How To FAIL online (email 2 of 10)

Yesterday I started a little mini-series
that will be revealing why people fail online
and what to do to overcome failure.

Again , each point revealed in this series
is to show you what NOT to do.

So as you discover each mistake , note
them and avoid them.

Yesterday I talked about point 1.

Today is the next point.

2. Don’t TAKE ACTION , just BUY Stuff

There are many people who want to
generate income online.

They buy every product. Jump from
idea to idea…but they don’t do anything.

They don’t take action.

Some times they see opportunities and
just refuse to take adavantage of it .

And because of this same inability to
take action.

They procrastinate and delay.
All they do is buy and buy.
Most of them KNOW what to do.

They have read a lot of things.
They know things.

They can even teach other people.
But they don’t take action on
what they know.

They are scared of taking action.
Scared of faiure perhaps.

They always want more information.
Always looking for a missing

Guess what?

If you keep doing this, you’ll never
make progress.
I know this may be a tough thing to say
to you.

But the best thing I can do for you
is to to tell you the truth.

KNOWLEDGE does not just bring success.
Products don’t bring success.

It’s only when you take action on
your knowledge that success comes.


I am not saying don’t BUY products
or services.

Of course you should because
to succeed in this business
you need to make some investments.

I make investement in products
and services every day.

But only buy what you need
and when you buy anything ,
study and TAKE ACTION.

That last part is IMPORTANT.
So make up your mind to start
taking action from today.


Mk Akan
PS- Now , here’s another time to take action.

Like you know , I offer a new
service where I do the following.

1. Build blogs for clients

2. Create products and sales pages for client
I even have a ready-made blog for sale.

If you have been delaying taking action
because you had no technical skills, this
is your chance.

Contact me so we can take action on
your online business.


Hoping and wishing will not change a

Call or send me an email today,so we
can take ACTION together.

See ya.

PPS- Next email reveals another mistake
people make.

Don’t miss it.

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