4,203 profit-producing, PRE-WRITTEN emails (ALL for YOU)

When it comes to making cash with
your email list, you have to get some

important things Right

For example , 1 thing you have to get right is
the relationship you have with
your list.And the only way to build a SOLID
relationship with your list is
to send great emails.In fact , EMAILS is what generates income

from an email list.
If you can’t write or send great emails
even if you have a list of 1 million subscribers
you will FAIL.
So sending GREAT, profit making emails
Unfortunately not every knows
how to write emails.In fact , it took me a lot of study a
time to perfect my email writing skills.
But there’s a SHORTCUT for you today.

Prewritten emails !!!

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Imagine this.

Instead of struggling to write emails
by yourself all you do is select 1 (or 2) emails
from a “bank of proven emails”…

…and just alter a few words (or use directly)
by just slapping your name on it.

And you do is upload and press SEND and watch

as sales notification jump all over your

email box.

And these pre-written emails build a great

relationship with your list.(All at the same time)

These ready- made emails not only ends stress.

It ends your frustration and fear that
cripples most people from writing emails.
Here’s that shortcut.

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These emails are written by a
pro and world known email writer.

Get all the gist and download it here.


Mk Akan

———-Additional Tip———–

Never KILL yourself over something when
you can outsource it.

Never think you have to do everything in your
online business by yourself.

When a task is difficult for you,
just outsource it.

1 way to outsource things is to invest
in ready-made offers.

So if writing email is a pain for you
then just invest in prewritten email

It will save you time , money and

help you get things done FAST.

Like this one.


How To Make Money With E-commerce Sites Without SELLING Any Product

I know that the blog post title
may sound too good to be TRUE.

But it’s completely true.

Just read this to the end to
get the details.


Here’s the summary of this
Newbie-Friendly e-com business.

You see , when most people hear E-com
they think of a website that sells all
manner of merchandise. And they make money
from the sales of these merchandize.

Well, this is true. And it is the
traditional way to generate income
with E-com business.

But there’s another way.

A much simpler way.

A way so easy and simple it can

be done in a 2- 5 hours.

See it here.


Let me explain.

Do you know that people do buy
E-com businesses?

Do you know you can easily set up
an E-com shop online and sell off the shop
without selling a single thing on the site?

You just set it up (in less than 60 minutes)
then flip it.

Do you know you can create a simple E-com

store in less than 2 hours?

No stress. No time wasting. No delays.

That’s the secret revealed here.


It may still seem like hype until
you read all the details here.

Click here.



Mk Akan

PS- Listen.

If you have you ever wanted to make money with
E-commerce, then this is for you.

This is simpler than selling E-com products.

(You’ll understand why if you go here.)


How A Rat Trap can help You Make Money online

The other day I caught a rat at
my residence.

There’s was no blood or anything
messy about this.

You know , like the saying goes…

“there are many ways to catch a RAT”.

Some methods are complicated . Some
will produce a mess.

But the method we used is the
KISS method.

You know what KISS is?

Keep It Super Simple.- KISS.

Ya.The method was super simple.

I didn’t use the popular metalic rat trap
or any other kind of contraption.

It was just simply gum on paper.


I think it’s called rat Gum or so.

A very simple and kinda stupid

It leaves no mess or blood.It is not
a risk to humans or children.

It just makes the rat unable to move.

All you do is pull the rat off the gummy paper board
then place the simple trap back at a corner.

You know , man naturally likes
to complicate things.

We think great solutions must be complicated.

But often times, the best solutions
are usually so stupidly simple.

So what does this have to do with
making an imcome online.

Well, many.

Here’s one.

To make money online you need
to keep things simple TOO.

Don’t complicate your business.

And in any online business everything can
be boiled down to 1 simple strategy
in 1 sentence.

“Build a list and promote offers
to them”

That’s it.

Of course there’re many tiny
details and all…but that’s basically
the skeleton of the matter.

So are you already doing this?

Is this strategy too simple for YOU?
Or you want something simpler?

Well, search no more.I got some

answers for you.

Want to build your list FAST?

Go here.


Want to discover how to write profitable emails?

Go here:


And finally, here’s how to combine list
building and affiliate marketing profitably.



Mk Akan

Ready made content for YOU (emails, info products)

Ready made content for YOU (emails, info products)

There’s 1 thing all online
business owners need in order to generate
income online. And that is CONTENT.

Whether content for emails or
info products or blog posts.

Bottom line is…
You need quality content.

If you like to save time and money ,
you can find great content
for the IM niche all done for you here.

So instead of struggling for hours to write
emails or blog posts or create an info product
you just pick 1 here and use.

Which means …

. No more delays for you
. No more frustrations for you
. You’ll start making cash from your IM business
. you’ll now have instant products to sell


Imagine having prewritten content for emails
and ready made infoproducts etc all done for
you in the IM Niche.

No more head aches. No more spending
a fortune to hire outsourcers.

Check this out.



Mk Akan

PS- The good thing about these prewritten content
is that it can be used for anything.

Whether emails, info products , social media updates
blog posts etc.

You even have PLR rights to them.

See all the details here.


These Softwares Makes your Online Business EASY

Softwares make online business to run with ease.

They save time and can transform a day’s work
into a hour’s work.

So when you see any software that
works and does a task easily , grab it.

Now here are 3 softwares you should
check out.

1. WP Stealth Ads

Use this tool to duplicate an ad “Trick”…
used by many top websites. This can generate
affiliate sales and more.


2. Legal Suite Pro-

Creates legal pages on
wordpress sites with a few clicks.

No need to stress yourself or pay huge
sums to do it manually.


3. Rapid SEO Indexer


This software helps get your wordpress
pages get indexed in less than 30 seconds.

Click link above to watch video for proof.

Mk Akan

PS- By the way ,I also found this resource.
It’s not a software but something you should
check out.

Instant Tube Raider- Instant traffic
from Youtube


How to build your list and generate profitable emails with EASE

If you want to generate income online
you need to build an audience (a list).


And to generate income from your
email list , you need to know how to
write and send profitable emails.

For many , writing profitable emails is
like poking out their eyes with a hot

They rather pull their teeth with a plier
than struggle  to write profitable emails.

I feel ya pain 😉

I tell you the truth.

1 thing that scared me from
building my list was the fear of not
knowing what to send in my emails.

I was so scared it delayed
me from building my list for
a few years.

And that’s why I found and developed
a way to build a list and generate
income by (LEGALLY) using other people’s

Imagine using other people’s articles ,
and content to build your list and generate income
from that list.

And this is done LEGALLY.

See details here.


But that’s not all.

Along the way I also discovered various ways to
finally craft profitable emails on my own.

It’s easy if one shows you what to
do and if you practice it a bit.

For example there’s an email type I call the
Reporter Email.

Where you just report to your list
what you see or observe.

You act as a newspaper reporter to your

It’s explained fully here.


This email type and 6 other POWERFUL ways to craft
profitable emails is found here.


Mk Akan

PS-As you can see , not only will these
2 trainings help you overcome the fear of
building a list.

It will also help you write emails that generates
profit from your email list.

Go check them out.

1. List Building Messiah


2. Quick Email Formula


This Can Earn You $50 (or more) Per Day or per Week

1 way to generate an income
online is to offer services for a fee.

1 service that is always in high
demand and people pay a lot for


People can pay you up to $10,
$20, $50 , $100 or $150 for
a 500 , 1000 or 2000 word article.

No kidding.


Because many people can’t write.
Many think you need to be
a genuis to know how to write.

The truth is you don’t have to be a

You just have to know how to write
these articles and where to
find clients to pay you this much.

You need a simple writing formula.

The link below points to a training
that reveals how to write articles
that gets you paid.


And as part of this offer
you’ll receive a bonus product revealing over 100
places online where you can get paid
up to $50 (or more) to write articles.See details here.


BestMk Akan

PS- And knowing how to write is

a skill you can use in your business.
So it’s a win win for you.
Go here to download it.

How to Generate Valuable Content in Any Niche (for Blogs, Emails , Products etc)

If you have ever struggled to generate

content for your blog , website,
email or ebook, then this will help
you overcome it.
Like you know,the number 1 reason people go
online is to find or get information.Information found on websites, blogs
and social media platforms.Especially written content.

You see, if you want

to generate income online you need content.
You need content to drive traffic ,
to and write adverts.

You need content for everything online.

You need content for your email, for your articles,
for your social media updates.

And you also need it for your info products.


Do you know that written information
products are compilations of articles?

50 articles put together can generate
an ebook product.

1 of that article can be sent as an email. That same article

can be edited and posted on a blog or
as a facebook update.So without a doubt , knowing how to generate
content is a very valuable skill for your online
business success.Most people struggle and dunno how to
write anything.

I struggled too.

Well, over the years I developed a simple
formula that has helped me.


With this formula you can enter a new
niche an in a few minutes , generate
a quality content people in that niche.

You’ll be able to generate

an article that readers will love.

It’s all revealed here.



Mk AKan

PS- The only way to improve your
writing skill is to write MORE.

And with this writing formula , you will

know what to focus on so that your
writing skills improves faster.http://www.nairacow.com/myproducts/SAF.html

From Hot Dog Stand Worker To YouTube Millionaire

When the hot dog stand worker , Felix , first recorded
himself playing video games and began posting
in on his Youtube channel…

… little did he know that he would amass over 35 million
subscribers and make millions yearly.
From a little idea and diligent work , this college
drop-out is now a multi-millionaire.

All from a small STUPID idea.
And of course Youtube.

(You can find the full article about Felix
at the bottom of this email)

The funny thing is, anyone can start
a youtube channel. Anyone can put in some
work and also become a celeb or mini- celeb.

You may not end up making millions or
may not be so successful but if you
take the right steps you can earn money

only that most people are scared of
creating videos.

But you should not.

Because this problem is NOW solved with the different
hand-held mobile devices found everywhere.

Secondly, you can now easy create videos using
softwares that generates videos in minutes.

Like these 2 videos tools below.

1. Video Pal

2. Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

And here’s the best part.

There are NOW so many ways to generate
income with videos and with videos on Youtube.

For 1 , you can sell adverts on your
YouTube channel like Felix.

But there are over 120 ways to build your
Youtube audience and make income.

You can find all these proven ways here.



As you can see, there are many ways
to generate videos.

And there are many ways to generate income
with your new videos on YouTube. (and other

It’s all found here.


Mk Akan

PS- see the full article about Felix and how
he built his video empire.

How To Create “Stunning Videos” With a Few Clicks of The Mouse

If you have been online for a while
you will know that video has moved from
a back bencher to almost a MUST have.


1. YouTube is now so popular.
It’s the number 2 website on the internet.

And the biggest video search engine.

So everyone now watches video. People

love video.

2. There are so many devices now that
makes watching videos easy.

Most smartphones now play videos and
people LOVE it. So you can reach people
with video on all kinds of social media
websites. (Think facebook, Instagram , Youtube

3. There are now so many software tools
that makes video production super easy.

Like the 2 softwares discussed below.

1. Video Pal

You know , many years ago, creating videos
was a PAIN.

You had to buy a good camera ,
buy lighting equipments and even get professional
video editor to do the work for you.

(This used to cost 100s – 1000s of dollars).

But softwares like this makes  the

JOB now SUPER easy and cheap.

Now , you can create all kinds of stunning videos
with a few clicks of the mouse.


With Video Pal you can even type words
and cartoon figures do the talking
for you. 😉

You can use people with different accents.

You can use your own voice 😉 (how cool is that)

You can create reviews for products.
You can create video sales letters.

You can even use it to build a list
and do much more.

To see sample videos created with this tool

click link below.


(And by the way, if you buy with that link above
you’ll get a special bonus revealing
proven ways to craft video sales letters.)

2.  Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

This second tool does almost the same thing with video Pal.

The only difference is that it has a “video spinning”
feature that helps you generate many variations of the
same video.

This one more expensive though.
But still good.

See it here.


Now, If you can can them both ,

then fine.

But if you have to buy only one
I suggest you get VideoPal.


Right now VideoPal is cheaper (but price will increase
soon. So order today).

VideoPal also has more features than the second

Click here to compare them both.


Mk Akan

PS- Now you may wonder , do I really need
a video creation tool? What else can I do with it?

Well, there’s so much you can do with a video

creation tool like this.

Let me reveal 1 to you.

1. You can start offering an offline /online video creation
service to people and charge $100 – $300 for it.

Imagine if you do 4 videos like of that nature a month.
That’s a cool $400 – $1200 a month.

And you can even charge up to $500-
$2000 per video.

And that’s just 1 way to generate cash with it.

There’s much more.

Get it nOW.