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In the last 2 emails I hammered on
the need to develop important skills
for 2017.

List Building is 1 skill I mentioned.

Well, I have good news for you 😉

A pro marketer just revealed how he
generated 6065 subscribers in 48 hours.

And how you can do same.
Just imagine what you can do
with 3000 subscribers?

Imagine what difference this can
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Mk Akan


How to FAIL Online (email 6 of 10) And Resource Monday

Today is Monday. So you get 2
emails in 1.

The first is the continuation of the
mini- series, the second is the weekly
Resource Monday Articles.

You have already seen 5 ways to
avoid failure online .

Here’s the 6th one.

Reason 6 – Don’t Build A LIST

You have heard it before. Every where
you turn , you see it.

“The money is in the LIST.”

Every Gurus says it.

Well, guess what?

If you want to FAIL online, don’t
build a list.

Just completely ignore building a list.

Just keep struggling to do everything
else and ignore list building.

But that’s a mistake.
You’re reading this email because
I built a list.

The benefits are HUGE.

So why is it important to build a list?

a. your list is your audience

b. Your list is your INSTANT traffic

c. You can promote offers to your list

And this is how the most successful
guys make money online.

start building your list.

Now, what if you want to build a list and you
don’t know how to start.

Go here and check out this simple method.

And that’s the first resource.

The second resource is seen below.

2. Lazy list Building Method

Imagine building your email list
and also generating affiliate income
ALL at the same time.

Imagine building a list without the
boring difficult steps involved.

This resource reveals how to do it.

3. List Building Breakthrough

A step by step guide revealing how
to build a list in any niche.

4. LAnding Page Tool

How would you like to create unlimited squeeze pages
without stress…and then host them on as server
that’s not yours.

Meaning you don’t even need a website
or webhosting.

See the tool here.

5. Webhosting DEAL

Bluehost just started a 48-hour Fall Sale .

Which means , for two days only, you can
start your website for only $2.95/mo*
(for 12, 24, or 36 months).

This deal comes ones in a while.
So grab it now.

Go here.

And that’s it folks.


Mk Akan

PS- Next email in the mini series continues.


Please Dont Make This Idiotic List Building Mistake

The other day I got an email from a dude I didn’t subscribe to.

Apparently, he grabbed my email address and added it to his list.

He is not the only one doing this criminal activity. Some other marketers do it too.

So what’s wrong with this?


First, this is idiotic.

Very idiotic.

You’ll see so in a minute.

Now just imagine this scenario.

Say you have a cold bottle of water for sale.

But instead of targeting and selling the water to people who want to buy it (like footballers sweating it out on a pitch), you decide to target other cold water sellers, would that make sense or sales?

I think NOT.

But that’s what some people do.

Instead of building a targeted list of prospects, they just go about harvesting or hand picking emails of people they assume are interested in their offer.

They even target marketers like them with wrong offers.

This is financially stupid too because you will incur autoresponder bills for emails that don’t convert.

Secondly, this is 100% spam.

It’s a crime to send marketing emails to people without their permission.

It can get your arse in trouble.

The autoresponder company can shut you down.

My advice?

Do the right thing instead.

What’s the right way to build a list?

  1. Create a free offer specially targeting your real target market
  2. Get people to sign up on their own ( very crucial)

Then build a relationship and make sales using email marketing.

If this sounds like Greek to you, then the next sentence below should be read carefully.

If you love to discover a revolutionary way to BUILD a high quality, high responsive email list in any niche …even in niches you know nothing about, then List Building Messiah is the answer.

Check it out here.


Mk Akan

PS- there are other effective ways to build a list. Check out this quick list building strategy below.

  1. How to build a list with solo ads

Whatever the case, don’t target the people who don’t want your offers and don’t send people unsolicited emails.

Thanks you.