"How To Start A Blog That Makes At Least $5  Daily...Even If You Hate Writing And Have Failed At Blogging Before"

This Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals Exactly How To Start Your Blog,Get Traffic And Make At Least $5 Daily...


From Mk Akan,

Dear Future Successful Blogger,

If you have ever wondered how successful bloggers like Linda Ikeji , Bella Naija and the rest of them started their blogs ...the secrets to their success...and want to start your own blog and make money ...

...without making expensive mistakes that will waste your time , your money and get  you frustrated over traffic ...so you can...

...make extra cash to take care of yourself and daily needs,

...become famous and be respected by friends , family and strangers,

...never have to work at a job your hate, or depend on the goverment for a job,

...stop writing long annoying application letters that gets rejected ,

...finally have time to enjoy life and do what you love,

....make money using your God given writing skills and talent,

...then this is the best message you will read today.

You know why?

...because you are about to finally have access to a never released but comprehensive step-by-step blueprint for starting a profitable high-traffic blog...in any topic that will make you at least $5 (or more) daily.

...and i will show you how to do this even if you can't write well or have failed at blogging before.

Infact , it is the exact blueprint used by many successful bloggers in Nigeria and in the world over.

 I interviewed 2 successful Nigerian bloggers and squeezed out some of their secrets for you.

You will learn their exact secrets and little known tips directly from the interviews in this blueprint.

But First, let's address the elephant in the room.

Is Blogging Even Profitable?

As you read this , you may be having some doubts.

You maybe asking yourself...

"Is This Real?"

"Can This Be Really True?"

You might be even saying...

"Another scammer don come again "

I understand why.

There are lots of  people selling all kinds of get rich quick, make millions with blogging courses all over the place.

Most of these things don't work.

You may likely now suspect everyone saying making money with blogs is a fraud.

In fact , you may have tried blogging before.

You may even have a blog or 2 already and have likely abandoned them out of frustration and anger.

Perhaps you published many articles and waited but nothing happened.

You made no money and struggled to get traffic.

So you asked yourself...

"what am I doing wrong?"

"How do i get traffic?"

"How do i know what to write?"

Because of all this you conclude..." this blogging-to-make-money-thing" must be a scam...

But you know what...if this is how you feel ...then this is for you.

I urge you to keep your doubts aside for just a few minutes and read this with an open mind.

 Just read this page to the end ...because i promise you will learn a thing or 2  about how to really profit from your blog.

First , let me tell you this...

...Blogging to make money works....and many people (Nigerians included) all over the world are profiting with it.

You just have to know how to do it right.

Here is Undeniable PROOF.

 My First Google Adsense Check 

From Far Back 2012

google check

It is a check for just $90.46.

Here Is Another Check I Got From 

Amazon.com In 2013


It's just $100.68.

Not much i agree.

But that's undeniable proof that money can be made by blogging...and can be made by Nigerians. 

This shows blogging is not a scam or a fraud.

It is real.

Infact , my results are nothing compared to what many Nigerians are making.

The 2 Experts Interviewed In This Course Even Make Way More Than I Do...

But before i get into more details ...lemme just  tell you who i am and why you should listen to me.

My name is Mk Akan.


I am an author, blogger and internet marketer living in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state Nigeria.

For the last 4 years, I have helped people successfully build online businesses and solve their pressing online business problems via my products, emails and free training.

I have created lots of products that has helped Nigerians and even people outside the country.  

See What People Say About Me and My Products

 test 1
And More

test 2

and more...


Okay Mk, I Can See You Are Genuine ...But If Blogging Can Make Money...

How Come Many Bloggers Still Fail to Make a Dime Online?

Good question.

You see, like anything in the world...you won't just succeed by just going out to do it.

You need to follow certain proven step-by-step guidelines and formula.

Fortunately, these steps are not difficult to follow.

...But if you just wake up one day and just start a blog (just like that), you will likely make these mistakes.

Now ...Here Are Some Cool Facts , Bad News And Good News About Bloggers And Blogging

(1) 3 Millions Blogs come online every month (source Technoratti.com 2011) 

That's for just 2011. That number is surely more for 2013/2014 because more people now have access to the web and are interested in blogging.

(2)  81% Of Bloggers Make Less Than $100 From Blogging (source Blogging.org)

This is quite sad ...and is the reason many blogs just die off. If you don't follow a  proven system , you may end up in this category.

(3) You can now recieve Google Adsense Money directly to your bank account (Even Nigerian bank accounts)


This was a very welcomed news by many Nigerian bloggers using Google adsense.

This alone eliminates the long 3 months wait for your check and the stress to deposit your check in your bank.

Now you can get your money directly deposited into your account.


(4) It is so Easy to Start a Blog today

Compared to many months ago, it is now super easy to install and  start a blog or website .

In fact it takes minutes to setup a blog.

Even working with wordpress is now a breeze... You don't even need to know anything about web design.

So What Does All These Really Mean For You?

You see, even as it is now very easy to setup your blog and very easy to collect your earnings , if you don't setup your blog properly, using proven strategies ...you may never make up to $100 ever.

You may end up frustrated and angry like 81% of other bloggers who don't make jack.

My point is...don't make the mistake of just starting a blog without getting the right training.

One simple information can make all the difference.

Now...Here Are 3 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make ...And Why It Stops Them From Making Money

1. Picking A Wrong Niche (Topic)

This is by far the biggest mistake i see people making.

The truth is ...not all niches will make you money.

Not all topics have demand.

To succeed as a blogger you need to blog about a topic people search for . You need to be where there is demand. 

It also has to be a niche where people spend money.

something called a profitable niche. 

so what are profitable niches for blogging?

I reveal them all in the blueprint.

2. Waiting For Traffic

Traffic is the live blood of any blog.

Without it, you make no money.

...but here is the mistake I see many people make.

They wait for traffic.

They think that traffic will magically land on their blog from heaven.

No my friend.

It does not work like that.

You need to go out and hustle for it.

Google may send you traffic , but you still need to go out and hustle.

How can you do this?

All revealed in my BluePrint.

3. Giving Up Too Early 

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

You won't start a blog tomorrow...and in 1 month buy a Hummer.

You will need to grow it to profit.

But most bloggers give up too early.

Maybe because they have no traffic or because they don't make money from day one.

My friend , there is some work involved here.

But it has to be smart work.

And in my blueprint i reveal what to do from day one so you can start making money as fast as possible.

Not only this...

I Interviewed 2 Successful Bloggers To Help Answers Some Of These Questions .

They Revealed Some Great Tips

Here are they experts I interviewed...

1. Dr Abraham

This little known Nigerian online entreprenuer owns 77 online assets (blogs , forums and websites). He is a medical doctor by profession ...but now employs over 10 people to run and update his sites.

No joke.

He revealed some of his success secrets in a rare 42 minute audio interview with me. This is part of the package i will be sending to you.

He owns NigerianSchoolBlog.com...and many other blogs ,websites and forums.

He makes over $2000 monthly from all his assets .

For this training , we will focus on one of his blog that makes over $100 monthly.

dr abraham

2. Mr David Anegbu


This is another Nigerian online entreprenuer and blogger who runs AllNigerianfoods.com and  www.Total-Facts-About-Nigeria.com 

I interviewed him for over 20 minutes and he revealed his own secrets.

These 2 Interviews and My Comprehensive Step by Step Blueprint (Plus Bonuses) is Found in The New Course Called...

Blog Cash Blueprint

blog cash blueprint
This is a comperehensive step-by-step mp3 audio blueprint that shows you ...How To Start Your Own Blog That Makes At Least $5 Daily...Even If You Hate Writing And Have Failed At Blogging Before.

You finally get a proven step by step strategy to immediately build a profitable blog in any topic .

You can listen to this mp3 blueprint at you own leisure time or even as you do other things.You can listen with your mobile device , laptop, mp3 recorder or desktop.

Finally, You Will Eliminate All Confusion And Get Answers To Everything Related To  Blogging...

You will never be confused about...

1. How to get started as a blogger

2.How to drive traffic to your blog

3.What to write on your blog

4. Whether to use blogspot or wordpress

5.How to monetize your blog

6. When and how to add google adsense


Not only this...

When You Get Access To "Blog Cash Blueprint" You Will Discover the Following...

  • The first and biggest mistake many bloggers make when starting up their blog and how to avoid it (most bloggers fail because of this)
  • One Important thing to consider when choosing your blog topic or niche (if you fail here you will likely fail blogging)
  •  Profitable topics you can start a blog about (this will ensure you pick a topic that is profitable and evergreen)
  • Profitable topics you can start a blog about (this will save you from wasting time and making costly mistakes)
  • How to select a blogging topic that is guaranteed to get you traffic
  • The right way to name your blog to guarantee you build a brand
  • Simple formula for naming your blog to guarantee a strong brand (this is so easy it takes literally 5 minutes)
  • Common mistakes bloggers make when picking a URL or blog name and how you can instantly avoid it
  • How to choose evergreen topics for your blog so you can never run out of content , demand and traffic to your blog
  • 3 important things to look out for when naming your blog or buying a domain name
  • The major problem with using free blogs like blogspot.com for blogging (discover the pros and cons many gurus don’t tell you)
  •  Comprehensive step by step video revealing how to set up a blogspot blog in 17 minutes or less
  • The best free blog platform for blogging (this is for those who want to start a free blog)
  • Popular free blogging platforms you must avoid (especially if you intend to make money with your blogs)
  • Why self-hosted blogs are best for  blogging and how to get started immediately
  • How to setup your self-hosted blog in 1 minute or less …even if you know nothing about setting up websites (you will be shocked at how simple this is. This alone will save you from paying a web designer any money)
  • Exactly how to connect your domain name to your web hosting account
  • Reliable place to buy quality domain names and web hosting with your ATM card (no need for any kind of special card)
  • Exact steps for setting up a free blog on blogspot.com
  •  3 important page your blog needs to have ...and what to write in them
  • The most important thing you must do immediately you set up your blog ( trust me-it’s not what you think…and many bloggers miss it)
  • How to create a never ending stream of content for your blog …even if you suck at writing
  • 4 types of content you can create for your blog…so Google will love your blog and send you traffic
  • Easiest way to create content for your blog…even if you hate writing or don’t know anything about your topic
  •  How to create content for your blog …without touching a single pen or laptop
  • How to convert one piece of your content to 4 formats (so you can leverage on whatever content your create)
  • 4 free places you can publish your content for free (so you can drive traffic to your blog)
  • A proven way to get high quality content for your blog at no cost…from experts on the topic (you can even sell theses as your products)
  • 6 totally free online places you can find blog content ideas for your topic … (this ensures you never worry about what to write or content to create for your blog)
  • Simple way to harvest content ideas by just visiting other blogs in your niche (so simple you can get ideas in just 2 minutes)
  • One simple question you can ask your readers that will open a floodgate of content ideas for your blog
  •  Super simple technique that reveals what people want to read about in your topic so you can create valuable content …without talking to anyone
  • How to get experts to write content on your blog without paying them a dime (this is very possible and powerful)
  • A proven way to create hundreds of content for your blog even if you know nothing about the topic…
  • Surefire ways to drive high quality money making traffic to your blog without depending on Google free traffic
  • The different proven and free ways to send traffic to your blog from day one
  • The best kind of traffic to send to your blogs (this is the kind of traffic that makes you money)
  • The only way to own your traffic …so you never worry or get disappointed when Google sends you no traffic
  •  The second biggest mistakes bloggers make after setting up their blogs (…and this is costing them traffic , sales and earnings)
  • A simplest formula for writing articles that almost forces Google to send you free traffic every time
  • SEO 101- how to get your blog to appear in Google search
  • How to legally siphon traffic from other blogs in your niche to your own blog …without spending a dime (they will even thank you for it)
  •  What backlinks are …and how they can help send traffic to your blog.
  • How to drive free high quality and targeted traffic to your blog using a free video website (Hint: YouTube)
  • How to build a community around your blog …so you never lack readers and traffic
  • Simple things to do to keep readers coming back to your blog almost on autopilot
  • The first thing you must do immediately you setup your blog
  • Quick way to convert your articles to video…so you can use it to build traffic to your blog
  • Proven ways to drive social media traffic to your sites using social media websites like Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Google+
  • The most predictable way to drive traffic to your blog using paid traffic
  • 3 proven ways to buy traffic to your blog
  • Sure fire ways to send High Value traffic to your blog using  offline strategies (many bloggers don’t do this …but it is very effective)
  • 2 proven ways  Linda Ikeji makes money with her blog...and how you can do the same thing.(This has nothing to do with  Google Adsense)
  • How to add Google AdSense adverts to your blog
  • When and how  to apply to get ads from Google AdSense
  • The best place to position your Google AdSense adverts so you get maximum revenue from your blog (this can increase your earnings by over 100%)
  • 7 proven ways to make money with your blog (some are even better than Google AdSense)
  • 1 simple tweak that will increase your Google AdSense earning by at least 100%
  • The simplest ways to make money with your blog
  • A sure fire way to make money with your blog by just sending emails
  • A proven way to make money with your old blog posts and articles
  • Another proven way to make money with your blog by referring other people’s products and services
  • How to treat your blog as a business you ...so you can make maximum earnings from it

Ok Mk, How Much Does This Cost And How Can I Order Right Away?

Well, before you send me any money …I want to make sure you first understand the value of this blueprint.

On the surface you may think you are getting a course that shows you how to start a blog, but in reality you are buying something that will show you how to build an asset.
You know what assets are right?

It is anything that shovels money into your pocket for a long time.

Even for years.

And You Can Use This Knowledge To Build So Many Assets That Will All Individually Shovel Cash Into Your Bank Account Daily.
Let’s do a little math.
Let’s assume 2 months after you create your blog it starts making you $0.5 daily.
So after 3 months you start earning $15/month.

Let’s assume for the next remaining 9 months, you still make $15 a month.

Your total earnings for just 1 year…is 15 time 9 =$45.
Not much.


Now let’s assume you make $1 a day after the third month.
So you now make $30 a month for 9 months.

That’s $180 for the first year.

What if it increases it to $2 a day…that would be $360 for the first year?
What if you grow it to finally reach $5 a day after a year?

That would be $900.

What if you make more?

Now remember this is only for 1 year….imagine when these little assets continue making money for 5 years or more.

Imagine if you have more than one blog.

Are you seeing the value of this Blueprint?

But The Monetary Value Is Just One Benefit...

This blueprint will stop you from jumping from office to office with an application letter …looking for a job.

It is freedom from slaving away at a job you hate.

It is extra cash you can save to buy your car, build your house or do anything you want.
It is the awooff cash you can use to flex and have fun.

It is the free cash you can use to take care of your kids or rent a better apartment.

It is the extra money you can use to buy your clean clothes and look fresh.

It’s the freedom from scanning newspapers every day for an opening you can apply for.

It will save you from getting disappointed and frustrated by our government who cannot provide jobs and an enabling environment for young people to succeed.

Not only that…

It will earn respect amongst peers and family.

You will be seen as an expert and will be called for interviews and presentations.

As You Can See , What You Get From This Blueprint Is Much More Than Monetary Rewards.

So if you follow the instructions in this blueprint, you will build a money building asset…that will make you money for years.

How much do you value that?

How much would you pay for something that can make you $180 to  $900 (N28 800 to N144 000) or more a year…and add value to your life?

N50 000?

Would you pay N20k for it?

See, I can easily charge 10k for this…but I want to make it affordable enough for anyone to get.

I know it’s not really easy with everyone…

So this is what I will do for you?

I will charge N15000…but if you order right now…I will knock off another N1000 and let you have it for just N5000. 

So For Just N5000, You Will Discover How To Build An Online Asset(S) That Will Make You
At Least $100 (N16 000) In The First Year…

And Continue To Make You Even More Every Year…

And If You Order Right Now ...You Get 6 Special FREE Bonuses 

Bonus 1 

How To Set Up a Blogspot Blog In Video (video)

This is a step-by-step video course revealing exactly how to setup a blogspot blog from beginning to end. 

But if you order this right now...you will get it as a bonus for FREE.

Bonus 2

How To Treat Your Blog As  A Business (PDF)

This training reveals how you can treat your blog as a business so you can pull in as much money as possible.

Bonus 3 

How To Create A Music Download Website LikeNotJustOk.Com (PDF)
This step by step guide that reveals how you can create your own music download site like NotJustOk.com...and other similar music download blogs.

Bonus 4

How To Setup a Wordpress Blog/Website in 7 Minutes or Less (PDF)

This is a short PDF reports that reveals how you can easily install and create a wordpress blog or website in less than 7 minutes.

It is complete with well explained pictures to ensure you don't make any mistake.

Bonus 5

How To Make Money from Your Blog By Selling Your Sh*t (PDF)

This quick report reveals a very shocking way to make money selling your blog sh*t.
what is your blog sh*t .

I explain all in this report.

Bonus 6

How To Write Profitable Articles For Your Blog (PDF)

This bonus PDF ebook will reveal exactly how to craft profitable articles for your blog...or to be published in your ebook or whereever you want.

This will help you create high quality articles to drive high quality traffic to your blog.
Okay Mk, How Do I Order The Blueprint…

You Can Order In 2 Ways…

1.     Direct Bank Deposit Or Online Transfer (Via ATM or Bank)
You can pay N5000 directly to this account…

Name: Mk Wealth Company
Bank; First Bank PLC
Account Number: 2016 784 259

After making payment of N5000 send a text to 0809 444 1001 with the following information.
1.       Your name
2.       Name Of product. (Blog Cash Blueprint)
3.       Your best Email address where I can send the product to
4.       Phone number
5.       Bank and Teller number

Here is an example …

Emeka James, Blog Cash Blueprint, emekajames@gmail.com , 0809 444 1001, First bank, 08975367

After you make payment and I confirm your payment, your blueprint will be sent to you via email in less than 24 hours.

You Can Also Order With Your ATM Card (Visa Or Mastercard)…

This is completely safe. Your ATM card details will not be used by me or anyone.

After you click the link below, Click “buy this” then just type in your name, email address and other card details to complete your order.

The course will be sent instantly to your email address.

Click Here To Pay With Your ATM Card

And I Want Your Order To Be Totally Risk FREE...So I Will Let You Try This Course For 180 Days

So if you get this blueprint , and you are not satisfied in anyway…please send me an email or give me a call , and I will refund your money to you. As you can see you have nothing to lose here...
But I have never had a refund before because I put in work into whatever products I make and I do not just hype stuff to get people to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Ok , Mk Will I Make $1000 In One Month After Buying Your Training

It is possible but not likely.

Remember, this is not a get rich scheme and most people don’t make anything for a few months.

But if you take my advice and follow the instructions in the blueprint, you will start making money as fast as possible.

How Soon Can I Start Making Money With Blogging?

It depends on many things.

Your niche, the amount of traffic you are getting and the value of your content.

Some people start making money in the first month. some after a few months, some after a year and some never.

But...if you follow the blueprint ...you will make money.
If you don't, you won't make money.

What Are The Risks Involved Here?

Sure, every business has risks.

For example if you don’t get traffic, you won’t make anything …no matter how good your content or blog is.

Most bloggers depend on free Google traffic and that’s why they fail.

But in my blueprint, I reveal so many ways to get traffic.

I even show you how to own your own traffic …so that you can eliminate this risk from day one.

 If This Is Profitable, How Come Many Bloggers Don’t Make Jack?

Like I explained before, most bloggers make basic blogging mistakes.

For example, they pick the wrong niches and don’t follow a proven blueprint that is guaranteed to work.

Some other people give up too soon or don’t put in enough effort for it to work .

If you are looking for a get-rich-without-work kind of program...then don't bother buying this.

I Don’t Know How To Write, Can I Still Profit From This Training?

Yes you can. I reveal how to get content for your blog without writing a damn thing.

I also reveal how you can get experts to even work with you to create content for your blog.

If I Have More Questions, How Can I Reach You?

Just send an email to mk@nairacow.com  or call 080 9444 1001 and I will talk to you directly.

Mk Akan

PS- Don’t forget you will finally discover how To Start a Blog That Makes At Least $5 daily...Even If You Hate Writing and Have Failed at Blogging Before (from 2 Successful Nigerian Bloggers)

PPS- The price of this blueprint is at a discount …and will increase at any time …so you need to order right now.

You Can Order In 2 Ways

1.     Direct Bank Deposit Or Online Transfer In Bank or Via ATM
Pay N5000 directly to this account…

Name: Mk Wealth Company
Bank; First Bank PLC
Account Number: 2016 784 259

After making payment of N5000 send a text to 0809 444 1001 with the following information.
1.       Your name
2.       Name Of product. (Blog Cash Blueprint)
3.       Your best Email address where I can send the product to
4.       Phone number
5.       Bank and Teller number

Here is an example …

Emeka James, Blog Cash Blueprint, emekajames@gmail.com , 0809 444 1001, First bank, 08975367

After you make payment and I confirm your payment, your Blueprint will be sent to you via email in less than 24 hours.

Mk Akan  | Uyo  | Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Question? Support?: Contact us at mk@NairaCow.com

DISCLAIMER: My awesome legal team told me to let you know the following before you invest. I don’t know you. I don’t know what you can do. You can make more than me, less than me or you can even lose money. I will show you what has worked for my business and my clients – but it is ultimately on your shoulders to implement.

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