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A few days ago I revealed a simple way
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Now lemme talk about the deal of
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When I first heard of Profitable funnels
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I had an offer in the market then.And just
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I generated extra sales.
And I have continued building funnels ever since.
It’s usually the combination of the right
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Mk Akan

Here’s What to Quickly Sell Online To Generate Steady Income

A few days ago I revealed one of the  most simple and most POWERFUL truths about generating income online.

You can read it all here.

This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

The bottom line in that article is…

SELL something.

In the other article I revealed something you can sell. I mentioned PLR products.

But that’s just 1 thing you can sell.

There are many other products and services you can sell to generate income online.

In this article, I’ll reveal more ideas and things you can sell, and how you can sell them.


3 Products You Can Sell Online

  1. Information Products

Information products refers to any kind of information packages and sold in the form or physical books, ebooks, audio recordings, DvDs , CDs and other kinds of formats.

You can see a list of information products here.

These are all examples.

Most PLR products are information products.

To learn how to generate information products with ease and speed, check out these 3 resources.

  1. How to generate unlimited information product ideas – click here
  2. How to generate quick audio products – click here
  3. How to generate info products in niches you know nothing about- click here
  1. Templates

A template is a ready-made material that helps people work faster or easier.

For example , let’s say you want to write a speech, and you don’t know what to do , or you want to save time, you can just pull out a template and fill in the blank space and …VIOLA…you have a speech.

There are many kinds of templates for different activities.

There are writing templates, drawing templates, sales letter templates and many more.

You can create templates for sale.

Just think about your knowledge and see how you can create a template for sale.

You can see examples of templates for sales here.-7 Quick Email Writing Emails And Formula

  1. Software And Apps

A software is a simple tool that makes any task easier and faster to execute.  You impute data and click a few buttons and …in seconds or just minutes , a task is done.

Here are some examples.

It is possible to uncover profitable niches online using a series of steps. It is also possible to do the same thing in a few seconds with a simple tool.

It is possible to create 3d covers in a few hours using the “hard to use and hard to learn” tool called PhotoShop.

Or you can use a few clicks to create e-covers in seconds using a tool like _link

Here are a list of other tools and apps that people love to buy.

  1. Video Creation Tool –
  2. Aliexpress Affiliate App –
  3. Squeeze page creator-

Now many people may think they need to know how to code, create apps and softwares before they can sell softwares.

Truth is, you can outsource the whole process to coders and people for cheap.

There are many other things you can sell. I may talk about them in other articles.

For now, just pick one of these things and decide to follow up.


Mk Akan





This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

Today I like to share something super simple, yet super POWERFUL.

I like to be REAL with you.

I know some people may hate me after reading this. Some may thank me.

Some people will quit trying to make it online. Some will be gingered and propelled to succeed.

But in any case after you know this secret and start working at it, you will be miles ahead of so many people online.

This secret and many more are revealed in details here.

So what am I talking about?

First, let me tell you a little story.

There’s a guy who wanted to generate income online. He had read lot of articles about people making pepper online, so he went online.

From what he read, he felt there was a website or way or trick that helped people make money online.

So he kept searching for that trick. He kept trying idea after idea. And new method after new method.

After 5 years of trying, nothing worked.

He spent that much time and financial resources and had nothing to show.

He started calling some of the gurus liars. And felt nothing would ever work.

He almost gave up…until he started studying other people making income online.

That’s when he noticed a few things.

  1. They gurus sent him emails almost daily
  2. Each email was about something to buy

That’s when he realized this SIMPLE SECRET.

People who generate income online sell something.

This may sound very simple. But I tell you, when I discovered this, it was a POWERFUL revelation.

It means no matter the course or product you buy or no matter what you know, if you are not selling something you won’t make JACK.

And that’s how that young man began to study internet marketing. He studied lessons on how to create products and services, niches where people buy products and services and how to effectively sell products and services.

That is how that young man finally started generating income online.

I Like To Talk More About Selling Products And Services.

Some people hate the word selling. They don’t want to do anything related to selling. They hate the word marketing.

But they err.

See the thing.

The internet is only a TOOL.

It’s not the internet that generates cash.

It’s people who pay for products and services that generate cash…to the seller.

Money does not come from thin AIR. Or from a website.

People have to give money to you in exchange for something of value. (That you offer for sale)

That something of value is either a product or a service.  Or someone’s product or service you sell as an affiliate.

There’s no website that just gives out money to web surfers.

You won’t find that offline too. (Except it’s philanthropy)

In fact online, money is only made when something is sold.

Offline, employees of others are selling their time or knowledge for a monthly salary.

They are getting paid in exchange for something. Perhaps for the service they render to the employer.

The same thing happens online.

NO website will give you free money. Purge the idea from your brain.

You only make money by selling stuff.

That’s why the gurus sell products and services.

That’s why I do same.

I now have over 20 products for sale. (Here, here , here and here)

You know what?

I am that guy I talked about in this email.

I jumped from pillar to post. From idea to idea, until I discovered what I just shared with you today.

So you can either continue to search for that 1 trick or website to dash you cash (you’ll never find it) or you start learning how to create products or services for sale.


Or you can start learning how to sell other people’s products (and services) for a commission as affiliates.

The keyword is “SELL something”. Even if it’s other people’s products and services.

That’s how money is MADE.

Again…SELL something.

Learn how to SELL.

So The Question Is What Can You Sell?

The quickest way to have something to sell is to buy PLR products.

PLR means private label rights. And are ready made products created by other people that you can just slap your name on and sell as your own.

Want to see a quality PLR you can sell?

(You can see 3 places to buy quality PLR here)

What if I showed you PLR you can learn from …and later sell and get your money back?

Would you like that?

Just imagine spending X dollars to buy a set of 100 videos that teach you all you have to know about creating products, selling them and making money online.

Then after learning all these secrets, you now sell these videos and get Z dollars.

You now subtract your first X dollars (your original money invested) and still have profits let over.

So in essence, you invested X dollars, then got back your X dollars and NOW got valuable knowledge that will generate you more cash.

Would you like that?

If yes, then check this out.

These are high quality PLR video products you can buy and sell for any price. Making money and learning in the process.

Check them out here.


Mk Akan

PS-   If you want to succeed online, stop playing around. And start studying the following.

  1. Product creation
  2. List building
  3. Selling and copywriting
  4. Marketing (traffic)

Anyone who does not listen to this will likely never make money online.

Thank you.

PPS- for more secrets you need to know to make it online and all other secrets I discovered, go here.






And the BIGGEST step To Success In 2016 [7 of 7]

I have sent 7 emails to you and this is the final one for this series.

See email 1, email 2 , email 3 , email 4 , email 5 and email 6 .

In my opinion, this is the most powerful step.

If you have read all the other steps and ignore this last step, you’ll miss everything.

It’s not a NEW concept…but it is what separates winners from losers.

What am I talking about?

Well before I reveal it , let me what I read recently.

So I was reading some posts in a Facebook group I belong to when I saw an awesome comment.

Here’s what the man wrote.

“When it comes to marketing, consistent mediocrity outperforms occasional brilliance every time.”

And this is TRUE in marketing as it is true in life, business and for your success in 2016.

My other mentor, Gary Halbert says…

“Action beats meditation.”

Meaning if you don’t take action…you’ll get nowhere.

If you have all the ideas and knowledge and you don’t take action, nothing will happen.


So this year , STOP procrastinating…and …


There’s a popular adage that says…

“Knowledge is power”

Guess what?

It’s not COMPLETELY true.

You see, if you know something and you don’t take action on it, nothing will change.

Nothing will happen.


Take action on outsourcing.

Take action and get a coach.

Take action and get a partner.

Take action and do something new.

Reread the last 7 emails , stop procrastinating and start taking action TODAY.

All the best

Mk Akan

PS- here are some offers you should check out today.

Forbidden Sales page Formula– helps you craft high converting sales pages.


IM productivity Accelerator– This will help you take action, kill procrastination and double your productivity


Partnerships [Step 6 of 7]

This is the 6th in the series. see step 1 , step 2 , step 3 , step 4 and step 5 .

After sending my second email in this series about outsourcing, I have gotten some requests to write a more comprehensive list of online business activities that can be outsourced and where to outsource them.

I’ll finish and publish it after this email series is completed.

Now onto the next IMPORTANT tip for 2016.

First , some stories.

Story 1

Some years ago, 2 guys in the university came together, pulled their resources together and started a small company. They struggled for a while, working from their garage without any headway.

No one saw the value of their company. Even giant companies like Yahoo then didn’t see the value of their service.

That company is now one of the biggest companies in the world. The 2 guys who started it are now billionaires.

That company is Google.

Story 2

In 1970, 2 guys on summer jobs became friends. One was a technical person and was working on a computer, the other saw the potential to sell it.

Together they formed a company that has stood the test of time.  It is now one of the most valuable companies in America.

They are both Billionaires. These 2 guys are Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

You might say, these are all BIG companies, so this has nothing to do with me or an online business.

Well, you are wrong.

You see, these guys were small companies when they started. They only got BIG because of growth.

Truth is, there are so many other businesses in the world that have succeeded because they partnered with others.

Usually, one partner has something the other does not. One has a particular strength, the other  has another strength. Together they form a STRONG team.

Sometimes, one can develop the product or service; the other will market and sell it.

This works for small and big businesses. It will work for you.

You can start small.

I repeat, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to try to do everything. You can just partner with someone that has something you don’t or knows something you don’t.

That’s what people have JV partners. That’s why people recruit affiliates for a product launch. These are many other forms of partnerships.

It can be as simple as looking for another guy who has traffic or a list. It could be partnering up with a web or software developer.

So just look at what you need in your business then reach out to people who have it.

I have talked about various parts of what makes a business successful.  You can partner with people who have what you don’t have. Or know what you don’t or know.

For example, you can partner with a traffic expert, a copywriter or a product creator.

But remember not everyone will agree to partner with you. It’s life. Some people won’t see the benefit.

In fact, I just got off the phone with a guy I wanted to partner with. He has a high traffic blog and I have a great offer.  He said NO.

That’s cool. I am off to talk to the next guy.

Whatever the case, you’ll have some people will say n. some will say yes. And a few “yeses” is all you need.

By the way, I partnered with a software developer last year and in a few months, we’ll release a new software into the market. J

Details coming soon.

So the bottom line is this.

  1. Stop thinking you have to know or do everything by yourself in your business.
  2. If you can’t outsource it, because you can’t afford, look for a partner.

If you take this simple BUT powerful advice, 2016 will be a great year for you.

Have a great day

Mk Akan

PS- here are some offers I found that will be super useful to your business.

2. Tiny List, Big Profit Playbook – (generate meg income from a tiny list)

3. Forbidden Sales page Formula – Craft high converting sales letters and pages that generates sales




Develop One SUPER SKILL [Step 5 of 7]

Let me tell you a story I read some time ago.

A young magician was slated to stage a show with an older, more experienced and more successful magician. He got a little scared because this was his BIGGEST career opportunity for getting to his next level.

He didn’t want to make any mistakes so he went off to prepare himself for the show. He learnt new tricks and practiced day and night. He left no stone unturned.

3 months later the day came.

He was now confident and prepared. At the event, he walked to the famous magician, introduced himself and said,

“Thanks for working with me. I am so honoured to be on this show with you. I have spent the last 3 months preparing hard for this show. I have learnt over 1500 magical tricks just for this show”.

He expected the famous magician to congratulate him for all his efforts but all he got was a puzzled look on the man’s face.

Perhaps 1500 magical tricks were not enough, he thought.  His heart raced. Was this going to be a disaster? Why didn’t I learn more magical tricks?

After a few seconds of salience he spoke up.

“Sir, how many tricks do you usually practice for your shows?”

He braced himself for a shocking HUGE number.

“Just 8 tricks” the famous magician replied.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t get that”

“Just 8” the famous magician replied again.

He could not believe it. 8 TRICKS!!!

Lesson – you don’t need 1000 skills or tricks to succeed, you only need to master a few tricks.

The next short story will drive home this point.

Bruce Lee is known for saying something almost similar …

“I don’t fear the kungfu fighter that knows 10 000 kicks, but fear the fighter that has practiced 1 particular kick, 10 000 times”

Again it’s about MASTERING 1 or 2 things.

So what do all these have to do with business and with succeeding in 2016?

Well, many.

Let me explain.

You see, there are so many moving parts in any business. To succeed in any online business many skills are required and deployed.

You need products, services, technical, sales, marketing, traffic, graphics, copywriting etc. All these require skills.

I can summarize all these skills into traffic and conversion.

But you don’t need to know all these skills to succeed.  Like I mentioned in email 2, you don’t need to do or know every skill.

You can (and should) outsource the different parts of your business you don’t know.

But with all that, you need to KNOW and Develop 1 skill.

I call it a super SKILL.

SPEND your time, money and do all you can to develop 1 (or 2) skills.

I am not saying done have other skills. No. I am saying spend more time and energy on 1 SUPER skill.

I am not going to tell you what it is, but either you develop a skill in the traffic side or in the conversion side of your business.

Or develop a skill that can bring the traffic and conversions parts together.

For me, I spend time, money and all my energy to develop my copywriting skills. That’s my SUPER skill.

Do you have yours?

If you decide to develop a super skill in the traffic side, then check this out. This is one of the best traffic generation training by one of the best traffic experts in the world. (and I am not exaggerating)

If you decide to develop a skill in the conversion side, then check this out. This is the one of the best copywriting training by my mentor. I have learnt so much from this GUY. You’ll too.


Mk Akan

PS- we still have 2 more tips to go. So stay tuned.

Got any questions? Ask me.

By the way , this is part of a series. Read step 1 , step 2 , step 3 and step 4 .

Coaching for Online Business Success 2016 [Step 4 Of 7]

Here’s a little story.

So a few days ago I hopped on Skype and got on a strategy call with a business coach. (This is something I have postponed for a long time but finally did. Do same if you ever have the chance)

After 35 minutes, that little talk revealed multiple ideas that can earn me thousands of dollars in my business this year. The guy, who spoke to me, just pointed out these MONEY ideas for my business … (get this)…that were ALREADY there.

He did not invent anything. Or build anything new. He just pointed me to areas I should focus on.

The only thing is… I did not see these ideas because I am too close to my business.

I’ll be implementing what we discussed this year. And it will generate lots of cash for me.

See the thing.

Many times it just takes another person to point you to something that’s obvious but you can’t see.

Most times you need a coach (an expert pair of eyes) to achieve this.

Here’s the funny thing.

All the most successful guys out there belong to a mastermind, or they have a coach.

At the least they have 1 on 1 consults with other experts.

And this is not just in online business. Top athletes, writers and business executives have coaches.

So if you want this year to be different. Do any of these 3 things.

  1. Join a mastermind
  2. Get coach
  3. Consult another expert …1 on 1

And fortunately, I do run some VIP coaching for clients.

  1. Email marketing coaching
  2. Product creation coaching
  3. Blog business coaching
  4. Affiliate marketing coaching

If you are serious about this year 2016, get a coach. If you want me to coach you on any of the topics above, just reply this email.


Mk Akan

PS- if you think this isn’t important, let me ask you a question.

Are you not tired of struggling year after year with nothing to show online? Are you not frustrated and angry that after buying product after product, you still do not have anything to show?

Do you want this to continue this year?

Just think about this.

If you tally the total amount of products you bought last year you’ll notice that investing half of that sum to hire a coach would have resulted in success.

See the thing.

A coach can see in 1 minute, what you could take a year to notice.

A coach can correct in 2 minutes, an error or struggle that could take you 6- 18 months to correct.

Do yourself a favour this YEAR, get a coach. And if you want me to coach you on specific topics as listed above, just call 0809 444 100 or send an  email to


You can also click these links to read step 1, step 2 and step 3 .

Online Business Success Tips For 2016 [Step 3 Of 7]

This is another important tip that will ensure your success in 2016.
I was reminded of this simple yet powerful idea recently when a 7 figure marketer posted these tips in a Facebook group.
This is part of his post.
If I had it to do all over again, here’s what I’d change:
1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Focus on one offer at a time.
3. Hunch that offer for years like a dog on a leg
rather than creating a slew of products.
Now, here’s what I’d probably f**k up beyond belief:
1. Doing one thing at a time.
2. Focusing on one offer at a time.
3. Hunching that offer for years like a dog on a leg
rather than creating a slew of products.
Irony alert: the things that make us successful also sabotage our potential.
Despite realizing this, and in a rather interesting
move (read: brilliant, ballsy, and potentially ridiculously stupid),
I’ve decided to slice up my companies and partner
with others to allow me the freedom to “primarily” just write copy in 2016.
So his main points are…
1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Focus on one offer at a time.
3. Hunch that offer for years like a dog on a leg
rather than creating a slew of products.
Which means, focus on 1 thing at a time.
Focus on one offer at a time…and improve that offer, so it sells more and more.
You don’t need to scatter your efforts by creating MORE unrelated offers.
Funny,but this is something I constantly struggle with. Many entrepreneurs suffer from this syndrome.
​They want to create something new.New products . New offers. New blogs etc.
I’ll focus more on some select products this year.Do the same
 FOCUS on one THING.
Don’t jump from idea to idea. Don’t jump from business model to business model.
Decide to focus on one thing and pursue it to the end.
If you want to start a blog, focus on that. If you want to build products , focus on that. Don’t jump around this year.
FOCUSING your efforts will bring you success this year.
Thank you.
Mk Akan
PS- If you struggled to build a list last year …and you want to
 build a list this year, please FOCUS your energy on it.
For email marketing , check this out. 
PPS- Check out step 1 and step 2 .
More tips will be revealed in next post.


How To Succeed In 2016 [Step 2 Of 7]

Yesterday I talked about the importance of buying only the products your need, today I like to reveal something else that’s SOOOOOOOO POWERFUL.

It’s a simple mind-set shift and something I’ll be doing this year.

Here’s a little story.

Some time ago I listened to the interview of a 7 figure earning marketer.

When they interviewer asked him about traffic he said,

“I don’t know anything about traffic. My traffic guy handles that”.

Another time, I listened to the interview of another top marketer and he talked about having a team.


A team?


What’s the point of these stories?

You see, I have listened to many podcasts and interviews of many successful marketers and they have something in common…

THEY NEVER do everything in their BUSINESS.

They handle the part they are good at. And outsource the other parts.

That’s why they don’t really need to know about traffic…because they outsource it.

They don’t need to know technical stuff because they outsource it.

They don’t need to be copywriters because they …

You get the idea.

Unfortunately, most of us think we have to do everything.

So in your business you are the product creator, traffic generator, list builder, copywriter and so on.

It’s hard to succeed that way.

I made this mistake TOO.

But this year, I am outsourcing some things.

You should do the same. Start with at least one activity.

Think about what you can’t handle and outsource it.

Of course you need to know how to outsource. (Which is not hard by the way).

Here’s a list of what to outsource and where to outsource.

  1. Article writing – Fiverr, Upwork. Or use this service –
  2. Graphic work – Fiverr, Upwork
  3. Copywriting – Or send me an email so we can talk.
  4. Email marketing- use the job board above or buy these readymade emails-
  5. Product creation-

Perhaps I should compile a more comprehensive list of activities to outsource and where to outsource them. Would you want that?


Mk Akan

PS- Next tip will be sent to you soon.

How To Finally Make Money Online In 2016 Using Some PROVEN Business Models

I have told my story many times in the past but I need to repeat it here to make an important point.

You see , my whole online journey began in 2007.

That year I read a magazine called Success Digest Extra and went on to buy some products advertised.

I tried the different online business model advertised but none worked.(Mostly my fault. I’ll explain why in a moment.)

I struggled for over 3 years jumping from idea to idea until I discovered some simple secrets.

These secrets are super simple but IMPORTANT foundation knowledge.

I’ll reveal 1 here.

In fact many people won’t call it a secret because it’s so elementary.

And that’s why it gets overlooked and neglected.What am I talking about?

Every one that makes any income online is selling something.

Either they sell a product or a service.

Even bloggers sell advert space on their blogs.

But most people don’t know this… Or they ignore it.

They think there’s one secret website that produces cash.

Well do your search.

There’s none.

What you just read is the secret. (well, 1 of the secrets)

Lemme ask YOU this.

What are you selling?

What products and services are you offering people?

If your answer is none… then you won’t make a dime.

If you keep buying products after products without  having something for sale, you won’t make a dime.

It’s as simple as that.

It’s not magic. People who make money online sell something.

It’s could be via adverts on a blog. Or an information product . Or a service on Fiverr. Or any other business model.

But the get paid for offering something for sale.

What do you have for sale?

Are you expecting your laptop to vomit cash just like that.


That’s not going to happen.

This is why many fail.

There are other reasons people fail but knowing and applying this BASIC knowledge is one reason.

I’ll discuss more reasons in later emails.

But KNOW This.

There are many business models that work.

And the most profitable business models , that I have discovered , are revealed in this cheap training.

You’ll also discover some other important secrets most people don’t know about online business.

You need to know these secrets , and APPLY them to this YEAR profitable.

In 2016 (this year), I’ll work with some VIP clients to help them setup and focus on profitable business models.

I have many other trainings and services lined up to help your business.

Details will be sent via  email.

Get ready to win in 2016.

Mk Akan