Millionaire email marketer reveals his 47 Simple Email Marketing SECRETS

matt bacakMatt Bacak, a millionaire email marketer has reveal 47 email marketing secrets. If you have no idea who this guy is, you’ll in a minute.

But let me quickly say that he is the TOP guy most online gurus go to when they have email marketing questions.

You’ll see all these in a minute.

For now here are 5 Proven Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing. These 5 tips  MAXIMIZE your sales and profit.

  1. Subject Line

The first thing a reader sees is your name and the subject line. The subject line should connect with their needs and desires. It should connect with their feelings and situation.

The subject line is the headline of your email and should work as such. It could be benefit subject line.  Or a curiosity subject line . Or both.

The name of the email sender is also important.


because if a subscriber consistently receives valuable emails from a marketer, he or she will associate the marketer will VALUE and will always open any email that is sent from the marketer.

I do it all the time.

You likely do same too.

So make sure you start sending valuable emails from day 1 so subscribers will associate your name with VALUE.

  1. Send valuable emails

Most people think email marketing is just about sending emails that just says “click here and BUY”.

If you email has no value, after a while, subscribers will just delete or unsubscribe from your list.

Value could be information, education, entertainment or just tips. (Like the one you are now reading)

For example, these prewritten emails for the IM/MMO niche , has valuable information and stories that will help you bond with subscribers…and generate sales.

  1. Tell stories

Stories entertain. Stories teach. Stories persuade.

I often try to add stories to most of my emails. It works like magic. It does not have to be a LONG story.

It could a sentence or just a 100 word story.

So learn how to tell stories that connects with your subscribers. Write stories that inspire people.

You can also use parables. All of these work.

Do it.

You can use stories from your life, from Facebook, from news blogs and even from documentaries.

  1. Format Correctly

A good email formatted badly is hard to read. And if an email is not read, you won’t generate sales or the results you desire.

So make sure your sentences are short and easy to read.

Have white space.

Create a list and number your points. This makes your email easy to read.

  1. Send Email Often

Just having a list will not generate sales. You need to send emails to your to subscribers as often as possible.You can send emails daily or weekly.

The more emails you send, the money you earn.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s why you need to learn all you can about sending profitable emails.

And that’t why I recommend you download secrets revealed by this millionaire marketer. He revealed his secrets here.——>>>

All the best

Mk Akan

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