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A few days ago I revealed a simple way
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Now lemme talk about the deal of
the day.FUNNELS…Do you know about Funnels?Ever heard of it?

When I first heard of Profitable funnels
it didn’t really make sense.
But I went ahead and studied and decided
to try it.
I had an offer in the market then.And just
slapped an upsell to the offer.
I generated extra sales.
And I have continued building funnels ever since.
It’s usually the combination of the right
offers, sales pages that generates cash.
It works.
Now good news.
2 guys came together to reveal how you can set up
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Mk Akan

This Simple Page And Secret Will Increase Your Income Online

Let me tell you story
Back in December 2014, I released my first
WSO. (WSOs are products sold on the warrior

It was a tiny $7 single product.
I made some sales but nothing major.
Until one day I stumbled upon the POWER
of upsells and funnels.

So I tried it out . I added some related products
to the back of the front end product.

And just like that (like overnight)
my sales and income exploded.


Because some people who bought the front
end also bought the upsells.

And as time went by I kept discovering
and learning other secrets of crafting
a proven sales funnels.

You know, if you are selling anything
at all online (whether products or services),
a single addition page added as an upsell,
can do wonders.

A proven sales funnel is a HUGE ASSET.

Because if you have one, all you do is send
the right traffic to it, and watch as income
comes right out of the other side.

And that’s why you should STUDY funnels.
Learn everything about it and implement it.
It pays.
Another thing is… buy a proven funnel
from someone who has tested and arranged
everything for you.

This is like buying a ready made business.

So if you have any product (service)
start thinking of an upsell and
how to craft a funnel around it.


Mk Akan

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