From Hot Dog Stand Worker To YouTube Millionaire

When the hot dog stand worker , Felix , first recorded
himself playing video games and began posting
in on his Youtube channel…

… little did he know that he would amass over 35 million
subscribers and make millions yearly.
From a little idea and diligent work , this college
drop-out is now a multi-millionaire.

All from a small STUPID idea.
And of course Youtube.

(You can find the full article about Felix
at the bottom of this email)

The funny thing is, anyone can start
a youtube channel. Anyone can put in some
work and also become a celeb or mini- celeb.

You may not end up making millions or
may not be so successful but if you
take the right steps you can earn money

only that most people are scared of
creating videos.

But you should not.

Because this problem is NOW solved with the different
hand-held mobile devices found everywhere.

Secondly, you can now easy create videos using
softwares that generates videos in minutes.

Like these 2 videos tools below.

1. Video Pal
2. Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

And here’s the best part.

There are NOW so many ways to generate
income with videos and with videos on Youtube.

For 1 , you can sell adverts on your
YouTube channel like Felix.

But there are over 120 ways to build your
Youtube audience and make income.

You can find all these proven ways here.


As you can see, there are many ways
to generate videos.

And there are many ways to generate income
with your new videos on YouTube. (and other

It’s all found here.

Mk Akan

PS- see the full article about Felix and how
he built his video empire.

How To Create “Stunning Videos” With a Few Clicks of The Mouse

If you have been online for a while
you will know that video has moved from
a back bencher to almost a MUST have.


1. YouTube is now so popular.
It’s the number 2 website on the internet.

And the biggest video search engine.

So everyone now watches video. People

love video.

2. There are so many devices now that
makes watching videos easy.

Most smartphones now play videos and
people LOVE it. So you can reach people
with video on all kinds of social media
websites. (Think facebook, Instagram , Youtube

3. There are now so many software tools
that makes video production super easy.

Like the 2 softwares discussed below.

1. Video Pal

You know , many years ago, creating videos
was a PAIN.

You had to buy a good camera ,
buy lighting equipments and even get professional
video editor to do the work for you.

(This used to cost 100s – 1000s of dollars).

But softwares like this makes  the

JOB now SUPER easy and cheap.

Now , you can create all kinds of stunning videos
with a few clicks of the mouse.

With Video Pal you can even type words
and cartoon figures do the talking
for you. 😉

You can use people with different accents.

You can use your own voice 😉 (how cool is that)

You can create reviews for products.
You can create video sales letters.

You can even use it to build a list
and do much more.

To see sample videos created with this tool

click link below.

(And by the way, if you buy with that link above
you’ll get a special bonus revealing
proven ways to craft video sales letters.)

2.  Video Spin Blaster Pro Plus

This second tool does almost the same thing with video Pal.

The only difference is that it has a “video spinning”
feature that helps you generate many variations of the
same video.

This one more expensive though.
But still good.

See it here.

Now, If you can can them both ,

then fine.

But if you have to buy only one
I suggest you get VideoPal.

Right now VideoPal is cheaper (but price will increase
soon. So order today).

VideoPal also has more features than the second

Click here to compare them both.

Mk Akan

PS- Now you may wonder , do I really need
a video creation tool? What else can I do with it?

Well, there’s so much you can do with a video

creation tool like this.

Let me reveal 1 to you.

1. You can start offering an offline /online video creation
service to people and charge $100 – $300 for it.

Imagine if you do 4 videos like of that nature a month.
That’s a cool $400 – $1200 a month.

And you can even charge up to $500-
$2000 per video.

And that’s just 1 way to generate cash with it.

There’s much more.

Get it nOW.

The Online Business KICK in the BUTT

This email will have a different
tone from my other emails.
I want to SHAKE you up a bit.
Imagine me stepping up to you while
you are standing there.And I hold you by the
shirt and shake you vigorously.
Imagine things falling out of your
pockets and you getting VERY red in the
first with anger.
…BUT also imagine you being
Well, the last part is what I really what I want
to achieve here. I want to wake you up from
your online business SLEEP.
Now quick question.
How much have you made online this YEAR?
$1 , $10 or $100 (or more)?
How much have you made since you started
trying to make money online?
$1 , $10 or $1000 (or more).
Guess what?
If your answer is None or $1 or $10 then hear
The reason you have not made any cash or made
little money is …
…100% your FAULT.
YEP. 100%.
It’s not the gurus.
It’s not lack of time.
It’s not lack of knowledge.
(or any excuse your make)
It’s YOU.
Sorry . Am not gonna BUTTER up
anything for you. It’s the HARD truth.
It’s all your FAULT.
And until you wake up and take
action, nothing will change.
Until you overcome your fear of failure
, kill those procrastinations holding you down…
and follow it up with ACTION…
..nothing will change.
If you need doing nothing , nothing WILL WORK.
You already know what to do to earn
income online.
How do I know?
…You have bought products after products.
You already know about list building.
You already know about product creation.
You already know about offering services.
You have read articles and watch all
kinds of presentations online.
If you sit your ass down and refuse to
take action on what you already know ,
you won’t make jack.
It’s as simple as that.
Buying products after products
won’t change jack.
Taking action on the right things is
what makes the difference.
My counsel to you is this.
Get up and do STUFF.
Get up and create that product.
Get up and build that list.
Get up and take ACTION.
Get angry with yourself.
Get angry for not making progress in your
online business.
Then channel that anger into ACTION.
Start taking ACTION.
You may ask “What of mistakes?”
Yes…you will make mistakes.
Everyone does. I made and still make mine.
You will too.
So don’t let that stop you.
Stop delaying. Start working.
There’s no other way.
Do it NOW.
Mk Akan
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And many more.


Mk Akan


This PLR Help You Locate All PLRs On Your Hard-drive

Do you buy PLR products?

Have you ever struggled to locate PLR products
you bought in the past?

This software solves that problem.

The software keeps track of all your plr
products, including plr videos, plr ebooks,
plr articles, plr graphics and more.

So it arranges everything for quick access.

Just open it , click some buttons, and …BAMM…all the PLR
products you bought over the years are right
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No more struggling to find any PLR
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Mk Akan

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Resource Monday 014- Instagram cash, wordpress protection , traffic, etc

It’s another Monday. Incidentally it’s
also my birthday.


As you know, I usually send updates
on cool offers and products
in the IM space most Mondays.

That’s what this email is about.

Now the updates…

1. Cash With Instagram

It’s now possible to quickly build a rabid
list of followers on Instagram
with the help of this new tool.

This tool also generates sales from your

2. Protect Your Websites

If you own a wordpress website
you are under attack.

You may not know it, but it’s

Hackers now use all kinds of new
tools and strategies to hack websites.

You may be infected already.

But this tool protects and keeps
you save.

3. Instant Traffic JAcker

Is it possible to generate income using an
Untapped Free Traffic Goldmine that Puts An
Extra $100+ Into Your Pocket Every Single Day –

On Complete AutoPilot?

See all the details here.

4. $300 from CPA daily

This reveals how to tap into an underground
free secret traffic source in a specific way
to exploit and earn affiliate or CPA commissions.

Details here.

5. Pay It Forward Method

This method helps you generate income
from what you already know online.

just imagine Landing $650 Clients Like Clockwork.

Implement this Bulletproof Strategy And Start
Landing High Paying Clients Of Your Own No
Matter What You Sell…


Mk Akan

New Instagram Software Generates Autopilot Traffic, Leads & Sales

Do you know you can generate profitable free
traffic and sales using Instagram?


Because Instagram is one of the most fast growing websites

with highly engaged users and traffic.
And this new software automates the process

for you.

It’s called InstaEasy.

InstaEasy drives you free, organic traffic
by engaging with your target market 24/7.

Watch the automatic reciprocation
of engagements come back to you daily
as your accounts go viral.

Imagine YOUR instagram account
liking thousands of photos a day of
users in your niche automatically.

Imagine your account following hundreds
of new users a day in your niche automatically.

Imagine having new followers, likes & traffic to
your sites in just 1 day.

More Importantly, imagine sending these new,
organic, engaged followers to your target site
& watch it generate sales and cash daily…

This tool does all these for you.


Mk Akan

New Tool Helps You Generate FREE Traffic

The cheapest way to generate traffic
is FREE traffic.

It does not cost you a thing.(just time)

Now , just imagine Google (and other
search engines) sending you natural
traffic to your website.

SEO works.That is , If you know
how to do it.

The first step to succeeding in SEO

is to quickly get your content indexed.

And with this tool, it is NOW super FAST.

This tool SPEEDS up the indexing
of your wordpress posts or pages.

So that your articles can easily get found
in the search engines.

And that is what will start sending you free


Just see how it works in this video.


Mk Akan

Million Dollar “Online Business” Question

Answer this question right and you’ll be on your

way to making your first dollar or $100 or

 1 million dolls online.

And the question is…

What are you selling?

Simple eh.


So what’s your answer?

If your answer is NOTHING…then that’s why you
still haven’t made a dime online.

All those who generate legit income
and have REAL businesses online
SELL something.
I wish there’s another way. Unfortunately

this is how it is done.

So what can you sell?

1. Affiliate offers

2. Your own products

3. Your services

4. Advertisement (for high traffic blog and websites)

If you are not actively selling any of these 4
things, you are doing the wrong thing online.

In the year 2017, you have to make up your
mind to start actively selling SOMETHING.

There’s no other way around it.

Go do it.


Mk Akan

PS- One of the quickest thing to create and

sell is an info product.
Discover how to generate a valuable and
simple info products without doing the
HARD work.
PPS- Would you want me to help
create a product for YOU?
I offer that as a premium service?
Reply this email for details.

You Made it Into 2017 ;). Here’s A Rap Verse For You

In the year 2017
Stop acting like you’re 17

Set Goals , take Action
Be Bold with a passion

Put spiritual things first
And the physical will follow

Be wise , get knowledge
Read books , get an edge

Be positive , forget the past
Look forward to the future

And you’l get ahead FAST
Pray always , take a fast

And in December 2017
You’ll smile and realize

This was your best year ever


May 2017 be your best
year ever.

I wish you success in your
online business and all
round success in all your endeavours.

Have a great day and year..


Mk Akan

PS- These were some  of the best
offers I promoted in 2016.

  1. Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over —–>
  2. Flipp Me—————->

  3. How to Build a List That Buys From You  —–>