The Most Important Step You Must Take Before Generating Or Buying Traffic

So way back in 2013, I got an email from someone I trusted. It was from a traffic guru.

 He was recommending and raving about a new traffic program.
I clicked over, read the sales page and ordered.
 From that day and 5-6 months later, I was exposed to the best information on traffic generation and paid traffic.
The training was created by one of the pioneers of internet marketing.
 In fact, it was rumoured that he coined the term “squeeze page”.
What I am about to share with you NOW is something I heard before and have applied in many ways.
 But it was only after I had access to this comprehensive traffic generation program, that it really made sense to me.
Here’s The Important Step Before Buying Or Generating Traffic.
identify and learn now everything about your target market (traffic).
Simple eh?
Yet it’s very important.
You see, many people say “I want to generate traffic”. And if you ask them who their target market is, they will scratch their head and say” men”.
Some will just say “women”.
Some may go a step further and say  “male, age 30- 50, who want to do _____)”
 But the issue is…until you really know who you target market is – and everything about them. Then generating traffic WILL BE unprofitable and expensive.
You know why?
Because if you generate 1 million clicks of the wrong traffic, you won’t sales.
And it’s only when you KNOW exactly who your target market is…that you can GENERATE or BUY the right traffic.
And in this traffic program, this very IMPORTANT first step is revealed. With it you’ll know your exact target market or traffic.
It is updated with the best and proven strategies for generating high quality traffic.
But that’s not all.
You’ll also discover over multiple and proven ways to generate and BUY high quality, high converting traffic.
I highly recommend you check it out.
Mk Akan
PS- I’ll discuss some of the traffic strategies I discovered from the program in a few days.