How To FAIL online (email 1 of 10)

Today I want to start a funny mini-series
revealing “how to fail online”.

Well, the title of the email series may seem funny
but this series will reveal what to avoid

doing so you don’t fail online.

So as you read the series , take note of

 these mistakes then avoid them.
Let’s get started.

1. Ignore The Proven Online Business TRUTHS

You know what the Bibles says about the TRUTH.

“The truth shall set you free”

And there’s are TRUTHS you must KNOW

to obtain online business success.

If you ignore these TRUTHS and run around
doing anything else you may end in failure.

What’re these truths?

Here are some of them.

a. You need to sell something to
make an income online. (A product or service)
Yours or as an affiliate.

b. You need to create value and be paid for it

c. Income only comes from people and organizations
who pay you for products and services

d. A blog /website giving out information
is rendering a service to people. And can
generate cash by offering advert services to poeple.

There are many other truths.
But take note of these 4 .

So if you are don’t know these 4 truths
or you are ignoring them…then you are
making a GRAVE mistake.

KNOW these TRUTHS and focus on them.

Anything else leads to failure.

That’s it for today.

Look out for my next email revealing another
“way to FAIL online” .


Mk Akan

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  1. That is simply the truth…there is nothing something for nothing…proven value and people will be willing to pay you for it…

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