Is There REALLY A Guaranteed Way To Make Money Online?

Yesterday I got an email from a subscriber asking me to “point him to a 100% GUARANTEED way to make money online”.
I wanted to send him a personal reply…but the answer can also be helpful to YOU.
So I am sending this to YOU too.
Here’s my answer.
Many times you read a salespage, and it says “this is a guaranteed WAY to make $100 online”.
Or another of such claims.
See the thing.
They are not wrong or lying to YOU.
But the fact of the matter is…some people will use that same method and will not make a dime.
And this is not because the method does not work.
It may WORK for many people.
But they could be other things stopping YOU.
For example your skill level. Your knowledge. or your mindset etc. or even the ability to follow instructions. (by the way, that’s why mentors and coaching is GOOD.)
So what’s my POINT?

Nothing is REALLY EVER 100% guaranteed.
I know this may not sound RIGHT.
And it’s not a very good thing to say considering the fact that I sell info products.
But it’s the truth.
I have a product called LAMM (Lazy affiliate marketing method).
It is (as far as I know), one of the laziest ways to build a list and generate money using affiliate marketing.
But i can say with all sincerity some people will
BUY it and not make 1 cent.
Because some people will buy it and don’t follow it.
Or they don’t follow it well. Or they just buy it and do nothing about it.
Some give up after a few tries.
My point again.
Even if a method is PROVEN to work, some people will NEVER get results. And it’s not the product’s FAULT.
It’s like going to school.
Having admission into school is never a guaranteed of having a 1st CLASS result.

Some people drop out. Some people fail. Some people have average grades.
That’s life.
So if you want an ALMOST guaranteed thing.
Here’s my advice to you .
1. Pick an online business that’s proven to work and start a REAL business (forget about schemes and one-hit wonders)
2. Get a mentor and keep working (even if things don’t work out immediately), because surely, you’ll see results.
Mk Akan
PS- Here’s another example.
Many people have profitable blogs. Many more also own blogs that generates nothing.
Does that make blogging a bad business?
I don’t think so.
The problem is not the method…it’s YOU.
Are you willing to do the work?
Are you ready to make the investment needed?
Can you commit to your success?
Have a great day

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