if you don’t
get involved in email marketing.

And if you must send emails
then you must send emails that
gets opened by subscribers.

How do you get high open rates?

1 way is to use proven subject lines.

Your subject line is the headline
for your email.

When you use the right subject line, you will likely get high
open rates and this will likely result
 in likely HIGH sales.
And high sales = lots of dough


And the link below gives you
access to 1427 proven split-tested subject lines

 you can INSTANTLY use.

Go check it out.


Mk Akan.

PS- Now here’s the subject line
template I promised you.

It is….

How to overcome (topic/niche) fear.

Replace topic /niche with your niche topic.

let me explain why this works.

You see, many people have fears. We usually
have fears about any topic or thing
we plan to do .

If you want to get married , you
may have some fears.

If you want to lose weight, you likely
have some fears.etc.

So your subject line would be.

“How to overcome weight loss fear.”
So this subject line attracts attention
and get people to want to know how to

 overcome their fears.

So go use it and let me know your results.

If you want more proven subject lines
and templates , go here.

How to build your list and generate profitable emails with EASE

If you want to generate income online
you need to build an audience (a list).


And to generate income from your
email list , you need to know how to
write and send profitable emails.

For many , writing profitable emails is
like poking out their eyes with a hot

They rather pull their teeth with a plier
than struggle  to write profitable emails.

I feel ya pain 😉

I tell you the truth.

1 thing that scared me from
building my list was the fear of not
knowing what to send in my emails.

I was so scared it delayed
me from building my list for
a few years.

And that’s why I found and developed
a way to build a list and generate
income by (LEGALLY) using other people’s

Imagine using other people’s articles ,
and content to build your list and generate income
from that list.

And this is done LEGALLY.

See details here.

But that’s not all.

Along the way I also discovered various ways to
finally craft profitable emails on my own.

It’s easy if one shows you what to
do and if you practice it a bit.

For example there’s an email type I call the
Reporter Email.

Where you just report to your list
what you see or observe.

You act as a newspaper reporter to your

It’s explained fully here.

This email type and 6 other POWERFUL ways to craft
profitable emails is found here.

Mk Akan

PS-As you can see , not only will these
2 trainings help you overcome the fear of
building a list.

It will also help you write emails that generates
profit from your email list.

Go check them out.

1. List Building Messiah

2. Quick Email Formula

ALL Online Business Millionaires know and DO THIS

If you study the most profitable online business
owners you’ll discover they all have few
important skills. These skills are assets.

And they all use a simple system.

That system is…

… build a list and send emails.

With this little formula they can make
$100-$1000 daily.Or even more.

Their simple formula is build a list and send emails.

Guess what?

It works.

That’s why I am doing it.

That’s why you should do it too.

So would you want to learn how yo build your own list?

Then go here.

A pro marketer just released a program that reveals
how newbies can build their list from scratch.

You’ll discover the following…

how to pick a good niche for list building.

The top 4 niche markets
to profit from with email marketing.

How to choose the right autoresponder
service for your needs.

The top lead magnets to create that
builds you a list fast.

The tools for creating squeeze pages that convert.

The top 4 traffic sources that will bring fresh
new leads daily into your business.

The top 5 relationship building strategies so your
subscribers look forward to getting your emails.

The 6 promotional tactics that can turn you into
a super affiliate so you can fill up your
PayPal account with every email you send.

But you have to hurry because this offer will off the
market in 2 days.


Mk Akan

Generate 6,065 Leads In 48 Hours

In the last 2 emails I hammered on
the need to develop important skills
for 2017.

List Building is 1 skill I mentioned.

Well, I have good news for you 😉

A pro marketer just revealed how he
generated 6065 subscribers in 48 hours.

And how you can do same.
Just imagine what you can do
with 3000 subscribers?

Imagine what difference this can
do for your online business in 2017.

See all his secrets here.

Mk Akan


Free Training And Resource Monday

Every Monday (or most Mondays) , I complile
a list of awesome free and paid resources
to help your online business.

Today you’re in for a treat.

1. FREE Training – Finding a Niche &
Creating A Winning Product

I just saw this and decided to share
with you.

You’ll discover how the experts
find profitable niches and then how to
create winning products for those niches.

2. Relaxed Affiliate

NOW…this is AWESOME.

You can make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
Without Signing up for Affiliate Programs or
Worrying About Affiliate Links!

I know this may sound like a HUGE joke,
but see details here…


This reveals how to LEGALLY steal
other people’s traffic and make cash
without ding anything else.

Sounds too good to be TRUE right?

But the page has loads of testimonials
from happy buyers who have tried and
confirm that it WORKS.

Go See it here.


Black Friday is coming. Are you prepared
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Do you want to know the strategies that
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See it all here.

5. List Building Breakthrough

This reveals the exact steps to building a massive
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possible and you won’t have to spend any
out of pocket money.

You’ll discover the best ways to build
a MASSIVE mailing list without spending
a single penny on customer acquisition.

Details here

That’s all for this week. 😉


Mk Akan

PS- I have lots of goodies lined up
for you this week so stay tuned.

Have a great week.

How to FAIL Online (email 6 of 10) And Resource Monday

Today is Monday. So you get 2
emails in 1.

The first is the continuation of the
mini- series, the second is the weekly
Resource Monday Articles.

You have already seen 5 ways to
avoid failure online .

Here’s the 6th one.

Reason 6 – Don’t Build A LIST

You have heard it before. Every where
you turn , you see it.

“The money is in the LIST.”

Every Gurus says it.

Well, guess what?

If you want to FAIL online, don’t
build a list.

Just completely ignore building a list.

Just keep struggling to do everything
else and ignore list building.

But that’s a mistake.
You’re reading this email because
I built a list.

The benefits are HUGE.

So why is it important to build a list?

a. your list is your audience

b. Your list is your INSTANT traffic

c. You can promote offers to your list

And this is how the most successful
guys make money online.

start building your list.

Now, what if you want to build a list and you
don’t know how to start.

Go here and check out this simple method.

And that’s the first resource.

The second resource is seen below.

2. Lazy list Building Method

Imagine building your email list
and also generating affiliate income
ALL at the same time.

Imagine building a list without the
boring difficult steps involved.

This resource reveals how to do it.

3. List Building Breakthrough

A step by step guide revealing how
to build a list in any niche.

4. LAnding Page Tool

How would you like to create unlimited squeeze pages
without stress…and then host them on as server
that’s not yours.

Meaning you don’t even need a website
or webhosting.

See the tool here.

5. Webhosting DEAL

Bluehost just started a 48-hour Fall Sale .

Which means , for two days only, you can
start your website for only $2.95/mo*
(for 12, 24, or 36 months).

This deal comes ones in a while.
So grab it now.

Go here.

And that’s it folks.


Mk Akan

PS- Next email in the mini series continues.


How to FAIL online (email 3 of 10)

This is the 3rd email from
this mini-series revealing
reasons why people fail online…

…and how you can avoid them.

I revealed 2 reasons in the last 2 emails. here and here 

Today here’s another 1.

Mistake 3 – Trying To Make Money Using Too many online Business Models ALL at the same time.

Now, this is a BIGGIE.

If I take a wild guess, I
may be almost 100% right to say
that you receive 20- 50 emails daily.

Some people receive even more.


Because you are subscribed to 10, 30 or 50
email lists.

Perhaps you downloaded a free ebook from these
guys and now…they started blasting your
email box with emails daily.

The BIG problem with this is you will
receive too many emails with ideas

that distract you.

These guys send 100s of emails

recommending different online businesses

to you.

And as you buy and try these different methods,

you end up trying 5- 10 business models at a time.

This eventually leads to CONFUSION and frustration.

If you want to succeed online
you have to focus on 1 THING at a time.

Or at most a 2-3 online business model
at a time.

If you try many online business
models, you will get confused
and likely FAIL.

Please avoid this mistake

Pick one business model and stick to it.

Best regards

Mk Akan

PS- There are many online business
models you can focus on.

But there’s 1 activity all business models

need to succeed.

That activity is list building.

See how to build your list here.

or you can apply my unique
list building method here.

Or use this lazy method to build
your list while generating affiliate
sales at the same time.

“Stupid” Bill Gates Tip Generates Income And Success

The other day I read something Bill Gates, said about hiring people.

He said something like this…

” I rather hire a lazy and intelligent worker than a hard working worker”

This tip sounds quite stupid.

Not until you think about it.

And if not that he’s freaken rich, no one would even believe him.

But this stupid tip has plenty sense.

Lemme explain further.

You see when you hire a lazy but intelligent person , he or she would look for “other easy” ways to get things done.

Because of laziness, they will likely challenge the status quo.

They’ll try or invent new ways to do things so as to save their time.

If something usually takes 1 hour they would likely look for ways to do it in 30 minutes.(or less).

So at the end they will save the company money ,time and also generate new ideas.

That’s why he said this.

Come to think about it, it does make sense because most normal hard workers will just keep working hard without trying to INNOVATE.

All they know is hard work.

Listen , I know this may not always be the case, but its likely so most times.

So what does this have to do with online biz?


You see, there are lots of ideas , strategies and rules required to generate income online.

There’re many business models with many steps. (Sometime these steps are pretty difficult especially for beginners)

I had these same challenges when I started.

For example the popular steps required to build a list was a hard nut for me to crack.

So when I learnt about list building , I looked for ways to shorten the steps.

I got some steps eliminated.

I did the same thing with affiliate marketing.

But the biggest breakthrough came when I COMBINED list building and affiliate marketing into a simple system.

That system is called the laziest and simplest way to build a list and affiliate sales at the same time.

(LAMM for short)

It is a UNIQUE and simple way to build your list and generate affiliate income …ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


I know many people make promises like this but disappoint at the end.

Most people just hype things up.

Well, LAMM is not HYPE.

You just have to see what people say about it to know that for sure.

In another email, I’ll send you reviews and comments made by people about this system.

For now just go ahead and read this page.

You’ll see everything explained in details.

Even if you have no Intention to order just go check it out.


Mk Akan

Ps- Generally simple ideas and solutions work best.

And many people agree, this list building (and affiliate marketing method)is easy, lazy and works.

Go see it and decide for yourself.

Happy Easter and ANGRY BIRDS

I just want to wish you a Happy Easter (if you celebrate it).
Have a great week.
Mk Akan
PS- On the side , I just want to inspire YOU and share a small story with you.
Most people don’t know this.
Here’s the thing, success is not an event.It is a  process.
Successful people in the world do not stumble on success. They kept going and going and going.
You might hear that someone just stumbled on an idea that made him millions. What you never hear is
the failures he or she may have had.
The struggles and mistakes.
People don’t usually hear that. But that success comes after a process …usually after some struggles , failures and trials .
Here’s a good example.
Do you know Angry Birds?
The popular app made the owners millions.
It has been merchandised and used to sell all kinds of things.
I even heard a movie was planned for the app.
 Here’s the thing.
They owners of this app had created over 50 apps that failed before creating this winning app.
 Whats my point?
Never say never.
Don’t throw in the towel.
KEEP pushing.
​​​​​​​You’ll make it at the END.
PPS- LAMM is still on sale. If you are looking for something that really works , try it.

Why I HATE the OLD Affiliate marketing and List building methods

The old way to build a list and the old way people are taught affiliate marketing is long, boring and difficult.

First you need to pick a niche, then create a lead magnet, then build a squeeze page, then connect to email marketing software, then send emails, then make money.

As you can see, these’re boring, annoying steps to take before making money.

This is why people struggle.

Many people struggle with step 1 , 2 or 3 of these steps , and because of that , they get stuck and give up.

Fortunately, there’s a new method that cuts away most of these steps.

All you need is the basic tools.

You don’t need a lead magnet.

You don’t need to wait to send emails.

No waiting for the MONEY.

With this new method, you generate cash from day 1. As subscribers sign up, you generate cash.

Many people have seen it and tried it.

See what people say about this new method here.

The question is…

Do you prefer to continue struggling with the OLD methods, or do you want to use this NEW method that works?

Do you prefer to struggle to build your list or struggle to generate affiliate sales or do you want to do it easily, quickly and effectively.

If your answer is yes, then you’ll love this Lazy Affiliate Marketing Method-(LAMM)

See the details about it here.


Mk Akan

PS- I am thinking of increasing the price of this training,so if you order now, you’ll beat the price increase.

Do it NOW.