What’s to do if you are struggling to make money online

Today on Facebook i read a post from a man who revealed how frustrated he is with online business.

He has bought courses after courses and has downloaded all kinds of training on his hard drive.

Still he has nothing to show.

He is frustrated angry and disappointed.

Do you feel the same way?

Do you feel the gurus are lying to you ?

Do you feel they just sell you crap and take all your money in the process.

Well there’s a solution.

Here’s what I advised the guy to do.

“1. Stop buying

First , you need to kill your buying mindset. stop thinking you need more information. decide not to buy anything again for now.

Concentrate on what you already have.

You have all the info already. all in your hard drive.

2. Move from buyer to seller

this is the basic truth.
no one makes money without selling stuff or being of service to others.

so you need to start thinking of what you can help people with.

3. 3 steps

Pick a niche, build a list , send emails with offers.

You have probably heard that before and it’s true.

Most people who make money use these simple 3 steps.

They have squeeze pages giving out information to build a list then they send emails.

You may know part  of these steps already . if so  concentrate on knowing the others steps.

Only buy stuff that helps you get better with these steps.

Search your hard drives and read everything teaching these steps.

You might need to learn a few more things but don’t stray from this basic steps.

Best of luck.”

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