How to get $1000 coaching for less than $4

There’s 1 quick way to accelerate your
success online.And it is…get a coach.

A coach is a shortcut. A guide
that helps you avoid mistakes.

With a coach you can achieve
in 1 month, what you would have
done in 1 year.

It’s highly recommended.

But it can be expensive.

Some online business coaches
charge up to $1000 for coaching.

Some charge different amounts for

But you can get various online
business owners to coach and help
your business for less than $4.

See details here.


Mk Akan

You … a VIP

I reread a very valuable book today titled 80- 20 Marketing and Sales by Perry Marshall.

It reveals various ways to uncover leverage points in business. It reveals how to work little but double or triple your results.
The main idea is this.
20% of your efforts pull in 80% of your sales, profit, traffic etc. So you are to find and focus on this 20%.
He also revealed more POWERFUL insights that will accelerate your business.
For example, reveals that …
…20% of your subscribers are VIP subscribers who can become VIP clients.
Yes. I mean YOU are VIP.
Let me explain.
You see, on every list, there are a set of people who want VIP services. Stuff like done for you services, mentoring and higher priced offers.
These VIP clients get VIP treatment and are granted access to VIP help and support.
This helps them get result fast. Or overcome challenges in their business.
So my question is…
Do you want mentoring, coaching or done for your services?
Is this something you would pay for?
If yes, then you are one of my VIP clients.
You are a VIP.
This email is for YOU.
Now, here’s what to do.
To get information about my services for VIP clients like you, please reply and say “send me details”.
You can also mention what you would love done for your services, mentoring etc for.
Mk Akan
PS- I hope to hear from you. So please reply so I can get back to you.

Coaching for Online Business Success 2016 [Step 4 Of 7]

Here’s a little story.

So a few days ago I hopped on Skype and got on a strategy call with a business coach. (This is something I have postponed for a long time but finally did. Do same if you ever have the chance)

After 35 minutes, that little talk revealed multiple ideas that can earn me thousands of dollars in my business this year. The guy, who spoke to me, just pointed out these MONEY ideas for my business … (get this)…that were ALREADY there.

He did not invent anything. Or build anything new. He just pointed me to areas I should focus on.

The only thing is… I did not see these ideas because I am too close to my business.

I’ll be implementing what we discussed this year. And it will generate lots of cash for me.

See the thing.

Many times it just takes another person to point you to something that’s obvious but you can’t see.

Most times you need a coach (an expert pair of eyes) to achieve this.

Here’s the funny thing.

All the most successful guys out there belong to a mastermind, or they have a coach.

At the least they have 1 on 1 consults with other experts.

And this is not just in online business. Top athletes, writers and business executives have coaches.

So if you want this year to be different. Do any of these 3 things.

  1. Join a mastermind
  2. Get coach
  3. Consult another expert …1 on 1

And fortunately, I do run some VIP coaching for clients.

  1. Email marketing coaching
  2. Product creation coaching
  3. Blog business coaching
  4. Affiliate marketing coaching

If you are serious about this year 2016, get a coach. If you want me to coach you on any of the topics above, just reply this email.


Mk Akan

PS- if you think this isn’t important, let me ask you a question.

Are you not tired of struggling year after year with nothing to show online? Are you not frustrated and angry that after buying product after product, you still do not have anything to show?

Do you want this to continue this year?

Just think about this.

If you tally the total amount of products you bought last year you’ll notice that investing half of that sum to hire a coach would have resulted in success.

See the thing.

A coach can see in 1 minute, what you could take a year to notice.

A coach can correct in 2 minutes, an error or struggle that could take you 6- 18 months to correct.

Do yourself a favour this YEAR, get a coach. And if you want me to coach you on specific topics as listed above, just call 0809 444 100 or send an  email to


You can also click these links to read step 1, step 2 and step 3 .

Coaching Programs -How successful online business owners became successful

teacher photoIf you are struggling to find success online and have given up or you want something that will finally work , then you need to read this.

First, Lemme tell you a story.

Way back in 1999 when I was in my SS3 ,

I stumbled on a math sum that proved so hard to solve.I struggled to solve the problem for over 5 days.I did all I could. Tried every trick I knew. But all to no avail.I got really frustrated.

Get this.

I was good in maths then. I was the VP Admin of JETS club( which stands for junior engineers technicians and scientist,).I had represented my school and state in state and national competitions.

So I was not a dunce or anything like that.

That’s why the whole thing got me really mad.For some reason I could not solve it.

One evening while still studying in school ,another student in SS 2 came into the classroom.He was a member of JETS club so I mention the maths sum to him…

To my utter shock, he solved it in 5 minutes.

Yep. 5 minutes.

So the sum I struggle with for 5 days was solved in 5 minutes by a student in lower class.

See shame 🙁

But that taught me something I’ll never forget.

Which is…

The easiest way to solve a problem is to meet someone who has solved it already.

That’s why we have teachers.

That’s why we have coaches.

And it’s the same thing online.

You know. I have studied and read lots of bibliographies of successful business owners .And the say lots of things. one thing they all agree on is… Get a mentor.

Or a coach.

That’s the best way to learn and succeed in anything….fast.Be it business, learning a skill or making money online.

Most people think it’s getting new products or buying new tools.

Well let’s get real.

Haven’t you bought products you never read?

Don’t you have hundreds of products tools and resources all over your hard drive.

I know I have.

You don’t need a new product. You need someone to help you implement what you already have or know.That’s what you need.

Frankly if you had put all the money spent on buying multiple products into a coaching program, your life would have been much better by now.

Perhaps you would have been making steady income by now.

Here’s why coaching and mentoring is great.

A challenge that may take you a month to

solve , can be solved in minutes by a mentor or coach.

Just imagine having someone who corrects and directs all you do online.Perhaps you are working on a project and next thing you know , you get stuck.

You don’t know what to do.

But instead of jumping online to wade through the loads of rubbish.

You send an email ( or make a call, or post it In a private group) … And in minutes you get a great answer.

Problem solved in minutes.

That’s what a mentor and coach can do for you.And it is the quickest way to succeed online.

so …Get a real mentor.

And that why I am mailing you.

I am open to work with 5 VIP clients to coach them to set up an information marketing

business or affiliate marketing business.

Are you interested in this?Do you want to stop buying product after product … And finally start making money?

If yes then contact me now.

I have coaching on different activities like:

1. Copywriting

2. Niche selection/ research

3. Email writing

4. Product creation

Or you can get coaching on affiliate marketing

and information marketing business.

You can only get done for you services in each of these topics.

This is what to do now.

If you want details, reply this email and say.

,”send me details “

Or call 08094441001.

All the best

Mk Akan

This is limited to just a few people, so if you are interested, make the cal NOW.