25 Ready-made Information Products For You

The quickest way to create an information
product is to use a ready made product.

I have hammered on this for the past
few days .

This is the best SHORT-CUT info product

creation shortcut.

And in the next few days I’ll be revealing
the very best PLR products and ready-made
info products you can find online.

Especially in the IM /MMO niche.

These info products are created by tested
and trusted vendors who don’t compromise on

Today I start with this.

25 Coaching Lessons You Can Copy and Paste.


This is a series of 25 trainings created
by Sean Mize.(A respected vendor and marketer)

These are the actual lessons he personally
used in his most-effective coaching
program ever . . .

And now it’s all yours for a crazy cheap

In these 25 coaching lessons you’ll will step
by step trainings that teach the following:

1) How to Outline and Blueprint Their Business

2) How to Develop Their Sales Funnel

3) How to Create Products

4) How to Find Traffic

5) How to Write Sales Letters

6) How to Write Emails

7) How to Create Youtube Videos and
Create a Youtube Presence

8) How to Create Their Entire Info-Business

And many more.

Go here for more details.


So what can you do with these 25 coaching

1. Create your own products

2. Learn from the coaching lessons

3. Create your own coaching program

4. Break it down for writing emails

Get it here.



MK Akan

PS- I don’t know when this offer
will be taken off the market.

So it’s better to download it NOW
while you can.

Here’s What to Quickly Sell Online To Generate Steady Income

A few days ago I revealed one of the  most simple and most POWERFUL truths about generating income online.

You can read it all here.

This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

The bottom line in that article is…

SELL something.

In the other article I revealed something you can sell. I mentioned PLR products.

But that’s just 1 thing you can sell.

There are many other products and services you can sell to generate income online.

In this article, I’ll reveal more ideas and things you can sell, and how you can sell them.


3 Products You Can Sell Online

  1. Information Products

Information products refers to any kind of information packages and sold in the form or physical books, ebooks, audio recordings, DvDs , CDs and other kinds of formats.

You can see a list of information products here.  www.listbuildingzoo.com/blog/products

These are all examples.

Most PLR products are information products.

To learn how to generate information products with ease and speed, check out these 3 resources.

  1. How to generate unlimited information product ideas – click here
  2. How to generate quick audio products – click here
  3. How to generate info products in niches you know nothing about- click here
  1. Templates

A template is a ready-made material that helps people work faster or easier.

For example , let’s say you want to write a speech, and you don’t know what to do , or you want to save time, you can just pull out a template and fill in the blank space and …VIOLA…you have a speech.

There are many kinds of templates for different activities.

There are writing templates, drawing templates, sales letter templates and many more.

You can create templates for sale.

Just think about your knowledge and see how you can create a template for sale.

You can see examples of templates for sales here.-7 Quick Email Writing Emails And Formula

  1. Software And Apps

A software is a simple tool that makes any task easier and faster to execute.  You impute data and click a few buttons and …in seconds or just minutes , a task is done.

Here are some examples.

It is possible to uncover profitable niches online using a series of steps. It is also possible to do the same thing in a few seconds with a simple tool.

It is possible to create 3d covers in a few hours using the “hard to use and hard to learn” tool called PhotoShop.

Or you can use a few clicks to create e-covers in seconds using a tool like _link

Here are a list of other tools and apps that people love to buy.

  1. Video Creation Tool – https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/b90wy/0
  2. Aliexpress Affiliate App – https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/zkhgq/0
  3. Squeeze page creator- http://jvz9.com/c/73065/134482

Now many people may think they need to know how to code, create apps and softwares before they can sell softwares.

Truth is, you can outsource the whole process to coders and people for cheap.

There are many other things you can sell. I may talk about them in other articles.

For now, just pick one of these things and decide to follow up.


Mk Akan





How to create an information product with your MOBILE PHONE

Many people think they need expensive equipment and hardware to create a quality info product.

So they buy a sophisticated computer or laptop.

And still nothing gets done

Nothing wrong with that.

Only that…they are walking around with an info product creation machine in their pockets and purses…and they don’t even know it.

Get this… you can create a quality info product with your mobile device.

I mean your tab, Iphone or your android device. Or anything that can record audio.

All you need is a pen , paper , a quiet place to record and your mobile device.

This is what to do.

Get to a quiet place …the beach, a field , your room …or any place you can record stuff.

Write down step by step what you want to teach people. (A how- to info)

Then use the secret ideas and system found here.

http://listbuildingzoo.com/quickaudio.html … to generate your next info product.

So in 1 hour or 2 hours, you’ll have a quality product you can sell.

Even if you think your voice is not great, or you have an accent, you can still do this.

Yes… you can do it.

If you have never done this before it will seem impossible.

I get that.

I thought the same way too…until I tried it and got addicted.

If you are struggling to create an ebook or you hate writing or just want to create info products …SUPER FAST…, then check this out.



Mk Akan