Resource Mondays 003 – Products, Services, Tools And Strategies For This Week

Today is another Monday.

It’s another day to discover new products, services and information to help you generate income online.

These resources will make your business easy and profitable.

Today you’ll discover 5 of them.

  1. 57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016

There are millions of WordPress plugins you can use on your blog. In this article, you’ll 57 of the best WordPress plugins in 2016.

See all the details here.

  1. How to generate income from other people labour, time and energy

I have hammered on this for the last few days.

This is an amazing training that reveals how to generate income without having a list, a product or a unique skill.

What you do is LEGALLY generate income using other people’s skills.

And it’s all LEGAL.

See the details here.

  1. 21 Best Things I Learned From Over 50 SEO Courses

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And it is the ability to almost force Google (or other search engines) to send you free traffic.

This article reveals 21 discoveries made by a man after spending money on over 50 courses in the last 7 years.

These discoveries can help you generate traffic and sales.

See it here.

  1. How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day

More than 60- 70% of the content found online is in the form of text.

Words and sentences.

Blogs and websites are filled with texts.

Sales pages and emails are filled with texts.

Your ability to generate useful content for emails, websites and blogs can help you generate cash.

This skill can also help you generate cash as a freelancer.

It will save you a lot of money too.

In this article, a lady reveals her content generation secrets.

  1. Simple Article Formula

Here’s another resource that reveals how to generate quality articles and content for emails and blogs.

You’ll discover simple strategies and ideas for writing articles in niches you know nothing about.

See all the details here.


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