Resource Monday 002

Hi, it’s been like …a couple of weeks, right?
No emails from me. 😉
Well, been busy doing lots of stuff.
But I am back now.
I missed my “Resource Mondays” for weeks.
So here’s one.
1. 7 Productivity Techniques That Really Work
You can have the best ideas and knowledge
about anything, but without Productivity nothing can be done.
This article reveals 7 productivity hacks.

2.How to Properly Use PLR from Start to Finish

One of the best things that can happen to any online
business owner is PLR.
PLR stands for private label rights. Ready made products.
Have you ever heard of it?
Well let me explain what it means with this analogy.
Imagine this.
You decide to enter the golf niche and sell
information products. But the poroblem is…
…you know nothing about golf.
  But instead of shying away, you head to a special website.
It has hundreds of ready-made products.
So you search for golf products.
You find some then pay for one or two.
Then you download the products,
rename it and slap your name on it.
Now you have a golf product to sell
without knowing a thing about golf.
And this can be done in any other niche.
Now. here’s how to properly use any PLR you buy.
  1. List Building
One pf the most important step I ever took
in my online business is building my list.
It’s one of the most profitable thing you should do.
See. There are a lot of people who just
send emails and make cash.
They do so using their email list.
You know why this happens?
Your list is your audience.
And the bigger your audience, the more cash you can make.
Your audience  determines your influence.
And this training reveals how to build your list.
  1. Landing Page Monkey
To build your list you need a place or a way to
collect email addresses. One way to do this is
with squeeze pages.
You can build a squeeze page manually
or you can do it with simple tools.
One great squeeze page tool is Landing Page Monkey
Go check it out here.
5. Where To Sell products Online 
There are many places you can sell digital products.
One great platform for that is
You can upload and create a mini sales page with this service.
People can buy using paypal and debit cards.
It’s easy to use.
Go check it out.
Mk Akan

Resource Mondays 001- Resources You Should Read or Download

Hi, what up?

This morning I had a bright idea.I have decided to send you quality resources every Monday.

I call it Resource Mondays.

resource monday1

These resources will be either paid products recommended for you, tools you can use , articles etc.

This will be sent every Monday.

Today I start with lots of resources and products you should get.


  1. CPA Profit Stacks 

CPA stands for Cost Per action. It is a way to generate income by getting people to do simple things like filling a form, entering an email or doing other simple activities.

This resource reveals how to generate CPA income using FREE traffic.

See it here.

  1. 250 Cash Magnet

Imagine being able to generate monthly income using proven affiliate strategies. Well, Glynn reveals his method for generating these affiliate sales easily.

See his methods and secrets here.

  1. Video Ads Hacked

A few people are secretly generating a flood of traffic using video. They use YouTube.

Most people don’t know they can generate cheap traffic using YOUTUBE.

If you are struggling to generate traffic, this is something you should check out.


  1. PLR to 100 autoresponder emails

A quick way to overcome challenges in your business is to use ready-made products and services.

For example if you struggle with creating emails, try prewritten emails.

This offer gives you 100 autoresponder emails.

Not only do have access to 100 autoresponder emails,(which means you save time and money),but you also have rights to do whatever you like with these emails.

And the price is SUPER cheap.

See it here.


  1. 17 Income Email Hacks

What would happen if you kidnapped an email marketing expert and a millionaire who makes money using email marketing?

And you forced them to REVEAL all their secrets before they can be released.

Well, you’ll get POWERFUL email marketing secrets and money generators.

And that’s what you get here.

  1. How to create SMART goals

Goals are important. Without goals you may never achieve your dreams.

But the best goals are smart GOALS.

What are SMART goals? How can you set Smart GOALS?

See it all here


Mk Akan