Coaching for Online Business Success 2016 [Step 4 Of 7]

Here’s a little story.

So a few days ago I hopped on Skype and got on a strategy call with a business coach. (This is something I have postponed for a long time but finally did. Do same if you ever have the chance)

After 35 minutes, that little talk revealed multiple ideas that can earn me thousands of dollars in my business this year. The guy, who spoke to me, just pointed out these MONEY ideas for my business … (get this)…that were ALREADY there.

He did not invent anything. Or build anything new. He just pointed me to areas I should focus on.

The only thing is… I did not see these ideas because I am too close to my business.

I’ll be implementing what we discussed this year. And it will generate lots of cash for me.

See the thing.

Many times it just takes another person to point you to something that’s obvious but you can’t see.

Most times you need a coach (an expert pair of eyes) to achieve this.

Here’s the funny thing.

All the most successful guys out there belong to a mastermind, or they have a coach.

At the least they have 1 on 1 consults with other experts.

And this is not just in online business. Top athletes, writers and business executives have coaches.

So if you want this year to be different. Do any of these 3 things.

  1. Join a mastermind
  2. Get coach
  3. Consult another expert …1 on 1

And fortunately, I do run some VIP coaching for clients.

  1. Email marketing coaching
  2. Product creation coaching
  3. Blog business coaching
  4. Affiliate marketing coaching

If you are serious about this year 2016, get a coach. If you want me to coach you on any of the topics above, just reply this email.


Mk Akan

PS- if you think this isn’t important, let me ask you a question.

Are you not tired of struggling year after year with nothing to show online? Are you not frustrated and angry that after buying product after product, you still do not have anything to show?

Do you want this to continue this year?

Just think about this.

If you tally the total amount of products you bought last year you’ll notice that investing half of that sum to hire a coach would have resulted in success.

See the thing.

A coach can see in 1 minute, what you could take a year to notice.

A coach can correct in 2 minutes, an error or struggle that could take you 6- 18 months to correct.

Do yourself a favour this YEAR, get a coach. And if you want me to coach you on specific topics as listed above, just call 0809 444 100 or send an  email to


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