How To Finally Make Money Online In 2016 Using Some PROVEN Business Models

I have told my story many times in the past but I need to repeat it here to make an important point.

You see , my whole online journey began in 2007.

That year I read a magazine called Success Digest Extra and went on to buy some products advertised.

I tried the different online business model advertised but none worked.(Mostly my fault. I’ll explain why in a moment.)

I struggled for over 3 years jumping from idea to idea until I discovered some simple secrets.

These secrets are super simple but IMPORTANT foundation knowledge.

I’ll reveal 1 here.

In fact many people won’t call it a secret because it’s so elementary.

And that’s why it gets overlooked and neglected.What am I talking about?

Every one that makes any income online is selling something.

Either they sell a product or a service.

Even bloggers sell advert space on their blogs.

But most people don’t know this… Or they ignore it.

They think there’s one secret website that produces cash.

Well do your search.

There’s none.

What you just read is the secret. (well, 1 of the secrets)

Lemme ask YOU this.

What are you selling?

What products and services are you offering people?

If your answer is none… then you won’t make a dime.

If you keep buying products after products without  having something for sale, you won’t make a dime.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s not magic. People who make money online sell something.

It’s could be via adverts on a blog. Or an information product . Or a service on Fiverr. Or any other business model.

But the get paid for offering something for sale.

What do you have for sale?

Are you expecting your laptop to vomit cash just like that.


That’s not going to happen.

This is why many fail.

There are other reasons people fail but knowing and applying this BASIC knowledge is one reason.

I’ll discuss more reasons in later emails.

But KNOW This.

There are many business models that work.

And the most profitable business models , that I have discovered , are revealed in this cheap training.

You’ll also discover some other important secrets most people don’t know about online business.

You need to know these secrets , and APPLY them to this YEAR profitable.

In 2016 (this year), I’ll work with some VIP clients to help them setup and focus on profitable business models.

I have many other trainings and services lined up to help your business.

Details will be sent via  email.

Get ready to win in 2016.

Mk Akan

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