A Sure Way To Make Money Online In 3 MONTHS OR LESS?

So the other day, I asked subscribers to suggest what I should do for my BDay.

A subscriber sent this email …

“Show me Something that will give me result within 3 months…”of a SURETY”

Meaning he wants something that will SURELY make money in 3 months?

First , I want to thank him for the question.

I sent him a reply.

It’s not something he may like.

But it’s the honest truth.

See what I sent him below.

My reply.

Many online businesses do work.

Many models work.

For example.

People make cash with Fiverr while some still struggle.

Many make it with info marketing …some don’t.

Some use affiliate marketing. Some who try it fail woefully.


Many reasons…but the main one is people not having the right Information and taking action.

Most people don’t have the right information and some don’t take action enough.

My point?

Most models work. It’s we who don’t follow through.


People are different.

Some can persevere some can’t

And frankly, there are risks involved.

All Businesses have risk.

Online biz is no different.

Finally my advice.

Pick what works and follow it up. Get a coach if you must.

That’s how to get something that will succeed 99% of the time .

Hope this helps.

And by the way, the first knowledge you need is FOUNDATION Knowledge.

That’s what I reveal in NOBFC.


You see, most people jump from model to model because they don’t know what works.

They have no idea what to focus on.

When you gain access to NOBFC, you will overcome this HUGE hurdle.

Secondly, In my last email i talked about skills needed to succeed online.

I mentioned traffic.

You see, nothing can work without it.

If you are struggling with traffic, this will help YOU.



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