Want Cheap Traffic Guaranteed To Double Sales of Your Information Products?

“Finally Revealed:

How To Drive A Flood Of Cheap Traffic To Your Website Or SalePages Using The

Proven Traffic And Sales Secrets” Guaranteed To Double Sales Of Your Information Products…No Matter Your Niche…Almost Over Night”

From Mk Akan,

Mk Akan

Dear friend,

In the next 15 minutes, you’ll discover how to finally drive a constant flood of cheap traffic of people , ready to BUY your information products...and will become YOUR loyal fans and repeat customers.

You’ll discover the same hidden, but highly effective traffic and sales secrets used only by the most successful information marketers in Nigeria and all over the world.

After you get hands on these secrets you'll start making sales and finally end the frustration of buying traffic that does not convert to buyers.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well read on...and you''ll see it's REAL.

Here’s The Deal.

My name is Mk Akan. 

I am an information marketer like you. I have a number of blogs and websites. I own and run NairaCow.com. Over the last 3 years, I have created and sold over 20 information products to Nigerians and people in America.

I have created courses in the "make money online" niche, bulk sms business niche, importation business niche and in niches that have nothing to do with "money or business".

In the process… I have experienced lots of failures and successes.

Here're Some Comments People Make About me and My Products.

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I Have Learnt A Lot From All My Information Marketing Experiences.Especially About Buying Cheap TRAFFIC.

And Today, You'll Discover My Secrets Too.

For example, there were times I created information products and didn’t know how to sell them.

I would buy traffic from blogs and websites …but only 1 out of 1000 or 2000 people bought anything.

That kind of sales conversion frustrated and killed my efforts.

But as I kept creating new products , trying new ideas and techniques. Soon I discovered some secrets used by TOP info marketers. 

How did it happen?

One Day I Bought A Product That Revealed Something So POWERFUL,It Changed My Information Business Forever

You see, this program revealed some of the biggest mistakes I was making in buying traffic and making sales.

It opened my eyes to the real secrets many information marketers use to make crazy sales.

Most information marketers don't  know these secrets...and may never make money from their business.

Most of them don't know what you're about to discover.

Funny thing is...some of these secrets are non-techie and so simple to implement.

For example here’s one SUPER important discovery I made…

Apart From TRAFFIC Or Getting CHEAP TRAFFIC, There’re Some HIDDEN Secrets That Guarantees SALES…

Any Information Marketer Who Knows Them, Will Destroy Competition and Smile Away With Buckets of PROFITS.

I know this because; I have passed through the same frustrations and pain of spending days to create a product- spending money to buy a banner advert or using other ways to buy traffic and ….wait in VAIN for sales.

As you make payment for the ad…you start thinking of the amount of sales you’re going to make. The profits you’ll make.

…but a week later, you make still habe not made any Sales.

No one buys …or even if someone buys…the number of buyers are so small , YOU still make a LOSS.

I Know Exactly How It Feels ,To Lose Money BUYING Traffic To YOUR Sales Page or Website 

It used to be so frustrating and annoying to hear other people talking about sales and profits while I STRUGGLED and fail.

I felt like an idiot.

You may even be luckier....because...perhaps you may have bought PLR (so you don’t spend time so much on product creation) and just decide to go ahead and sell it.

So you set up the sales page and go buy traffic (or wait for traffic).

 You make payment for the traffic and wait for the money to flood it.

You wait and wait …and no sales.

You start thinking if people are just lying about their sales. You get a little MAD with yourself.

You get discouraged and scared of  BUYING traffic again.

Well, I used to be in the same situation until that program revealed...

... The MOST Profitable Secrets Of Buying Cheap Traffic And How To Ensure Any Traffic You Buy Converts To Quick Sales And HOT Profits 

When I finally understood these simple secrets…creating products , making sales, selling information products and buying cheap traffic became as easy as ABC.

I know, this sounds too good to be true…because you have likely tried everything with bad or no results. But when you finally see these secrets TOO…you will experience information marketing sales and success.

So today, I love to reveal these secrets to you … so you too can discover how to buy cheap traffic , double sales and make money in your information marketing business.

These secrets are found in the new program titled….

Info Product Sales Booster

How To BUY Cheap Traffic To Double Sales OF Your Information Products

3d cover

This is a 65 minute audio program revealing all you need to KNOW about buying cheap traffic and the SECRET preparation needed to ensure your products ALWAY sell.

 You will discover all YOU NEED to KNOW…about selling your information products fast.

You’ll discover other things you need to do to ensure your traffic converts and how you can get a huge return on your investment..

Imagine finally cracking the code on how information marketing really works. You would create information products without fear of wasting time and money.

You would almost always create products THAT never fail.

Imagine How It Feels To Receive Multiple Alerts From Your Bank Daily, Informing You Customers Just Paid Money For Your Products

Imagine receiving the alert as you lay in bed …watching a movie or having a drink with friends, family or lover…or do whatever you like.

And this happens daily …in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Customers order 1, 2 or 3 of your products while you’re at your other JOB, or at home, in church …or even at the BAR…chilling with friends or with your lover.

And this happens because you’ve finally cracked the secret of creating HIGH value info products and how to buy CHEAP traffic filled with buyers -happy to buy your products.

Imagine the FREEDOM and feeling of satisfaction of finally having a consistent weekly income from the sales of your information products.

You could finally start making  enough money to buy whatever you want..

All of this and much more will be yours after your order Info Products Sales Booster.

In the Info Products Sales Booster Program…you’ll discover…

  • The one important and POWERFUL step  YOU MUST take that guarantee every information product you create sells like hot cake …no matter your niche or topic 
(when I personally discovered this first step...my information business grew VERY quickly)
  • 4 proven places to BUY cheap traffic online …and how to find these websites easily
  •   4 proven ways to build “money in hand” FREE traffic of people READY to buy whatever info-product you’re selling
  • The ONLY way to own your traffic so you NEVER depend on anyone (no it’s not your blog or SEO…but something more POWERFUL)
  • Why you should never send traffic to a sales page ….and the only place YOU should always send your traffic TO…this guarantees more sales of your info products ( this may shock many people)
  • 3 simple reasons most information products don’t sell well….and the exact solutions to these common problems
  • Why TRAFFIC is a small reason why most information products fail...and what you need to know to ensure YOU make sales
  • The hidden secrets about BUYING cheap traffic online that really gets sales and PROFIT
  • How to uncover the BEST websites online to buy the highest quality traffic guaranteed to sell your information products
  • The BIGGEST mistakes most information markets make that’s stopping them from making sales and the profit they deserve
  • 5 Ways To know exactly what your niche or market wants so you can create products that sell out like cold water in a HOT desert
  • The 1 proven way To sell YOUR information products easily (used by the most successful information marketers in Nigeria and all over the world)
  • The 1 super SKILL you need to have to ensure your products sell fast
  • How to double the sales on any of YOUR information product selling now (these secrets are simple to do and implement)
  • How to make your offers super irresistible to your niche …This forces them to buy whatever you offer
  • A super sneaky way to READ the minds of your niche so you KNOW exactly what they want to BUY…(this ensures any product your create will always be in demand and is bought by anyone who sees it)
  • The SINGLE most important rule about creating information products that is proven to make sales daily
  • The very first thing you MUST do before you create any information product (savvy information marketers who know this simple secret are miles ahead of their competition. They can enter a new niche and take over the market using this simple secret)
  • Why and How building ________________ for your information business can explode sales…and how to do it in YOUR info business easily and quickly
  • The automatic lifeless salesman you can create for your information products …who will work 24hrs a day (night and day) … constantly promoting your information products  NON-STOP ,(whether you’re online or not)…and is used by ALL successful information marketers in Nigeria and all over the world.
  • The real meaning of TARGETED traffic and how to flood your information business with a tsunami of targeted traffic all day
  • The one sacred rule of BUYING traffic or BUILDING FREE traffic for your information marketing business (when you do this …your traffic cost will shrink down while the ROI of your investment will rocket up)
  •   The real scary truth about cheap traffic and information marketing  and how you can use it to explode sales in your business
  • A secret trick for discovering top websites and blogs in your niche, PERFECT for buying cheap traffic to your information business (only a few people know and talk about this secret)
  • How to uncover Hidden traffic sources used by other successful marketers to sell their information products
  • The Right way to BUY cheap traffic that guaranteed you make sales and get the highest return on investment 
  • Some forbidden secrets and RULES of traffic and information marketing  (known by a few successful marketers ) that will help your START making sales and double the money you currently make in your info business
  • The most Important and POWERFUL STEP you must take before creating information products (marketers who do this make sales day in day out…and ALWAYS beat their competition)
  • A simple legal trick for reducing further the cost of buying Cheap traffic
  •   How to drive targeted , high value  CHEAP traffic using email …to your web pages and sales pages
  • What NEVER to do when buying traffic online
  • How to determine with almost scientific accuracy where to buy the perfect "cheap traffic" for your website (or any page you like)
  • What GURUS do when they buy traffic (this reduces losses and zooms ROI by over 100%)
  • The most reliable traffic source EVER on earth (it's better than SEO and all gurus use it)
  • How to legally force people in your niche to REVEAL what they want to BUY from you (You can get answers in 10 minutes and they will thank you for it)
  • Are you struggling to make sales of your information products? (listen to the first 5 minutes to know why and get solutions)
  • How to legally siphon HIGH quality traffic from other BIG blogs and websites to your website 


So …if you have NEVER made any sales in your information business…or you are currently losing from buying traffic …or you are stuggling to make sales...

….or you want to increase sales and double the amount of money you’re already making in your information business….then this information product will change your business for the better.

When You Order This Program And Implement These Secrets…Your Information Business Will Zoom Like A Rocket.

I know that sounds like hype…but if you give me a chance, I’ll prove it to you.

So How Much Is This Program?

Before I reveal the price, let me reveal the true value of this training.

You see, what you will learn in Info Product Sale Booster is very powerful and can change your business forever.

Just think about the mountain of winning motivation and energy you will put into any project …if you knew for certain that what you produce will sell.

Just imagine the headache and frustration you will forever banish from your business because you now know whatever product you create will likely sell out fast.

Imagine the amount of time and money you will stop losing after discovering the secrets of driving a flood of cheap traffic to your business.

Just imagine this scenario.

You think of entering a niche (any niche) so you use the secrets found in Info Product Sales Booster, to scoop the niche …and in a few hours uncover …what people want to buy, what products to create, where to buy cheap traffic for the niche, and how to make MAXIMUM MONEY…from the product you want to create.

 ...and when you get started …you start seeing sales almost instantly.

How powerful is that?

With the Knowledge Found in This Program, 

You Gain this Kind of power.

Having this kind of power will help you completely dominate your niche and annihilate your competition.

 Yyou will invest your advertising funds without fear because you how to get maximum returns on your investment.

So how much would you value this can of power?

How much would you value something that can help you avoid mistakes, avoid wasting time and avoid wasting money?

I guess you could pay N20 000 for it.

What of N10 000?

Well, you can get Info Products Sales Booster for only N6000, but if you order right now…you get it for just...

N3500 (58% discount)

(Warning: This price will increase to regular price any day from now)

Here’s How To Order Niche Invader Right Now

Method 1: Direct Deposit

Head to the nearest First Bank PLC Branch.

Pay N3500 into this account.

Bank Name -
 First Bank Plc
Account Name -
 Mk Wealth Company
Account Number -
 2016- 784- 259


Note: You can also do online transfers using Etranzact or Online banking services or even ATM transfers .After making the payment, make sure you send us your payment details to  0809 444 1001 , sending the following details .

The payment details you are to send are:

a. Your Full Name.

b. Name of course (IPSB)

c. Teller number

d. Amount paid

e. Your Phone Number.

f. Your email address

If you pay N3500, you will get access to the training course within the next 24 hours in your email box.



Method 2 :Order With Verve, Visa Or MasterCard ATM

When you click the yellow button below, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to select your card. 

Do so and click proceed. Enter an email address and click make payment . Then card details then complete your order.

Immediately you complete your order, you'll be instantly redirected to a page . On that page ,you'll find a download link (at the bottom) to the complete package . This will be done automatically without delay.

N3500 Only 

You Can Still Order With Other Ways 

Apart From Direct Bank Deposits.

You can physically go to your bank and make a transfer to my account directly.

You can make an online transfer using internet banking (it is safe)

You can make a transfer using your ATM card using an ATM machine.

You can use mobile banking.

You can even order online using your ATM card (Visa or MasterCard) …and it is totally safe by the way.

All these methods can be used to order this course.

So if you hate direct deposits…use any of these alternative methods.

They do work…and are safe.

And If You Order Right Now…I Will Throw In 4 Bonuses For You.

Bonus 1

Recorded Mp3 Interview With Kevin Rogers and American  Marketer and copywriter

This 23 minutes audio recording reveals important steps YOU need to do ...so that you know EXACTLY what people want to BUY.This ensures any traffic you BUY converts . I had planned to sell this as a stand-alone product…but you can now get complete access to this rare recording as a bonus after you order this training.

From this interview you'll discover ...

  •   How to uncover exactly what people in your niche want to buy…so you can easily make the right offer that wins almost 100% of the time
  • The exact words people use when they are telling you want they want to buy (knowing this will ensure you say the right things that will persuade your prospects to pull out money and haul it at you)
  •    4 free websites that will instantly reveal what people want to buy and are already buying in your niche
  •    A free website where potential buyers reveals exactly what they want to buy (this will make sure all you sell matches with exactly what they want to buy)
  •   How to discover what people are buying already in your niche (this ensures you create what is already in demand)
  •   The simplest and most powerful way to discover what people want to buy in your niche using _____.
  •  Different simple tools that will help you discover what people want to buy in your niche
  •   How to "squeeze out" all the possible products and services  people In your niche will pay money for…(this ensures you  milk every profit center in your niche)
  • How to convert your findings into "hot products and services"
  •  3 simple sentences you can use as a template to extract hot products and servicess ideas you can offer in your niche 
And many more...

Bonus 2

How To Buy Cheap Banner Ad Traffic

This reveals exactly...step-by-step ...how to BUY cheap traffic in any niche using banner adverts. You'll discover all the tricks and ways to flood your website and sale pages with cheap banner ad traffic.

After Reading You Get This Bonus, You'll Discover..

  • One FREE website for designing high quality banner images …without having graphic design skills (all you do is type and convert text to banner in less than 5 minutes) (see page 10)
  • A secret way uncover HIGH traffic website perfect for buying traffic in your niche…And how to do this is 5 minutes or less (see page 6)
  • One very important item you must have in all BANNER ads to GUARANTEE high clicks and traffic (see page 12)
  • When and Why sometimes ugly banner ads work better than beautiful banners  (also: when to use beautiful or ugly banners)
  • The one and only purpose of banner adverts (miss this and you are wasting money) (see page 9)
  • How to know INSTANTLY if you banner ad is working  and how to FIX if it’s not (or improve it further) (see page 15)
  • 2 things you MUST do before paying anyone for banner ads (if you miss this, you can get scammed or waste money on low quality sites) (see page 6,17)

Bonus 3

Hidden (this bonus course will reveal how to drive high quality FREE traffic to your websites)

Bonus 4

Hidden (this is another bonus course that will reveal how you can drive another high quality FREE traffic to your websites)

test 2
Go Ahead And Order Now....Don’t Delay, So You Don't Miss Out On Info Product Sales Booster And Your Bonuses

300 Days Money Back Guarantee

  To make your order 100% risk free, you are covered by an iron clad 300 day money back guarantee.

Meaning order this training today , read it , study it ...implement it ….and if after 300 days you don’t see results …or you are unhappy with anything in the product… please ask for a refund.

I will hurriedly send your money to you…no questions asked.

If the product does not work...ask for your money back.

As you can see, there’s nothing to lose.

You can’t lose your money.

So don’t delay, just try this product, if it does not work for you … ask for your money back.

But I am so sure it will work for you...because I have taken time to create something useful.

So don’t delay, order now.

Are you planning to buy later?

Here’s Why You Need To Order Right Now

1.     If you order right now…you will immediately start driving cheap traffic to your information business…and start getting SALES and the profit you deserve.

2.     You will stop wasting precious time on projects that will suck away your time and money without bringing reasonable ROI 

3.     You will finally get a rare skill that will help you beat your competition  

4.     The price of this training may go up any day (I will increase it in a week’s time)…so order now you don’t pay more for it

5.     I may yank off some of the bonuses and sell them separately …so to get all these bonuses ….order now.

If You Don’t Order Now, You’ll…

a.     Continue wasting time and money on projects that don’t bring in any reasonable returns ( this will bring you frustrations and disappointments)

b.     You won’t have any special advantage over your competitions …which means you will struggle to succeed

c.      You won’t make the amount of sales you desire …which means your information marketing business  won't be successful


If you have read this far, you know how powerful this training is.You know why buying cheap traffic and converting it to sales and PROFITS…will affect your info business and life.

You know this training will help you make more money in your information business…but it’s time to act.

You have 2 options.


Close this page and keep on struggling to make sales . Keep wasting money and wasting time in your biz. or maybe you can try to find things out on your own.

Which means you won’t make sales and profit from your information marketing business or  products...for a long time.

Or you can pick Option 2

…Which is SIMPLY this…order this simple training, discover all the secrets of BUYING cheap traffic, doubling your sales and tripling your profits.Then use it to ZOOM your info marketing business.

The Choice is YOURS.My Advice ... Don't Delay...ORDER NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Do I Need To Have An Optin Page To Buy Cheap Traffic?

No you don’t.

You can buy and send cheap traffic to any kind of site including affiliate websites, sales pages, blogs, online forums, Facebook pages and groups, mobile websites and any kind of page online.

2.   What Cheap Traffic Source Does This Course Reveal?

This training reveals how to drive free traffic and how to drive a flood of cheap banner ad traffic.

Banner ad traffic is easy for anyone new to buying traffic online.

3.   I Am Not A Web Programmer, Coder And Don’t Know Graphic Design, Can I Still Build Cheap Traffic With Banner Adverts?

Yes you can.

You don’t need any special design or graphic design skills to drive cheap traffic with banner adverts.

I am not a graphic designer.

In fact, in this training you’ll discover one secret website I personally use to create banner images.

All you do is type text and convert to picture in less than 5 minutes.

It’s that simple…and I show you how to do it …step-by-step.

4.   How Much Do I Need To Get Started With This Cheap Traffic Sources?

It depends on the website and the amount of traffic you want.

You can get started with as low as N2000 to N5000…and as high as N100 000. In the training, you’ll discover a legal way to reduce ad cost.

5.  This Training Sounds Kind of Techie. Is It Easy For A Non-Techie Person to Implement?

Well, it may sound techie but frankly ...it is easy to implement.
You don't need any super awesome tech skills. If you can type with a computer , then you can use these secrets to generate a flood of traffic, customers , sales and fans.

It's easy , quick and proven to WORK.

6. There are many other ways to BUY traffic.Why do you concentrate on BANNER ads?

Banner ads are easier and less technical to start with.
It is cheap and does not require coding or any kind of SUPER skill.
It is perfect for people who have never bought traffic before.

And it works.

Mk Akan

          Mk Akan

PS-Remember,  you will have access to a training that reveals simple ways to drive a flood of “money in hand” cheap traffic online …guaranteed to jump sales in your info marketing business.

PPS-This is training is sold at a discount and the price will increase in a few days...so hurry and make your order right away.

Don't delay.

Have more questions? Call 080 9444 1001.

Mk Akan  | Uyo  | Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
Question? Support?: Contact us at mk@NairaCow.com

DISCLAIMER: My awesome legal team told me to let you know the following before you invest. I don’t know you. I don’t know what you can do. You can make more than me, less than me or you can even lose money. I will show you what has worked for my business and my clients – but it is ultimately on your shoulders to implement.

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