Finally Revealed : How long should an info product be?

This is one of the top questions
that stops many from creating an
info product.

Most people think an info product has to
be really HUGE.

Some think it has to be 100 pages.
Some think it has to be as big
as a text book.

Well, guess what?

You can create a 1 page info product
and still make money.

(Here’s a good example. This CheatSheet
by Barb Ling is just about 1 or 2 pages)

And this kind of cheatsheet info product can be created in any niche.

You can create a 5 page product
or even a 10 pages product too.

The truth is, the number of pages
does not really matter.

What really matters is what
the product does.

What problem does it solve?

Here’s a TIP.

1 quick way to create a
short product is to create a
product that solves 1 problem
using 1 method.

For example is you want to create a
product in the golf niche
and you have an info to share.

Just look for 1 problem in the
niche and solve it using 1 solution
you have. (Written in a step by step

All you do is outline your
product step by step, then
write (or speak it out into
an audio recording).

Most of my products are step by
step in nature.

This will help you write faster
and helps the readers to know
exactly what to do with ease .

Another way to create a quick
product is to chronicle a case study.

Perhaps you have done or experience
something.You can reveal that experience
in a book (or other media) as a case

Like this case study.

So that’s it.

There are many ways to create an
info product. And the size is not the most
important thing.

So don’t let that stop you.


Mk Akan

PS- The LOT Method will be launched
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It will reveal another way to create
info products , super fast.

25 Ready-made Information Products For You

The quickest way to create an information
product is to use a ready made product.

I have hammered on this for the past
few days .

This is the best SHORT-CUT info product

creation shortcut.

And in the next few days I’ll be revealing
the very best PLR products and ready-made
info products you can find online.

Especially in the IM /MMO niche.

These info products are created by tested
and trusted vendors who don’t compromise on

Today I start with this.

25 Coaching Lessons You Can Copy and Paste.

This is a series of 25 trainings created
by Sean Mize.(A respected vendor and marketer)

These are the actual lessons he personally
used in his most-effective coaching
program ever . . .

And now it’s all yours for a crazy cheap

In these 25 coaching lessons you’ll will step
by step trainings that teach the following:

1) How to Outline and Blueprint Their Business

2) How to Develop Their Sales Funnel

3) How to Create Products

4) How to Find Traffic

5) How to Write Sales Letters

6) How to Write Emails

7) How to Create Youtube Videos and
Create a Youtube Presence

8) How to Create Their Entire Info-Business

And many more.

Go here for more details.

So what can you do with these 25 coaching

1. Create your own products

2. Learn from the coaching lessons

3. Create your own coaching program

4. Break it down for writing emails

Get it here.


MK Akan

PS- I don’t know when this offer
will be taken off the market.

So it’s better to download it NOW
while you can.

How To Uncover Unlimited Information Products Ideas in any Niche

Have you ever struggled to get product
ideas or wondered what info products
you can create in your niche?

Well, there’s an easy way to
uncover unlimited ideas here.

Here’s how it’s done.

Go to a marketplace (like W+, clickbank, Amazon)
and search for info products titles already sold in
your niche.

This reveals what people are already
spending money on.

Which means you can create your version or a
better version of whats already selling.

This ensures you create what people are already

Meaning you won’t do guess work. or

waste time on an unfruitful project.

Wanna see exactly how this simple method works?Go here.


Mk Akan

This Is The BIGGEST Lie Ever Told About Business Ideas (And How To Generate A Business Idea In 1 Minute)

ideasIf you have ever wanted to start a business and you delayed or got frustrated because you never found a good idea…then my friend, you have been sold the BIGGEST lie ever.

And I am going to prove it to YOU. And I’ll also show how to generate a business idea in 1 minute.

First, have you ever heard business people make this statement?
“All you need to succeed or build a business is 1 GREAT IDEA.”

Sounds true and right eh?
Guess what?

It’s complete HOGWASH.
Again I’ll prove it.

You see, what you need is not a GOOD idea. In fact, you don’t need any IDEA.

Yes, you don’t need ideas….
All you need is to solve a problem. Or serve a need.

I’ll explain why in a minute.

The Problem With “Business Ideas”.

If you are fixated on getting “genius business ideas”, you may wait a lifetime and never start any business.

You don’t need GENIUS business ideas to start a business. You just need to solve a problem or serve a need.

Many people think they have to dream up another Uber, AirBnB, Alibaba, etc (the so called shared economy business models), before they can start a biz.

Many people have fallen for this “good idea thing”, and have half their lives waiting for a GENIUS idea to strike them like thunder.

They think they can become another Zurkerberg.

Or another inventor with a great invention.
Or a celebrated genius.

Well, guess what?

You won’t have a bright “Einstein idea”.

Not gonna happen. (It’s possible but unlikely).

It might be much easier for lightning to strike you thrice at the same location, on the same spot on your body, at the same hour daily (for 3 consecutive days) than for you to have a bright (NEW) original idea.

Not saying you can’t but the probability for that to happen is about…

(Let me see)…say 1 in 1 Trillion.


If you can start serving simple and immediate needs, you could one day have a bright idea from God. (Or from any source)
So for Now, what do you do instead?

Start a business to Solve problems- common problems around you.

Or even better SERVE the needs of people.

You see, when you think of a business as “problem solving” and “needs serving”, it becomes much easier to wrap your head around it.

Coming up with a business idea becomes easier when you think of businesses that way.

So How Do You Know What People Want?

There are many ways to uncover these needs…but the easiest, fastest and guaranteed way to do it is…so SIMPLE…an UNBORN baby could do it…

(Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. But it’s that simple.)

Just LOOK at what people are ALREADY buying.


Just that.
I know it may be hard to believe, so I’ll show some examples.
1 online and 1 offline.

First offline.

What are the businesses that you personally patronize?
Like me, I got a haircut today at a barber shop.

That’s a simple business that serves a need for men.
Men barb their hair at least one time a month.

It’s not a GENUIS idea. Anyone could actually start it… but since you are searching for BIG (special shiny idea), you may ignore this business idea.

What about other services and products you use daily? Can you start a business around it?

Or do you still want a GENUIS original business idea?

Another example online.

Many people want to start generating income online but don’t want to start a business that sells products and services?

The ones who finally KNOW that’s the secret to generating online DELAY because they think they need to come up with a brand new, NEVER created product.

A product no one else has created.

This is a MISTAKE.

Just the same way many people think they need a bright shiny new business idea offline, many make the same mistake online.

Again if you want to uncover the best products and services to sell as a business, then locate what they are buying already.

That’s a business idea you can also start.

Finally, hope this has kicked you positively to go out and start that business you wanted to start.

If you want to uncover the best products ideas for the online space, I have created a product that reveals what to do , step by step.

It is called Quick Product Idea Generator. 

Thank you.

Go here

Here’s How I create a product for YOU…And Make You Money


You already know this…to generate income online you need 2 things.

You need a product for sale.
You need a sales page to sell it.

Well, most people don’t know how to do any of these things?

Do you have this same challenge?

If yes, then here’s my offer to you.

Would you want me to work with you and create a product and sales page for you?

Now, Of course, this offer will not be cheap.

But it will be affordable.

So here’s the thing.

If you are interested in this, send an email to . Or call 0809 444 1001.

So I can share more details with you.

Remember, this .

It is first come first serve.

And I cannot handle many people at the same time.

So send the email if you are interested.So you don’t lose out.



Mk Akan

A secret way to uncover “unlimited” product ideas in any niche.

The other day I read a scary stat about business and start-ups.

According to the article 79% of businesses fail because of 4 top reasons.

The scariest and the 1 number reason people fail in business is…

  Creating products and services people don’t want.

Frankly, I don’t know if that stat is true. But whatever the case, it is likely not far from the truth.

And if it is so…It means some people just wake up one day, pick up a random idea then spend lots of time, Energy and cash on a project, without confirming if people want it.

I read about it all the time.

One has an idea and without doing any kind of research, they sink in the life savings into it.

It happens offline and online.


Business is a risk. But you’re to take calculated risk.

No one should start a business that drains money without producing returns.

It makes no business sense to create products and services no one wants. Even the best marketers and copywriters will struggle to sell products and services people don’t want.

But an average writer selling an average product in HIGH demand will outsell everyone else. So no matter what you sell, whether online or offline, make sure you sell what people want to BUY.

The question is…how do you know what people want to BUY?

How do you know with 100% certainty that someone will buy a certain product you create?

You know, I asked this same question when I started creating info products.

I remember how frustrated the first time I tried to create my first product. I went around in circles.I didn’t know jack about what to create.

I was so confused. I kept wondering how the other guys did it. How they created product after product.

But everything changed when I discover this little secret.It’s a way to generate product idea by just visiting FREE websites.

Now I can enter any niche and uncover 100s of product ideas in an hour.

You’ll do same ones you know the trick.

It’s very EASY though.

Once you see how it’s done, you’ll never struggle to find products ideas in your niche again.

I am sure you’ll be shocked by the simplicity of this method.You may even find it hard to believe, but you’ll see for yourself  when the method is revealed to you.

See what one buyer said about it.

test 2


Go Here.


Mk Akan

PS- There’s nothing as frustrating and annoying as spending time, energy and money on a project only to realize 3- 6 months after that no one wants it.

It’s like pushing money down a rabbit hole.

The frustration can be heart breaking.

And you can avoid all this pain with this simple secret..

That secret is found here.

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How to create an information product with your MOBILE PHONE

Many people think they need expensive equipment and hardware to create a quality info product.

So they buy a sophisticated computer or laptop.

And still nothing gets done

Nothing wrong with that.

Only that…they are walking around with an info product creation machine in their pockets and purses…and they don’t even know it.

Get this… you can create a quality info product with your mobile device.

I mean your tab, Iphone or your android device. Or anything that can record audio.

All you need is a pen , paper , a quiet place to record and your mobile device.

This is what to do.

Get to a quiet place …the beach, a field , your room …or any place you can record stuff.

Write down step by step what you want to teach people. (A how- to info)

Then use the secret ideas and system found here. … to generate your next info product.

So in 1 hour or 2 hours, you’ll have a quality product you can sell.

Even if you think your voice is not great, or you have an accent, you can still do this.

Yes… you can do it.

If you have never done this before it will seem impossible.

I get that.

I thought the same way too…until I tried it and got addicted.

If you are struggling to create an ebook or you hate writing or just want to create info products …SUPER FAST…, then check this out.


Mk Akan