How to FAIL online (emails 5 of 10)

Here’s the 5th email in the
series titled” how to FAIL online”.

The purpose of the series is help
you discover mistakes to avoid,
so you eventually succeed online.

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Now number 5.

Reason 5 – Forget Perfection

This is also a very HUGE
mistake made by many people.

All they want or plan to do online
MUST be perfect.

They want perfect products.

Perfect emails.

Perfect everything.
And because of this, THEY delay.

They get scared of trying things out.
They get scared of making mistakes.

And this leads to INACTION and failure.

So are you trying to be perfect?

Are you delaying because you want
everything to be perfect?


When you start out, many things will not be perfect.

In fact, nothing is ever PERFECT. That’s why we have updates and upgrades.

It does not have to be perfect.
Start or create whatever you plan to do and push it
out there.

Then improve as you go.

Don’t wait for PERFECTION.

Get started.  Take Action.


Mk Akan

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