Here’s How I create a product for YOU…And Make You Money


You already know this…to generate income online you need 2 things.

You need a product for sale.
You need a sales page to sell it.

Well, most people don’t know how to do any of these things?

Do you have this same challenge?

If yes, then here’s my offer to you.

Would you want me to work with you and create a product and sales page for you?

Now, Of course, this offer will not be cheap.

But it will be affordable.

So here’s the thing.

If you are interested in this, send an email to . Or call 0809 444 1001.

So I can share more details with you.

Remember, this .

It is first come first serve.

And I cannot handle many people at the same time.

So send the email if you are interested.So you don’t lose out.



Mk Akan

You … a VIP

I reread a very valuable book today titled 80- 20 Marketing and Sales by Perry Marshall.

It reveals various ways to uncover leverage points in business. It reveals how to work little but double or triple your results.
The main idea is this.
20% of your efforts pull in 80% of your sales, profit, traffic etc. So you are to find and focus on this 20%.
He also revealed more POWERFUL insights that will accelerate your business.
For example, reveals that …
…20% of your subscribers are VIP subscribers who can become VIP clients.
Yes. I mean YOU are VIP.
Let me explain.
You see, on every list, there are a set of people who want VIP services. Stuff like done for you services, mentoring and higher priced offers.
These VIP clients get VIP treatment and are granted access to VIP help and support.
This helps them get result fast. Or overcome challenges in their business.
So my question is…
Do you want mentoring, coaching or done for your services?
Is this something you would pay for?
If yes, then you are one of my VIP clients.
You are a VIP.
This email is for YOU.
Now, here’s what to do.
To get information about my services for VIP clients like you, please reply and say “send me details”.
You can also mention what you would love done for your services, mentoring etc for.
Mk Akan
PS- I hope to hear from you. So please reply so I can get back to you.