Finally Revealed : How long should an info product be?

This is one of the top questions
that stops many from creating an
info product.

Most people think an info product has to
be really HUGE.

Some think it has to be 100 pages.
Some think it has to be as big
as a text book.

Well, guess what?

You can create a 1 page info product
and still make money.

(Here’s a good example. This CheatSheet
by Barb Ling is just about 1 or 2 pages)

And this kind of cheatsheet info product can be created in any niche.

You can create a 5 page product
or even a 10 pages product too.

The truth is, the number of pages
does not really matter.

What really matters is what
the product does.

What problem does it solve?

Here’s a TIP.

1 quick way to create a
short product is to create a
product that solves 1 problem
using 1 method.

For example is you want to create a
product in the golf niche
and you have an info to share.

Just look for 1 problem in the
niche and solve it using 1 solution
you have. (Written in a step by step

All you do is outline your
product step by step, then
write (or speak it out into
an audio recording).

Most of my products are step by
step in nature.

This will help you write faster
and helps the readers to know
exactly what to do with ease .

Another way to create a quick
product is to chronicle a case study.

Perhaps you have done or experience
something.You can reveal that experience
in a book (or other media) as a case

Like this case study.

So that’s it.

There are many ways to create an
info product. And the size is not the most
important thing.

So don’t let that stop you.


Mk Akan

PS- The LOT Method will be launched
next Monday .So stay tuned.

It will reveal another way to create
info products , super fast.

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