1 Simple But Powerful Secret To Affiliate Marketing Success

You know, one reason I love affiliate marketing is the ability to earn from other people’s efforts.
And no. It is not anything illegal.
You see, in affiliate marketing , someone else creates the product, the sales page and delivers the product to customers while all you do is refer people.
You make money by just referring people to GREAT products and services.
Cool right?
But this is where people make mistakes. They just open a blog and start linking to all sorts of affiliate products and services.
They miss 1 marketing secret.
Which is…
Promote only to people who are interested in the affiliate offer.
This statement may sound like nothing so lemme break it down for YOU.
Now check this out.
Just imagine for a second that you were a seller of female clothes …maybe … bras. ;).
And you had only 2 choices of where to sell your designer bras .
The boys hostel or girls hostel.
Where would you go to?
Am sure you would say the girl’s hostel.
Because that’s where your target market hang out.
And that means you are matching the product to the right people who would BUY it.
It makes a lot of sense to do so.
It’s common sense , right?
But online people seem to throw this common sense out of the window.
For example, you will see a blog about technology promoting relationship offers.
This is one reason people struggle to make sales.
The right thing to do is…
Promote your offers to people who are interested in it.
 Attract them , them promote to them.
It’s a simple but powerful secret.
And in AMFN, you’ll discover this secret and many other secrets.
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Mk Akan
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See ya.


4 responses to “1 Simple But Powerful Secret To Affiliate Marketing Success

  1. Is this guide developed for Nigerian affiliates alone?

    • Mk Akan

      Nigerian affiliates and affiliates all over the world. But it was written to cover the Nigerian situation. The basic principle still works for all other affiliates too.

  2. Hi Mr Akan, how do I promote my small business using affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

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