Partnerships [Step 6 of 7]

This is the 6th in the series. see step 1 , step 2 , step 3 , step 4 and step 5 .

After sending my second email in this series about outsourcing, I have gotten some requests to write a more comprehensive list of online business activities that can be outsourced and where to outsource them.

I’ll finish and publish it after this email series is completed.

Now onto the next IMPORTANT tip for 2016.

First , some stories.

Story 1

Some years ago, 2 guys in the university came together, pulled their resources together and started a small company. They struggled for a while, working from their garage without any headway.

No one saw the value of their company. Even giant companies like Yahoo then didn’t see the value of their service.

That company is now one of the biggest companies in the world. The 2 guys who started it are now billionaires.

That company is Google.

Story 2

In 1970, 2 guys on summer jobs became friends. One was a technical person and was working on a computer, the other saw the potential to sell it.

Together they formed a company that has stood the test of time.  It is now one of the most valuable companies in America.

They are both Billionaires. These 2 guys are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

You might say, these are all BIG companies, so this has nothing to do with me or an online business.

Well, you are wrong.

You see, these guys were small companies when they started. They only got BIG because of growth.

Truth is, there are so many other businesses in the world that have succeeded because they partnered with others.

Usually, one partner has something the other does not. One has a particular strength, the other  has another strength. Together they form a STRONG team.

Sometimes, one can develop the product or service; the other will market and sell it.

This works for small and big businesses. It will work for you.

You can start small.

I repeat, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to try to do everything. You can just partner with someone that has something you don’t or knows something you don’t.

That’s what people have JV partners. That’s why people recruit affiliates for a product launch. These are many other forms of partnerships.

It can be as simple as looking for another guy who has traffic or a list. It could be partnering up with a web or software developer.

So just look at what you need in your business then reach out to people who have it.

I have talked about various parts of what makes a business successful.  You can partner with people who have what you don’t have. Or know what you don’t or know.

For example, you can partner with a traffic expert, a copywriter or a product creator.

But remember not everyone will agree to partner with you. It’s life. Some people won’t see the benefit.

In fact, I just got off the phone with a guy I wanted to partner with. He has a high traffic blog and I have a great offer.  He said NO.

That’s cool. I am off to talk to the next guy.

Whatever the case, you’ll have some people will say n. some will say yes. And a few “yeses” is all you need.

By the way, I partnered with a software developer last year and in a few months, we’ll release a new software into the market. J

Details coming soon.

So the bottom line is this.

  1. Stop thinking you have to know or do everything by yourself in your business.
  2. If you can’t outsource it, because you can’t afford, look for a partner.

If you take this simple BUT powerful advice, 2016 will be a great year for you.

Have a great day

Mk Akan

PS- here are some offers I found that will be super useful to your business.

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3. Forbidden Sales page Formula – Craft high converting sales letters and pages that generates sales




How To Succeed In 2016 [Step 2 Of 7]

Yesterday I talked about the importance of buying only the products your need, today I like to reveal something else that’s SOOOOOOOO POWERFUL.

It’s a simple mind-set shift and something I’ll be doing this year.

Here’s a little story.

Some time ago I listened to the interview of a 7 figure earning marketer.

When they interviewer asked him about traffic he said,

“I don’t know anything about traffic. My traffic guy handles that”.

Another time, I listened to the interview of another top marketer and he talked about having a team.


A team?


What’s the point of these stories?

You see, I have listened to many podcasts and interviews of many successful marketers and they have something in common…

THEY NEVER do everything in their BUSINESS.

They handle the part they are good at. And outsource the other parts.

That’s why they don’t really need to know about traffic…because they outsource it.

They don’t need to know technical stuff because they outsource it.

They don’t need to be copywriters because they …

You get the idea.

Unfortunately, most of us think we have to do everything.

So in your business you are the product creator, traffic generator, list builder, copywriter and so on.

It’s hard to succeed that way.

I made this mistake TOO.

But this year, I am outsourcing some things.

You should do the same. Start with at least one activity.

Think about what you can’t handle and outsource it.

Of course you need to know how to outsource. (Which is not hard by the way).

Here’s a list of what to outsource and where to outsource.

  1. Article writing – Fiverr, Upwork. Or use this service –
  2. Graphic work – Fiverr, Upwork
  3. Copywriting – Or send me an email so we can talk.
  4. Email marketing- use the job board above or buy these readymade emails-
  5. Product creation-

Perhaps I should compile a more comprehensive list of activities to outsource and where to outsource them. Would you want that?


Mk Akan

PS- Next tip will be sent to you soon.

HowTo Succeed In 2016 [Step 1 Of 7]

You may have made plans and done other things to succeed in 2016.But like you know , you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result.
So to succeed this year you need to do things differently.
You need to make adjustments.
And in the next 7 emails, you’ll discover the MOST important adjustments you need to make in 2016 so that your business BOOMS.
Some of these things don’t cost a thing.
Some just require a change of attitude and mind-set.
I discovered some of these things by just watching other top successful people and from reading some new books.
Please take these 7 emails as important and take action.
The first one is …
Don’t BUY Everything This Year. Only BUY What You Need.
If you are like me, you are on the email list of many marketers who send you emails daily.
Which means you’ll see offer after offer after offer.
Everyone wants you to BUY something.
And yes, you must invest in knowledge and education (and tools)…but don’t BUY everything.
Only buy what you need for your chosen business model.
So if you have read NOBFC, and decide
to venture into blogging, please only BUY
what you’ll need for that business model.
Don’t waste time and money on other ventures.
I repeat.
ONLY Buy what you need. Only Buy SPECIFIC programs that will help your chosen business model.
It’s important for your success this year.
Mk Akan
PS- the next email is about another
very simple and very powerful mind set shift.
The most successful people online use it to grow and succeed.
It’ll help you too.
See ya.
PPS- if you have decided on a business model,
here are specific offers that can help you. Click HERE.

How To Finally Make Money Online In 2016 Using Some PROVEN Business Models

I have told my story many times in the past but I need to repeat it here to make an important point.

You see , my whole online journey began in 2007.

That year I read a magazine called Success Digest Extra and went on to buy some products advertised.

I tried the different online business model advertised but none worked.(Mostly my fault. I’ll explain why in a moment.)

I struggled for over 3 years jumping from idea to idea until I discovered some simple secrets.

These secrets are super simple but IMPORTANT foundation knowledge.

I’ll reveal 1 here.

In fact many people won’t call it a secret because it’s so elementary.

And that’s why it gets overlooked and neglected.What am I talking about?

Every one that makes any income online is selling something.

Either they sell a product or a service.

Even bloggers sell advert space on their blogs.

But most people don’t know this… Or they ignore it.

They think there’s one secret website that produces cash.

Well do your search.

There’s none.

What you just read is the secret. (well, 1 of the secrets)

Lemme ask YOU this.

What are you selling?

What products and services are you offering people?

If your answer is none… then you won’t make a dime.

If you keep buying products after products without  having something for sale, you won’t make a dime.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s not magic. People who make money online sell something.

It’s could be via adverts on a blog. Or an information product . Or a service on Fiverr. Or any other business model.

But the get paid for offering something for sale.

What do you have for sale?

Are you expecting your laptop to vomit cash just like that.


That’s not going to happen.

This is why many fail.

There are other reasons people fail but knowing and applying this BASIC knowledge is one reason.

I’ll discuss more reasons in later emails.

But KNOW This.

There are many business models that work.

And the most profitable business models , that I have discovered , are revealed in this cheap training.

You’ll also discover some other important secrets most people don’t know about online business.

You need to know these secrets , and APPLY them to this YEAR profitable.

In 2016 (this year), I’ll work with some VIP clients to help them setup and focus on profitable business models.

I have many other trainings and services lined up to help your business.

Details will be sent via  email.

Get ready to win in 2016.

Mk Akan