How To Make 2016 A Successful Year

It’s the 24th. A day to Christmas.
So it’s okay to SAY…Happy Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
It’s a long holiday for me over here (and for you).- a great time to think about the year.
So lets discuss.
How was your year?
Did you achieve your goals?
Did your meet your online business and financial goals?
Whatever your answers are , here are some things I got and I started this YEAR.
1. Write 10 Ideas a Day
I got this from a millionaire entrepreneur- from the book, Choose Yourself.
For example in the past days I have written, 10 articles to write on my blog, 10 people to
partner with in 2016, 10 products to create in 2016  etc.
You can start doing this. It expands your thinking and your brain.
Plans I have for YOU In 2016
1. Coaching 
Most people already know what to do.
What they may need is a guide- someone to direct and help them overcome challenges.
This may be exactly what you need to get ahead in 2016.
It’s better than BUYING hundreds of products.
It usually cost more but very worth it.
I’ll be coaching some lucky VIP clients in 2016.
2. New Products 
I have lots of products planned to help your business in 2016.
The first one is …how to write articles even if you know nothing about the topic.
cover saf
The second is a product I call… 2016 Blueprint.
It is a Blueprint I’ll personal use in 2016. And will only be SOLD to 10 people ONLY. This is because I don’t want you to compete with me.
The 2016 Blueprint is for busy people who have day jobs but have difficulty with growing their online business.
Here’s a back story.
The first person who used the strategy revealed in the Blueprint , grew his online empire into 10 websites , 10 employees and makes over half a million every month.
His company may have grown much bigger by now. So this 2016 BLUEPRINT is a big deal.
More on this later.
For now…
What’s your plan for 2016?
Please reply lets talk.
Mk Akan
PS- Have a great holiday.

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