Apart from my information products you can also get high quality services including the following:

  1. Web Development And Blogs

If you want a website, a blog or any kind of web design, then this can handle for you. I work with other professionals to create all kinds of websites and blogs for clients like you.

To contact me for details , call 0809 444 1001.

By the way, I have created blogs for MLM business owners who have used it to recruit down lines. I have created blogs for new bloggers in different niches too. Any of these can be created for you.

2. Copywriting (Squeeze pages , Emails And Sales pages)

Squeeze pages, sales pages and emails are used to persuade and sell products /services.

If you want me to craft any of these for your products and services, so that you can double your sales and make more from your business, then contact me for details.

3. Speaking

You can get me to speak at your event on Internet marketing and online business .

I can co-present or work with you at your next event.

My speciality is online marketing , email marketing and online business.

Call 0809 444 1001 so we can discus details.

4. Writing Services

Do you have a blog or website and want quality content for it? Do you want high quality articles published so you can attract traffic or presell your products and services?

If yes , then this can be handled for you too.

You can also get ebooks created for you. Or even full products created for you to sell.

5. Coaching (1 On 1 training, Consulting etc)

Would you want to pick my brain and ask me anything about information marketing, product creation , list building or any part of my online business?

What of having me coach you so you discover some trade secrets and knowledge I don’t share publicly? If you want this, then contact me for details.

Call 0809 444 1001

If you want to discuss any other kind of service with me, call 0809 444 1001.

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