Resource Monday 005- Niches , How To Sell, Email Marketing etc

Today is another Monday. Another day to discover powerful resources guaranteed to help you make money online.

Today’s article reveals free resources and paid resources.

  1. Niches for Cash

Everything profitable business online and offline starts with selecting the right profitable niche. You can’t make a dime online if you spend time in the wrong niche.

There are many resources online that reveal profitable niches.

But here’s a free website revealing the most profitable niches online, with a complete breakdown and ideas of what to do.

Go here. 

If you want a ready made list of 101 profitable niches online, then go here.


2.How To Profit From Email Marketing

If you have an email list , or plan to start building one, then you need to read this.

You see , to success online you need a list. And to succeed with your list, you need to know how to write and send mails that generates sales.

So one thing you MUST do well , is to send emails that people will OPEN.

I mean your email “open rates”. They more people open and read your emails, the money you can make.

So what do you do to double your open rates?

How do you get more people to open and read your emails?

1 way is to craft “curiosity based subject lines”.

But there’s more. You’ll find the answers here.

3. How To Put Your Products and Website Online So You Can Start Making Sales Quickly and Easily!

If you have read my other articles, by now you’ll know that to succeed online you need to sell products or services.

And I mean Products and services that solve problems for people.

And to do that well, you need to know how to put your products and websites online.

The best person to learn these secrets from ,is someone who has many products and websites online.

A good mentor and teacher for this is this man here.

He has so many high selling products online. Today he reveals exactly what to do to get your own products online.

See details here.

4. Profitable Blogging

Although it is possible to generate income as a blogger, I have BAD NEWS for you

A few years ago, research showed that less that 10%-20% of bloggers made only $100 throughout the life of their blogs. They rest don’t make anything.


That’s crazy.

That means with all the fad and noise about blogging only a few people really make any money from it.

Why is that so?

It’s just one thing. – most people don’t know how to make money with their blogs.

Some think it is just about getting a blog and just writing articles. No that’s just a huge mistake.

Blogging to generate income is much more than just owning a blog.

You need to know what to do and how to do it well.

And all that information is found here.

5. How To Build A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a simple page used to build an email list. On a squeeze page you’ll see a head line and place for people to drop their email list.

Before now creating a squeeze page was left for technical people. It was like building a rocket.

Over the years , new companies have developed squeeze page creation tools.

We now have tools for creating squeeze pages that don’t require you having a website or blog. It is now easy to anyone to build a squeeze page.

The one I use and recommend is found here.

Bonus – 100 (plug and play emails ) with PLR- go here

Hope you have a great day.



Mk Akan

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