How to Generate Cheap Traffic with BING

Traffic is the most valuable resource online.
And the reason is simple.

Traffic equals people. People become customers
and customers buy and send you money.

Traffic also determines how much
people can pay to advertise on a blog or

So knowing how to generate proven
traffic is very key to your success.

You can either struggle to get traffic
using free methods like SEO , etc.

Or you can use proven paid methods
that are predictable.

Like this one.

But this is not just about Bing traffic.

You’ll discover how to generate traffic
and instantly channel it to build a list
and generate commissions FAST.

Your success online requires traffic.
So spend time learning how to generate
proven predictive traffic with paid

1 way is the generation of paid traffic
with BING.

And this training reveals all you need to

know about generating profitable traffic

with BING.

Mk AKan

PS- You may wonder , why BING?

1. It’s cheap
2. They are more lenient than facebook
3. They don’t just kick people off
their network like facebook
4. It works
Go here and check this out.

Traffikar Review -You Need to Get THIS Traffic OFFER Now

A few hours ago I pointed you
to a training that reveals a new way to generate
quality traffic in 24 hours or less.

It’s called Traffikar.
I personally bought the training.

(See proof of my receipt below).


Here’s My Review

1. The first thing I noticed about the offer is this .

Over 1000 people have bought it (as I
type this )…and there’s no REFUND.

That struck me as ODD. Because people even refund
high quality offers..but this offer had no REFUNDS.

2. It works

The concept revealed in the training
works. It is basically paying people
tiny sums of money to send you traffic.

It flat-out works.

My explanation does not do justice. You need to get it to see exactly

how this simple method works.

3. How easy is it?

It’s pretty easy. You can get
started in an hour.

It’s just to contact people and pay them
tiny sums to send you traffic.

(Don’t worry it’s not scary). You get the exact
script to use and the exact process to take.

You don’t need special skills to do it.

4. Is the training complete?

Yes. All you need to know and do is
revealed in simple short videos.

I have watched the videos. The training videos
are easy to understand and APPLY.

5. Case Studies

Case studies are ALWAYS great for learning.

This video training comes with 2 real case

You see exactly how it is done.

6. More Benefits

This training is about TRAFFIC. But that’s
not ALL.

You can generate cash, build a list
build your social media list with it etc.

This is just awesome.

7. Any Negatives?

Frankly there’s none.

But there’s some work involved. And you need to
invest some money ( as low as $3-$10) to generate
sales and traffic.

If you hate to do simple work
and hate to invest that low to generate
income …perhaps online business
will never work for YOU.

7. My Verdict


It works. It’s simple. It’s cheap.

Do it NOW.


Mk Akan

PS- And if you buy it and
don’t like it, just ask for
you money back.

It’s that simple.

But I guarantee you’ll
like it.

This plugin generates cash from your exit TRAFFIC

Have you noticed something.

Most of the web browsers have made
exit pops almost useful.

Recently if you try to exit any page that has a
pop up, you’ll see a generic pop up
that says…
“don’t lose your changes”

Which makes no SENSE.

This is killing sales
and making a mockery of pop ups.

And this new update is on Chrome,
Firefox and Safari making up 92.4% of
internet browsers.

This means 92.4% of visitors can’t
even see your popup text using old
fashioned exit popups.

But this plugin solves that problem.

It helps you overcome the barrier
set by these browsers and helps you
place the best looking, high converting
exit pops on your pages.
See all the details and demonstration here.

Mk Akan

Develop One SUPER SKILL [Step 5 of 7]

Let me tell you a story I read some time ago.

A young magician was slated to stage a show with an older, more experienced and more successful magician. He got a little scared because this was his BIGGEST career opportunity for getting to his next level.

He didn’t want to make any mistakes so he went off to prepare himself for the show. He learnt new tricks and practiced day and night. He left no stone unturned.

3 months later the day came.

He was now confident and prepared. At the event, he walked to the famous magician, introduced himself and said,

“Thanks for working with me. I am so honoured to be on this show with you. I have spent the last 3 months preparing hard for this show. I have learnt over 1500 magical tricks just for this show”.

He expected the famous magician to congratulate him for all his efforts but all he got was a puzzled look on the man’s face.

Perhaps 1500 magical tricks were not enough, he thought.  His heart raced. Was this going to be a disaster? Why didn’t I learn more magical tricks?

After a few seconds of salience he spoke up.

“Sir, how many tricks do you usually practice for your shows?”

He braced himself for a shocking HUGE number.

“Just 8 tricks” the famous magician replied.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t get that”

“Just 8” the famous magician replied again.

He could not believe it. 8 TRICKS!!!

Lesson – you don’t need 1000 skills or tricks to succeed, you only need to master a few tricks.

The next short story will drive home this point.

Bruce Lee is known for saying something almost similar …

“I don’t fear the kungfu fighter that knows 10 000 kicks, but fear the fighter that has practiced 1 particular kick, 10 000 times”

Again it’s about MASTERING 1 or 2 things.

So what do all these have to do with business and with succeeding in 2016?

Well, many.

Let me explain.

You see, there are so many moving parts in any business. To succeed in any online business many skills are required and deployed.

You need products, services, technical, sales, marketing, traffic, graphics, copywriting etc. All these require skills.

I can summarize all these skills into traffic and conversion.

But you don’t need to know all these skills to succeed.  Like I mentioned in email 2, you don’t need to do or know every skill.

You can (and should) outsource the different parts of your business you don’t know.

But with all that, you need to KNOW and Develop 1 skill.

I call it a super SKILL.

SPEND your time, money and do all you can to develop 1 (or 2) skills.

I am not saying done have other skills. No. I am saying spend more time and energy on 1 SUPER skill.

I am not going to tell you what it is, but either you develop a skill in the traffic side or in the conversion side of your business.

Or develop a skill that can bring the traffic and conversions parts together.

For me, I spend time, money and all my energy to develop my copywriting skills. That’s my SUPER skill.

Do you have yours?

If you decide to develop a super skill in the traffic side, then check this out. This is one of the best traffic generation training by one of the best traffic experts in the world. (and I am not exaggerating)

If you decide to develop a skill in the conversion side, then check this out. This is the one of the best copywriting training by my mentor. I have learnt so much from this GUY. You’ll too.


Mk Akan

PS- we still have 2 more tips to go. So stay tuned.

Got any questions? Ask me.

By the way , this is part of a series. Read step 1 , step 2 , step 3 and step 4 .

The Most Important Step You Must Take Before Generating Or Buying Traffic

So way back in 2013, I got an email from someone I trusted. It was from a traffic guru.

 He was recommending and raving about a new traffic program.
I clicked over, read the sales page and ordered.
 From that day and 5-6 months later, I was exposed to the best information on traffic generation and paid traffic.
The training was created by one of the pioneers of internet marketing.
 In fact, it was rumoured that he coined the term “squeeze page”.
What I am about to share with you NOW is something I heard before and have applied in many ways.
 But it was only after I had access to this comprehensive traffic generation program, that it really made sense to me.
Here’s The Important Step Before Buying Or Generating Traffic.
identify and learn now everything about your target market (traffic).
Simple eh?
Yet it’s very important.
You see, many people say “I want to generate traffic”. And if you ask them who their target market is, they will scratch their head and say” men”.
Some will just say “women”.
Some may go a step further and say  “male, age 30- 50, who want to do _____)”
 But the issue is…until you really know who you target market is – and everything about them. Then generating traffic WILL BE unprofitable and expensive.
You know why?
Because if you generate 1 million clicks of the wrong traffic, you won’t sales.
And it’s only when you KNOW exactly who your target market is…that you can GENERATE or BUY the right traffic.
And in this traffic program, this very IMPORTANT first step is revealed. With it you’ll know your exact target market or traffic.
It is updated with the best and proven strategies for generating high quality traffic.
But that’s not all.
You’ll also discover over multiple and proven ways to generate and BUY high quality, high converting traffic.
I highly recommend you check it out.
Mk Akan
PS- I’ll discuss some of the traffic strategies I discovered from the program in a few days.


Solo Ads – A Quick Way To Build Your List

newsletter-528456_1920You have heard this a million times… ”the money is in the list”.
You know it’s true.
The problem is how do you do it?
Well, there are many things that stops people.
  1. What to give out to subscribers on squeeze pages
  2. What to write to them (emails)
  3. How to drive traffic to build your list
For most people it’s the traffic part that’s the biggie. I want to fix that for you.
There are many ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page to build a list…but the fastest, reliable and proven way is solo ads.

What’s a solo ad?

 It’s an advert placed in emails.
Say a guy owns a list of 20 000 subscribers in the dog training niche. And you have an offer in the dog training niche, you go him and pay $1000 him to send an email about your offer (usually a free offer) to his list.
You send him a prewritten email  or he writes one for you, then presses send .
The email goes out to his list and people land on your squeeze page.
So in 1 day, you can get 500- 1000 subscribers. Just like that.
There’re are many solo ads sellers in different categories.And yo can buy from
Most people are scared of solo ads. Some say it does not work anymore etc.
But it does still work. Especially if you use a proven strategy.
If you love to learn more about solo ads and traffic , CLICK HERE.

 Millionaire Solo Ad Buyer

One person who is big on solo ads is Matt Bacak. The millionaire buys solos ads daily and does all kinds of tests.
He has compiled a list of sellers in the IM/MMO niche he buys from and outlined his proven solo ad buying strategy.
You can see all the details here.
Mk Akan
PS- This product is solid gold.over 3000 people bought it.And 44 gave it 5 star reviews.
solo ad