How To Start Online (A Simple Step By Step Answer)

I am supposed to continue my
“how to fail online” series today.

But I like to first share 1 more
important email before I do.

You see, yesterday I got an
email asking a question I have
heard over and over again.

That question is…

“How do I start online?”

In today’s email, you’ll
discover a step by step answer to
this question.

Here we go.

1 step 1 – Learn the basics of online business.

You see no matter what you want to do
online , there are fundamental things you
MUST first know.

Part of these secrets are shared in
my “how to FAIL online” series.

But to Learn more online business basics
and secrets , go  here

2. Step 2 – Pick an online business model (focus on it)

3. Step 3- Learn all you can about the business model

(buy products , study or get a coach)

4. Step 4 – TAKE Action ( nothing else works)

5. Step 5- Keep improving 

I may have to create another mini series
explaining these 5 steps to you.

So prepare for that later.

Now , my next email goes back to
my “how to FAIL online” mini series.

Hope this helps.


Mk Akan

PS- If need someone to setup your blog
or your info product, contact me .

PPS- If you need coaching , contact me too.

PPPS- If you want to know the secrets to
succeed online Don’t hesitate to
download this.

Got more questions?
Ask me here.

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