How a $20 domain name sold for $2.6 million

In 1994 , Chris bought a domain for $20.
After maintaining that domain
for 20 years,he finally sold it for $2.6 million.
That domain was pizza dot com.

That was a huge payday. And worth
the 20 years of investment.

And this is not an isolated case.

Some other people have bought domains
for different amounts and sold them for
huge paydays.

This business model still works today.

With new events and new domain extensions
in the market, you too can generate
huge paydays with simple domains names like this.

What you need is knowledge of what to
do and how to dig up cheap domains names
you can sell later on.

And that knowledge is found here.

Mk AKan

PS- In a few years we will hear another
story about someone who bought a domain
for $12 in 2016 and later sold it for
millions or thousands.

Will that be you?

You know, even if you sell a domain
for just $1000 after buying it for $10,
that’s a huge profit.

Learn the secrets to doing it here.

By the way, here’s the full story of the¬†guy who sold a domain for $2.6 million.


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