The Laziest Way To Generate income with Affiliate Marketing


A few days ago I sent you an email requesting you to send me questions you have.

Many people replied and I spent the last 3 days responding to these questions.

I just want to say thank you for your questions.
I now KNOW exactly how to help you.

If you didn’t send questions, you can still do so.

Here are a few things I discovered from the questions sent.

1. Most people are confused about how and where to START.

I was in this exact predicament a few years ago and I know exactly how I got out of it.

My first tip to you here is…YOU MUST KNOW the basics of online marketing.

I am already preparing something to help solve this problem.

What you’ll get will give you direction and OPEN your eyes (wide open) to the realities and truths of generating income online.

(More about that in a few days)

2. Affiliate Marketing And List Building

Many people also sent questions around affiliate marketing.

And by the way , affiliate marketing is 1 of the QUICKEST ways to generate income online.


It does not require having a product or service.

No sales page.

No customer stress


All you do is target people with needs , then recommend the best products and services to them in return for a commission.

But here’s the thing.

Affiliate marketing can be HARD.

Yes. There are lots of steps involved.

And like you know, list building is required to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

So to succeed with affiliate marketing , you need to also know how to build your list.

And mennnn…I tell YOU, combining these 2 activities is like cutting a TREE with a razor.

It scared me too when I started.

So I kept looking for ways to cut the number of steps required to generate affiliate marketing income.

And 1 day, I stumbled on a UNIQUE way to build a list and generate affiliate sales…


Many people call it…

The Laziest Affiliate Marketing Method [LAMM]

If you want to generate affiliate income …and build your list FAST…check it out.

See all details here.


Mk Akan

PS- I’ll send you some more details via email soon.



2 responses to “The Laziest Way To Generate income with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Hi Akan,
    Thanks for this piece. When it comes to making money online, one has to be smart and hard working. No matter how lazy a system is, there is still some level of work involved. Though I have not read your method to know how it works, I must say that there is no system that does not involves some bit of work – physical or mental.

    However, list building requires some form of financial investment before one can start reaping the dividends. The only way you will not invest money is if the process does not involve the use of an autoresponder. And for you to get a reliable autorsponder that would give you what you actually want, you must invest some money.

    But if you are able to successfully build a mailing list, the prospects of making money with the list can be quite high. Every affiliate marketer needs to have a list because, you need it to reach out to your readers and to let them know whenever you have some quality products to recommend to them.

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