This free “subject line template” gets high open rates

A few months back in 2016 I logged
into my email marketing account
and searched for sent emails with high
open rates.

I noticed a few and immediately created
a simple template from one of it.

I’ll reveal this template to  you at the end of this
email. But before that I like to introduce
you to a proven set of…

1,427 Split-Tested, Open-Rate Increasing,
Subject Lines

So why are subject lines even

You see ,if you are building your list or
plan to build a list, you
will have to send emails.

List building is not
profitable if you don’t
get involved in email marketing.

And if you must send emails
then you must send emails that
gets opened by subscribers.

How do you get high open rates?

1 way is to use proven subject lines.

Your subject line is the headline
for your email.

When you use the right subject line, you will likely get high
open rates and this will likely result
 in likely HIGH sales.
And high sales = lots of dough


And the link below gives you
access to 1427 proven split-tested subject lines

 you can INSTANTLY use.

Go check it out.


Mk Akan.

PS- Now here’s the subject line
template I promised you.

It is….

How to overcome (topic/niche) fear.

Replace topic /niche with your niche topic.

let me explain why this works.

You see, many people have fears. We usually
have fears about any topic or thing
we plan to do .

If you want to get married , you
may have some fears.

If you want to lose weight, you likely
have some fears.etc.

So your subject line would be.

“How to overcome weight loss fear.”
So this subject line attracts attention
and get people to want to know how to

 overcome their fears.

So go use it and let me know your results.

If you want more proven subject lines
and templates , go here.

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Their simple formula is build a list and send emails.

Guess what?

It works.

That’s why I am doing it.

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Mk Akan

Download This Email Writing ShortCut

If you are building your list or you
already have an email list, you’ll
agree that one of the biggest challenges
you’ll have is writing emails.

Personally, Some days I wake up and have NO clue
what to write.

In those days I do 2 things.2 simple
email shortcuts.

1. I Look through some proven swipe emails

2. Try some email strategies I have not tried before.
But by far the quickest email writing
shortcut you can use is the use of…

…prewritten emails.
With prewritten emails , all you do is
copy a proven email and send it as is…

…or edit it a little and send it out.
So instead of struggling to write emails
all you do is reuse proven emails.

I have written many emails for IM/MMO niche
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Mk Akan

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Mk Akan

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3 REASONS to use Prewritten emails

Wondering if prewritten emails are any GOOD?
These 3 reasons will help you decide.
1.  It saves time
Do you know how long it takes to write a HIGH value email?
Depending on the email type, it takes 30 minutes – 1 hour.
Some people even take a longer time to write emails.
So imagine how much time you’ll save when you just open and email, edit it , add links and press SEND.
In 5 minutes , you can send a QUALITY email by just using a prewritten email.
2. It saves you from stress
I ain’t gonna lie to YOU.
Writing emails can sometimes become a boring , annoying task.
 Some days I have to FIGHT myself to write them.
Now imagine how it would feel for a newbie or someone who knows nothing about a niche to write emails.
It would like eating stones for breakfast.
Prewritten emails saves you from the stress.
These emails are SHORTCUTS that saves you from the stress.
3. It is FAST
Any one who uses prewritten emails will ,send emails 2-5 times faster than everyone else.
When other people spend 1 hour to write an email, you’ll just spend 5- 10 minutes to send a email.
This saves you 20- 40 hours a month.
 Do you see HOW super fast this is?
Mk Akan