How to generate free traffic with hashtags And More (Resource Monday 007)

Welcome , here’s another week and another set of goodies for you .

Let’s start today with a high quality traffic course.

1. Free training on generating traffic with #hashtags

Have you ever seen tweets and posts on facebook with hashtags?
Those clickable words with this symbol (#) in front of it?
Do you know you can generate massive traffic using
these hashtags?
I just enrolled for a course revealing (step by step)
how to generate traffic with hashtags.
And guess what? It cost zero dollars.
See it here.

2.  How to generate cash from other people’s efforts

This might sound impossible, but , I tell you, it
is possible to generate income from other people’s efforts.
Using something called arbitrage.
You find a vendor who charges $10 for a service.
You get a client who wants to pay $100 for the same service,
then you connect them both.
Then keep $90. SWEET eh?
Well, this training reveals all you need to know.

3. Push Button Video Maker

Videos are the rave now. With Youtube
and many other video websites , video is now mainstream.
The only problem is the technical knowledge and
stress associated with creating videos.
But this new tool smashes that problem to death.
You can now generate “YouTube ready” videos in
See it here.

4. How To Get More Emails Opened

If you have an email list you need to read this.
You see, before anyone can buy whatever you sell (or promote),
they need to open and read your email.
And for that to happen, you need to know
the secret to writing POWERFUL subject lines.
You can learn that here.

5. How to generate FREE traffic from other sources

Here’s another resource that reveals more ways
to generate “free traffic”.
Go here.
Mk Akan

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