How to FAIL online (email 4 of 10)

Hope you are enjoying this mini-series.

Here’s article 1 , article 2 and article 3.  (6 more to come)

And taking action on the things I have shared with You.
Today here’s another thing to avoid.

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Now here’s the fourth one.

Mistake 4- Thinking You Must Do Everything By Yourself

This is another serious error.

You see, most people think to
run a successful online business
they MUST handle all the activities

For example, if they want to start
a blog, they want to set up the blog
themselves, create content and promote it…

…ALL by themselves.

And that’s why many people get stuck.

Because they want to KNOW everything and do
everything by themselves.

And this is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Many delay and never get started

because of this.

Are you making this mistake?

Are you struggling to handle everything.

Are you struggling to create a product or
write a sales page?

Is there something you are not good at
but you still struggle to do it yourself?

Here’s the thing.

Successful guys online OUTSOURCE a lot.

They handle only what they can do and
outsource the rest.

They have traffic people.
They have graphic people.

They have coders and different people
handling different things.

Now you don’t have to go out and
outsource everything.

Just start with the most difficult task.Then move on.

Instead of delaying, hoping
and waiting to know everything, outsource it.

Go out and get someone to do that
difficult stuff for you.

It always pays.


Mk Akan

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A unique way to generate income with any
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How to handle the most difficult TASKS in your business (A List of Tested And Trusted Freelancers)

A few days ago Is sent you an email about why many people FAIL online.
Do you remember it?
Do you remember I said most people fail because they try to DO everything in their business.
You see, most people know what to do , but don’t know how to do it.
So because of that they get stuck.
But that’s a MISTAKE.
Because the secret to handling difficult things in your business is to OUTSOURCE.
Get other people to do stuff for YOU.
For example…
If you can’t write emails, get someone else to do it.
If you suck at graphic work ,hire a graphic expert.
If you can’t write, get a freelance writer.
Guess what?
There’s nothing you can’t OUTSOURCE.
And outsourcing becomes EASIER when you know the exact (and BEST ) persons to hire.
And that’s what this guy has created.
An Outsourcing Rolodex…with a massive list of tested and trusted freelancers for all kinds of jobs.
Go here for details.
Mk Akan

How To Succeed In 2016 [Step 2 Of 7]

Yesterday I talked about the importance of buying only the products your need, today I like to reveal something else that’s SOOOOOOOO POWERFUL.

It’s a simple mind-set shift and something I’ll be doing this year.

Here’s a little story.

Some time ago I listened to the interview of a 7 figure earning marketer.

When they interviewer asked him about traffic he said,

“I don’t know anything about traffic. My traffic guy handles that”.

Another time, I listened to the interview of another top marketer and he talked about having a team.


A team?


What’s the point of these stories?

You see, I have listened to many podcasts and interviews of many successful marketers and they have something in common…

THEY NEVER do everything in their BUSINESS.

They handle the part they are good at. And outsource the other parts.

That’s why they don’t really need to know about traffic…because they outsource it.

They don’t need to know technical stuff because they outsource it.

They don’t need to be copywriters because they …

You get the idea.

Unfortunately, most of us think we have to do everything.

So in your business you are the product creator, traffic generator, list builder, copywriter and so on.

It’s hard to succeed that way.

I made this mistake TOO.

But this year, I am outsourcing some things.

You should do the same. Start with at least one activity.

Think about what you can’t handle and outsource it.

Of course you need to know how to outsource. (Which is not hard by the way).

Here’s a list of what to outsource and where to outsource.

  1. Article writing – Fiverr, Upwork. Or use this service –
  2. Graphic work – Fiverr, Upwork
  3. Copywriting – Or send me an email so we can talk.
  4. Email marketing- use the job board above or buy these readymade emails-
  5. Product creation-

Perhaps I should compile a more comprehensive list of activities to outsource and where to outsource them. Would you want that?


Mk Akan

PS- Next tip will be sent to you soon.