HowTo Succeed In 2016 [Step 1 Of 7]

You may have made plans and done other things to succeed in 2016.But like you know , you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result.
So to succeed this year you need to do things differently.
You need to make adjustments.
And in the next 7 emails, you’ll discover the MOST important adjustments you need to make in 2016 so that your business BOOMS.
Some of these things don’t cost a thing.
Some just require a change of attitude and mind-set.
I discovered some of these things by just watching other top successful people and from reading some new books.
Please take these 7 emails as important and take action.
The first one is …
Don’t BUY Everything This Year. Only BUY What You Need.
If you are like me, you are on the email list of many marketers who send you emails daily.
Which means you’ll see offer after offer after offer.
Everyone wants you to BUY something.
And yes, you must invest in knowledge and education (and tools)…but don’t BUY everything.
Only buy what you need for your chosen business model.
So if you have read NOBFC, and decide
to venture into blogging, please only BUY
what you’ll need for that business model.
Don’t waste time and money on other ventures.
I repeat.
ONLY Buy what you need. Only Buy SPECIFIC programs that will help your chosen business model.
It’s important for your success this year.
Mk Akan
PS- the next email is about another
very simple and very powerful mind set shift.
The most successful people online use it to grow and succeed.
It’ll help you too.
See ya.
PPS- if you have decided on a business model,
here are specific offers that can help you. Click HERE.

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