The Most Important Online Business Skill?

To succeed online you need a lot
of skills.

You need technical skills, graphic skills
writing skills, outsourcing skills,
research skills , networking skills and
selling skills.

In my opinion (and many people agree) ,
the most important skill is selling

(You can  even outsource others but
it’s important to learn how to sell and

how to write scripts for selling)


Because no money is made until
something is sold.And to transfer your selling skills to written
or scripted content , you need copywriting

Copywriting is the ability to persuade people
with words. Whether you want to persuade them to
take an action.Or to buy something or do anything at all.

This skill is so important for creating squeeze
pages , sales pages , emails and any kind
of persuasive content online.

Would you like to learn this skill?

Well, I have good news for YOU.

Over the last 4 years , I have spent time compiling

the best copywriting resources online.

And now you can have access to this compilation

of the best copywriting resources online.

I call it your copywriting cheatSheet.

With just the click of your mouse , You’ll discover the best

copywriting resources ever created online.


Mk AkanPS- Learning how to write copy for selling is
something you can’t run from.

You need it to succeed in this business.

And this cheap cheatsheet will get you started FAST,

Resource Monday 012- Free Audio Training , Penny Clicks, Facebook Traffic, Black Friday

resource-monday-012Today is another Monday. Like you
know , on most Mondays you get emails
filled with links to 5 helpful resources.

These resources consists of free downloads
and recommended offers.

Each offer helps you make more sales
and income in your business.

Here they are:

1. $0.002 Clicks [Penny Clicks]

Have you ever wondered how to
generates the cheapest clicks
using facebook.

Well , it is possible.

These guys reveals how to generate
quality clicks for as low as 2-5 cents.

Imagine how much traffic this can generate
to your offers and squeeze pages.

See details here.

2. Youtube Traffic

If you’re not using YouTube in your marketing –
today is your wake up call.

YouTube it arguably the largest relatively ‘
untapped source’ of free traffic, leads
and customers on the planet.

And if you do it right – you can get
10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free.

This software makes it super easy.

3. Launch Jacker

Would you like to generate
income leveraging on the launch of
other people’s offers?

If yes, then check this out.

4. Kindle Samurai

Are into Kindle publishing? Then
you need to read this.

This softwares helps you generate
1000s of sales of your kindle books.

See details of the tool here.

5. Free Training with Expert Copywriter

I found this cool training by 2
expert marketers/copywriters.

You’ll discover the truth about

writing copy and making sales.
Mk AkanPS- Black Friday is here already.

This year people will spend over $68 Billion.
You can channel some of that cash into

your pocket using the secrets found here.

Happy new week.

Now You Can Have Your Product , Your Sales Page And Generate Your Own Money


The other day I sent you an email offering something that will finally help you generate income online.

I offered to help you create an information product and a sales page.

Did you see that email?

Many people replied and were interested in the offer.

That’s why I am giving more details about this special limited offer.Capture

First Let Me Explain A Few Things

  1. Until you finally create a product or a service for sale (or just sell something online), you will not make a dime online.

It’s a fact. And you know it.

  1. To sell anything online, you need a sales page. And that requires copywriting skills

Unfortunately, many people don’t have 1 or both skills. And frankly it can take a lot of practice, effort, time and money to develop these skills.

You see, it took me a couple of years to develop them, so I know what I am saying.

(I now have over 20 info products and have spent years and huge sums of money learning and writing sales letters for my products and services)

And even if you hone these skills, you need a level of confidence to still get work done. You may still be scared of doing things yourself.

And that’s where I come in.

That’s Why This Special Offer Makes Everything Easy for YOU.

So I will create an information product and also generate a kick ass sales letter for you.

All you do is pick a niche, then relax as I do all the research, create the product and then write the sales letter for you.

This limited (first come, first serve offer) is just for a few lucky people. I aim for only 3 people this month.


I can’t handle more than 3 projects at a time.

So you need to hurry.

If you are interested, just send an email to or call 080 9444 1001.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Niches Do You Work In?

I can create an info product for you in any niche. But I would prefer the IM/MMO (because that’s my own niche). But I can still create one for you in any other niche.

Just contact me for details.

  1. How Long Will This Take?

It will take 2 weeks to 1 month to create your product and sales page, depending on the niche and scope. You will be told exactly how long when we talk and discuss.

  1. What If I Don’t Like The Product?

I will do my best to create a high quality information product that sells.

We will work together in picking the niche, the topic and then I’ll do the rest.  Your product will be quality and what people want to BUY.

  1. How Big Will The Product Be?

What you’ll get is an information product that solves a problem for your readers. So it’s not a huge 200 page book or something of sort.  It will be as long as it should be to solve any need or problem for the reader.

  1. Can You Guarantee Me That This Will Generate Money?

You will get a product and sale letter created. You have to use it to generate sales. If you do nothing with the product or sales letter, you won’t make sales.

If you put it up online, and drive targeted traffic to it, you will generate sales.

(You’ll be shown how to generate traffic)

  1. Any Other Bonuses?

This offer comes with 2 free bonuses.

A training on how to generate targeted internet traffic and also email marketing. You’ll need these 2 products after your product is created.

  1. Any Support?


I won’t leave you hanging. You’ll get access to me for 6 months FREE. Meaning for 6 months, you can ask me any question via email about anything related to your product, sales letter and how to sell it.

I’ll be there to make sure everything works out RIGHT.

This kind of support alone should cost over $200 a month, but you’ll get it FREE for 6 months.

  1. Any Money Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately NO.

This is a premium, time consuming service. It will not be fair to refund after I have spent 2 weeks to 1 month on your project.

But I guarantee you’ll get a quality products and sales page that generates sales.

How can I be so sure?

Well, for the last 4- 5 years, I have created over 20 products for myself in the IM/MMO and in other niches. With my experience and knowledge you’ll get the best quality service.

  1. How Much Does This Cost?

Before I answer that you need to understand a few things.


You are getting 2 premium services wrapped up as one offer. You are getting (1) a sales letter and (2) a product created for you.

If I were to charge you separately for each service, you would pay.

  1. Copywriting/salesletter – $300- $2000
  2. Product Creation – $100- $$300

So this offer should normally go for $400- $2300.

But what I’ll charge for this OFFER (today) is way LOWER and much affordable.

The premium offer is not CHEAP, but I am not charging that HIGH.

I am making the price much lower because it’s a new offer. And because after I get some happy testimonials from the 3 first clients, I’ll increase the price. 😉

So when you contact me , I’ll reveal the price to YOU.

Send an email to or call 080 9444 1001 for the exact figure.

(Don’t worry even if you just want to make inquiries, just send the email. I won’t bite 😉


This Offer Is No For Everyone. It’s Only For People Who Want To Become My VIP Clients. And People Who Are SERIOUS About Generating Income Online

So please if you are not a serious person. Or you don’t like any kind of effort or work, please don’t bother contacting me.

But if you want to finally own a product (or offer) that generates sales, then this is for YOU.

Remember, since this is time consuming and I can only work with just 3 people first.

After these 3 people, I’ll likely increase the price.

So if you are interested, quickly contact me NOW. Before the 3 spots are taken.

Send an email to or call 0809 444 1001.


I want you to imagine having your own website, with a sales page that has your smiling face.  Imagine the sales page selling your own product.

And the money goes straight into your pocket.

Finally, you make your first dollar, then $7 then $10 then $100 and it keep climbing.

Imagine the warm smile on your face because of the joy of finally “making money online”.

You see, when you make your first $1, you’ll be so happy and fired up to make more cash. (I know. It happened to me ;))

And This Offer Will Make This A Reality.

So either your read this page, ignore it, and then go back to stressing, struggling and being frustration with this online business thing.

Go back to wasting time and money on other people’s products.

Or you make this investment and take ACTION on this offer. And then finally start generating your own MONEY.

The choice is yours.

But Lemme Ask You A Simple Question.

How long have you struggled to make money online?

A year, 2 years, 4 years, 7 years?

Aren’t you tired of running from pillar to post and trying things that don’t work? Aren’t you tired of wasting time and money on things that don’t work?

Do you want to waste another year with nothing to SHOW?

Wouldn’t you want to finally end the frustration? And finally start making a REAL income?

If you want this to happen. If you want to finally makes sales and money, then take ACTION now.

Contact me  NOW.

It’s first come, first serve.

Sent an email to or call 080 9444 1001.


Mk Akan

PS- if you have any other question, send an email or call me.

If you want me to handle any other thing for you, contact me also.

Talk soon.

Don’t DELAY , take action NOW.

Copywriting -The Most Valuable Online Business SKILL?

To earn income using the internet, you need to develop a number of skills.

But by far, the most valuable and most sort after skill is COPYWRITING.


Because it is what makes people BUY stuff.

It is what persuades people to take action on offers sold.

It’s so powerful people pay up to $50 000 for a single sales letter.


People pay , $2000, $4000 , $10k and even $20k for a sales letter.

And that’s why I spent the last 5-6 years studying copywriting.

I now have a special folder with over 4 Gigs of copywriting knowledge hidden in my hard drive.

It contains videos, audios, PDFS and everything that will help you get good with copywriting.

If you could have access to this special folder for a few hours, your copywriting knowledge and skill would double.

You’ll be able to craft sales letters and write persuasive emails that generates sales.


I am sure of this because that same knowledge has helped me write hundreds of sales letter and thousands of emails.

(By the way, you can see prewritten emails here.)

The bottom line is…if you want to write “money generating emails to your list”, or you want to sell MORE products and services, then you need to know copywriting.

But there’s only one problem…


Without knowing where to start or what to read or what to do, learning copywriting and mastering it will be DIFFICULT, expensive and stressful.

But I have solved that for YOU.


I have compiled the best resources from my secret copywriting folder, into an easy to use cheat sheet.

This will help you master copywriting FAST.

You’ll now know what to read, what to learn ,  what to practice and even see some good examples.

The Cheat Sheet is 90% ready and will be released soon.

If this is someone you want , please just reply and say

“I want the cheat cheat”.

And be on the lookout for an email announcing it in a few weeks.


Mk Akan

PS- While waiting for the cheat sheet , if you want a quick shortcut for crafting sales letters, then check these templates out.






Develop One SUPER SKILL [Step 5 of 7]

Let me tell you a story I read some time ago.

A young magician was slated to stage a show with an older, more experienced and more successful magician. He got a little scared because this was his BIGGEST career opportunity for getting to his next level.

He didn’t want to make any mistakes so he went off to prepare himself for the show. He learnt new tricks and practiced day and night. He left no stone unturned.

3 months later the day came.

He was now confident and prepared. At the event, he walked to the famous magician, introduced himself and said,

“Thanks for working with me. I am so honoured to be on this show with you. I have spent the last 3 months preparing hard for this show. I have learnt over 1500 magical tricks just for this show”.

He expected the famous magician to congratulate him for all his efforts but all he got was a puzzled look on the man’s face.

Perhaps 1500 magical tricks were not enough, he thought.  His heart raced. Was this going to be a disaster? Why didn’t I learn more magical tricks?

After a few seconds of salience he spoke up.

“Sir, how many tricks do you usually practice for your shows?”

He braced himself for a shocking HUGE number.

“Just 8 tricks” the famous magician replied.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t get that”

“Just 8” the famous magician replied again.

He could not believe it. 8 TRICKS!!!

Lesson – you don’t need 1000 skills or tricks to succeed, you only need to master a few tricks.

The next short story will drive home this point.

Bruce Lee is known for saying something almost similar …

“I don’t fear the kungfu fighter that knows 10 000 kicks, but fear the fighter that has practiced 1 particular kick, 10 000 times”

Again it’s about MASTERING 1 or 2 things.

So what do all these have to do with business and with succeeding in 2016?

Well, many.

Let me explain.

You see, there are so many moving parts in any business. To succeed in any online business many skills are required and deployed.

You need products, services, technical, sales, marketing, traffic, graphics, copywriting etc. All these require skills.

I can summarize all these skills into traffic and conversion.

But you don’t need to know all these skills to succeed.  Like I mentioned in email 2, you don’t need to do or know every skill.

You can (and should) outsource the different parts of your business you don’t know.

But with all that, you need to KNOW and Develop 1 skill.

I call it a super SKILL.

SPEND your time, money and do all you can to develop 1 (or 2) skills.

I am not saying done have other skills. No. I am saying spend more time and energy on 1 SUPER skill.

I am not going to tell you what it is, but either you develop a skill in the traffic side or in the conversion side of your business.

Or develop a skill that can bring the traffic and conversions parts together.

For me, I spend time, money and all my energy to develop my copywriting skills. That’s my SUPER skill.

Do you have yours?

If you decide to develop a super skill in the traffic side, then check this out. This is one of the best traffic generation training by one of the best traffic experts in the world. (and I am not exaggerating)

If you decide to develop a skill in the conversion side, then check this out. This is the one of the best copywriting training by my mentor. I have learnt so much from this GUY. You’ll too.


Mk Akan

PS- we still have 2 more tips to go. So stay tuned.

Got any questions? Ask me.

By the way , this is part of a series. Read step 1 , step 2 , step 3 and step 4 .

Five VALUABLE SKILLS People PAY MONEY For Online…And Will Make You Money

Over the years I have developed some skills that I use in my online business ….and i can use as a freelancer.

People pay cash for these skills because they are valuable.

1. Writing

The web is filled with all kinds of information and most of it is text.

If you develop your writing skills, you have something valuable.

You can use it on your own websites or get paid by people as a freelancer.

Get good at writing and content creation.

2. Copywriting/Sales

For me my most valuable skill is copywriting.

It’s the ability to craft a message that gets people to buy what I sell.

It’s not about hype or being a good writer.

It’s about understanding people and what they want .

This skill helps you create products and services people want.

It also helps you know exactly what to say to make people buy.

Top copywriters earn up to $10 000 to $50 000 per job.

The skill is super profitable.

3. Graphic Skills

Lots of people don’t have graphic skills.

So people pay for this. Stuff like ebook covers, and any kind of graphic work.

I pay for this too.

If you can get good with graphics you can get paid for it.

4. Technical Skills

This has to do with setting up sites and the different parts of an online business.

Stuff like coding and building softwares etc.

This skill is very valuable too.

5. Traffic Generation

This is a very valuable skill to have.

That’s why sites with lots of traffic make a lot of money.

Think Facebook and high traffic blogs.
These skills can be learnt.

Finally …

Start with the one you can and get good.
You don’t need to know all.

In fact, get very good with one.

My strength now is writing and copywriting.

Mk Akan

PS- NOBFC is now N1500. You can order your copy here.

If you use a Visa card to order, you need to first activate your IPIN before you can make a transaction online.

You can use other payment methods to make your order.