For Information Marketers Who Want An Easy Way To Create High Value Information Products FAST…

"Discover  A Fun And "Rocket  Fast” Way To Create $27- $97 Priced Information Products In Any Niche Using Your

Mobile Device"

... And YOU Can Do It While Relaxing At The Beach, Or Sitting In The Comfort of Your Bedroom or Any Quiet Place”

... All You NEED Is Your Android Phone, Or IPhone, Or IPad, Tab Or Any Mobile Device That Records Audio

From The Desktop of Mk Akan.

Mk Akan

Dear friend and marketer,

You're about to discover a proven (and fun) way to create $27 - $97 priced information products in any niche...using nothing but your mobile device.

This method eliminates struggling to write ebook products.

And you can bang out high value products every 1-2 hours while relaxing on the beach , while sitting in your living room or any quiet place you like.

So if you are struggling to create your first product or your first $27, $47 or $97 product...

Or perhaps you have created $7 products before and want to grow away from WSOs  to create mid-range products ($27- $97 or higher).

... then you need to read this page to the end because...

With This Simple Product Creation Method, You Will  Eliminate The Stress And Delays Associated With Product Creation...

...And Create High Value , High Paying And Fast Selling Information Products

You'll discover how to transform your mobile device into a product creation machine, generating information products you can sell for $27 - $97 in 2 hours or less.

You can do it at the beach, in an open field, in an empty room (Any Quiet Place)…And In 2 Hours Or Less, Come Out With A High Value Product

You can  launch products every 2 days or weekly.

This product creation method is perfect for people who hate to write or can’t write.

You won’t spend long hours banging the keyboard of any laptop or desktop, struggling for months to create an ebook.

You don’t need any expensive software or tool, or anything like that.

All You Need Is A Pen, Paper, A Mobile Device And The Information In Your Head.

And you can use any mobile phone like android phones, IPad, IPhone or a tab. Anything phone that can records perfect for this.

You’ve a mobile device right? You may even be reading this page with it.

Right there in your hands is a “product creation machine”.

A machine that can churn out $27, $47 or $97 products daily .products people will love to BUY.

You’ll discover how to do this in a minute. 

If you currently struggle to create products , this will seem like empty hype. But you'll see it's not .

Just read on to see all the details.

First , Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me.

My name is Mk Akan.   

Mk AKan

I am a prolific product creator and have created products that has helped many marketers solves their problems and make more money in their business.

See what people say about me and my products.


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For A Beginner Product Creation Can Be Hard.

When I first started creating products , I thought I needed to have a degree or something.
I thought I had to know everything about a topic.All I knew back then were eBooks.

It took me over a month to create my first e-book product.

If you hate to write or you’re not a fast writer, creating ebook products can be as difficult as breathing under water.

Years later, I have gotten better at creating products. I can now quickly create ebook products in hours…BUT…

Nothing Beats Anything You’re About To Discover.

I used to think all I needed to create products were ebooks. Later I knew about audio and video products.

Again I felt I needed special software and all of that.

In fact , I have created products before in audio ...using my laptop BUT...

When I finally discovered how to transform my mobile device into a product creator...product creation became easy and fun.

Using this method, you are FREE to create your product from anywhere you like.

You Can Do It While Sipping A Drink In Your Living Room, While Relaxing On Your Sofa, Or Just Sitting In Your Front Or Backyard.

You don't need a laptop , plugged to power. 

You can do it while waiting for time to fly by. 

You can do it ...even as you stroll down the field. 

I know it sounds wierd ....BUT it's true.

As long as you have a quiet place, you can knock out a product to sell.

You won’t struggle to type create ebooks.

It is easy, quick and more valuable.

And you can easily sell it for much higher than a normal eBook. Infact , you'll discover a way to cover your audio products to other formats ...with ease.

This will explode your income because you can now comfortably charge higher prices.

Quick Audio Products

This comprehensive training (in audio and PDF) reveals step by step, how to transform your mobile device into a product creation machine.

Finally, you'll have the freedom to create high value products, anytime you like, using your mobile device. No more slaving on your laptop for months on a single ebook.

In this training you’ll discover…

  • How to create a high value quality products in any niche you are in using your mobile device (android or any mobile device that records audio)
  • How to format and arrange your product properly so customers get 110% value for their money
  • Simple product creation mistakes to avoid (these simple tips will save your time and make your product very valuable enough to command higher prices)
  • The exact free tools for converting your audio product (no matter the format it was recorded with ) to mp3 without hiring anyone or getting outside help (even If you are not a technical person)
  • How to duplicate your product into many other formats you can sell (imagine creating an ebook from your audio or creating 2 or 3 more formats from just 1 audio product) This is how gurus charge more for their products
  • The right way to setup your mobile device before creating your product. (These little tricks will save you from hours of frustration when recording your product)
  • How to correct errors or mistakes made during your recording using a simple tool ( you don’t have to rerecord your audio products , just use this tool to clean it up)
  • A quick way to transform your Audio Products into a PDF ebook without typing a single word.



So How Much Is Quick Audio Products?

If you create an audio product and sell it for $27 or $47 and you sell 2 copies a week. For a month, you make $216 to $376 a month. If you sell more you even make more.

Then think about 1 year or 2 years… you could easily make $2808 to $4888.

Think about the other back end products you can create and sell using this method.

So how much would you pay for a blueprint that helps you create products FAST…that you can sell at high prices.


$197 would be a good deal.

Or even $97?

Well, you get full access to Quick Audio Products, for just $37.

But when YOU, Click The Yellow Button Below And Order RIGHT NOW Your Get It For Just $27 (Another $10 Discount)

 Quick Action Bonuses

Order Quick Audio Products NOW...and get these 2 Bonuses ...

1. Product Creation CheckList
This short report reveals 7 important questions you must ask yourself when creating information products (or any kind of product). This prevents you from  making
annoying mistakes or  wasting time and money.

2. 7 Ways To Make More Money With Audio Information Products Online
There're many ways to profit from audio products.  This Bonus Audio reveals 7 ways. This ensures no matter what you create, you'll profit from it.

100% Risk FREE Order

You Order Is 100% RISK FREE Because 

You Are Protected By ...


Meaning order this training, read it (listen to it) and try in for 90 days, if you can’t create a product in a full day after you get the training. Please ask for a refund. You’ll get your money back.

No questions asked.

Your order is totally “risk free”. You can’t lose.

Click The Yellow Button Below, Enter Your Details And Make 

You “Risk Free” Order.


Finally, You Can NOW Start Creating Your OWN Products With Ease

Imagine having a line of products in your niche all bringing in sales daily or weekly.  And all you did was spend a few hours with your phone. 

Imagine affiliates jumping on your launch as you bang out products after products.

Like you know, money is made in the back end of your business.

So imagine how much money you will make after you start creating high value products to add to your back end.   

Imagine creating your first product in 2 hours or less...or daily.

No more wasting valuable time struggling to finish that ebook. 

When you discover how to create audio products quickly, this will be your reality.

Order Quick Audio Products And Get Started Now.


You have seen how having the ability to create products with your mobile device can be. You have seen how convenient and stress free creating your product will be from now on.

No more struggling to type out products. No more delays or waste of time.

It’s now time to take action.

You Have 2 Options …

1.     Close this page and go back to struggling to create ebook products. Go back and continue wasting time and delaying the launch of your product.Go back to struggling for months to finish up that ebook...

Or ….

2.     Order Quick Audio Products NOW and finally create your information product in in less than 2 hours (or at the most in 1 day). Finally start creating a series of products in your niche without delay.

It’s time to take action. Do it NOW.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I Don't Have a Nice Voice and I Have an Accent , Can This Still Work For Me?

Yes this will still work for me.

Personally , I delayed creating audio products because I feared no one would hear me or understand me. I was so WRONG.
 I  am an African with an accent...but people still love my products.;)

You see, people don't really care how you sound as long as your product helps them.

So as long as people can understand and hear can create audio products using this method.

2. I Don't Have a Sophisticated Phone. Can I Still Create Audio Products With This Method?

Yes you can.

You don't need a sophisticated phone for this. As long as your phone can record audio , you are good. Any Andriod Phone or Apple phone will do.

In fact even if your phone is not android or an Apple product ...but it can record can still create audio products.

3. I Am Not a Technical Person and Can't Handle Phones , Can I Still Use This ?

Again you can do this.

As long as you can hit record and follow simple instructions , you are good.

This method does not involve doing anything over technical.

4. Is There Any Limitation To This Product Creation Method?


If your trainings needs to be demostrated LIVE with a video , then audio products may not be your best option.

This is the only limitation of this product creation method.

     Mk Akan

Mk Akan

PS-This training reveals how transform your mobile device into a product creation machine. So you can create high value information products priced at $27- $97.

PPS- You’ll finally overcome product creation using a fun and "rocket fast". If you are a newbie you’ll kill the self-doubts that bring inaction.