A secret way to uncover “unlimited” product ideas in any niche.

The other day I read a scary stat about business and start-ups.

According to the article 79% of businesses fail because of 4 top reasons.

The scariest and the 1 number reason people fail in business is…

  Creating products and services people don’t want.

Frankly, I don’t know if that stat is true. But whatever the case, it is likely not far from the truth.

And if it is so…It means some people just wake up one day, pick up a random idea then spend lots of time, Energy and cash on a project, without confirming if people want it.

I read about it all the time.

One has an idea and without doing any kind of research, they sink in the life savings into it.

It happens offline and online.


Business is a risk. But you’re to take calculated risk.

No one should start a business that drains money without producing returns.

It makes no business sense to create products and services no one wants. Even the best marketers and copywriters will struggle to sell products and services people don’t want.

But an average writer selling an average product in HIGH demand will outsell everyone else. So no matter what you sell, whether online or offline, make sure you sell what people want to BUY.

The question is…how do you know what people want to BUY?

How do you know with 100% certainty that someone will buy a certain product you create?

You know, I asked this same question when I started creating info products.

I remember how frustrated the first time I tried to create my first product. I went around in circles.I didn’t know jack about what to create.

I was so confused. I kept wondering how the other guys did it. How they created product after product.

But everything changed when I discover this little secret.It’s a way to generate product idea by just visiting FREE websites.

Now I can enter any niche and uncover 100s of product ideas in an hour.

You’ll do same ones you know the trick.

It’s very EASY though.

Once you see how it’s done, you’ll never struggle to find products ideas in your niche again.

I am sure you’ll be shocked by the simplicity of this method.You may even find it hard to believe, but you’ll see for yourself  when the method is revealed to you.


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Mk Akan

PS- There’s nothing as frustrating and annoying as spending time, energy and money on a project only to realize 3- 6 months after that no one wants it.

It’s like pushing money down a rabbit hole.

The frustration can be heart breaking.

And you can avoid all this pain with this simple secret..

That secret is found here.

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